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Missing Ship - Arctic Sea and Hillary Clinton Connection?

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 03:35 PM
Hi all, I thought this deserved to be a discussion point as I found it a very strange co-incedence that Hillary Clinton has wrapped up her tour of Africa in the very place they have just found the 'Arctic Sea" cargo ship.

Reports citing local coastguards now suggest it has been seen some 400 nautical miles (740km) north of the Cape Verde islands

Hillary winds up Africa trip in Cape Verde

Cape Verde will be the first nation to complete successfully a loan from the Millennium Challenge Corp, a US government-backed initiative that lends money to nations that respect democracy and good governance, a US official said

In a sign of its Western inclination, Cape Verde agreed to be the site in 2006 of NATO exercises

Maybe its nothing at all, nut i think this is very weird. Is there any connection between the ship and Hillary???

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