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Corporate Town Hall meetings go corporate - Congresswoman Jackie Speier (SF Bay) Aug 25

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 12:26 AM
Heard that Congress members are holding Town Hall meetings at company meetings where employees won't be as forthcoming as ordinary folk. One is Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who will be at a Biotech on August 25.

200 Lincoln Centre Parkway, Foster City, CA
Tuesday 11am-12pm August 25th.

They're only going to let employees inside.

[edit on 12-8-2009 by Dbriefed]

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 12:47 AM
Hehehe, this is very funny indeed.

She can keep them outside but, that means when she wants to leave, they will be waiting out there for her.

What a sad little lady. She is scared...of Americans!

Why are Politicians afraid of Americans??!

This video is perfect for this incident.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 01:38 AM
Well ya know what damnit? THEY SHOULD BE AFRAID OF US!

I have no desire to cause any harm to our appointed government, but they need to know that we WOULD if it came to that. That's not a threat...that's a human right endowed by my creator. It's spelled right out in the Declaration of Independence.


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