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Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme Free from Prison

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 10:32 AM
Story Here

Charles Manson follower Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, who was convicted of trying to assassinate former President Gerald Ford, is out of prison after spending more than 30 years behind bars.

Fromme, a Manson family member, was released from a Texas prison hospital on Friday, according to federal officials. Now 60, she left the Federal Medical Center Carswell in Fort Worth at about 8 a.m., Carswell spokeswoman Dr. Maria Douglas said in a statement.

Fromme was just 26 years old when she pointed a semiautomatic .45- caliber pistol at Ford in September 1975 in Sacramento, Calif.

Current Event .. political event ... perhaps even political conspiracy.

It's true that we don't have all the facts, but this event makes me nervous.
I haven't read anything that says she's cured or that she's really remorseful.
Can anyone find anything that says she is?

The Federal Bureau of Prisons said her travel arrangements wouldn't be made public. I'm wondering if she got a one way ticket to Washington D.C. to finish what she started.

Sorry but I don't like this.

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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by FlyersFan

I wonder if she is restricted from visiting Manson? Is it possible she could continue his legacy and start another cult of Helter Skelter? Kind of interesting, this could be a huge

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 10:41 AM

Originally posted by FlyersFan
I'm wondering if she got a one way ticket to Washington D.C. to finish what she started.

I doubt it. Ford's already passed. If they wanted to use someone for the current POTUS, they'd let John Hinckley out and tell him Obama's been dating Jodie Foster.


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