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Secret Place (Poetic)

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 08:55 PM
So I have read all day and I am getting tired of reading and decided I will attempt at writing another poem to do something constructive.

When I get frustrated or get sick of the drama and complexities of life I will get on my motorcycle and go for a ride. Sometimes I will go to the top of the mountains at midnight and other days I will ride for hours just to get to a secluded pond where I can think. I have many places where I can unravel. I enjoy nature and when not working, I am a lot of times wandering through the woods, mountains, valleys and such. Last weekend I found a set of petroglyph's I had never seen before which was exciting. I am thinking of taking a notepad to write in next time as it is much easier when I am there writing about the place. Nature is soothing and grows on you. The silence and adventure can be very addicting if you can quiet your mind for a while.

~Secret Place~

Chords shape the landscape of orchestrating gods
Symphonies of silence dance enchantingly
The winds of time whisper secrets into my ears
Like beautiful sirens seducing me to sea

Monolithic mountains pierce through wispy clouds
Low lying valleys shelter and unwind
Dense darkened forests hide the mysterious
Abyssal oceans harvest life for all it's kind

Skies of deepened blue give meaning to my thoughts
Fields of golden tint harbor my true feelings
Within that place of bliss I find euphoria there
Where I am all alone, where nature is revealing

On ledges of the highest peaks
Within the forests hidden eyes
Roaming through the winding valleys
In natures caress I need no disguise

Back into the splash of ponds
Where streams of revelation sound
Back into my perfect place
Where civilization cannot be found

Deep oceans music beckons me
Back to deepened skies of blue
Back into that pleasant peace of thought
Where silence lets me think of you

If you could be with me tonight
And lose all of your worldly cares
I think you might see beyond
Into the secrets of natures air

To laugh with me and gently touch
I wish to share this all with you
To hold you in my arms I'd love
As we enjoy the setting hue

In fields of gold I fathom this
Atop the peaks of windy grace
The song of silence is my escape
Into my silent secret place


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posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 12:06 PM
Really, really good.

Isn't it funny how a brief escape from the rat race enlightens us ?

We all have a "place" . . . that makes us more comfortable than usual.

posted on Aug, 14 2009 @ 02:53 PM
Really nice mate

Natural nature and human nature entwined.

Especially like the line:
'Where silence lets me think of you'

Great stuff


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