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It's TORTURE, not abuse

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posted on May, 11 2004 @ 02:52 PM
Ok call me a nitpicker, but im sick of this sensationalist media slant that refers to the incidents that have come to light in terms of the treatment of enemy combatants.

They call it abuse. It's friggin TORTURE, and not abuse. Abuse is when you slap around your prisoner or call him nasty names. Torture is what you see on those pictures of camp guantanamo and of captured insurgents. Torture is when you traumatize the victim into a malleable asset by forcing them, at gunpoint, to accept or commit to unfavorable actions.

I'd appreciate it if all of you would reject this form of conditioning to accept this as "abuse" as something that is moral and justified because it's not. Just because 'the good guys' make their claims about needing to torture these poor people doesn't make it right automatically. It doesn't now and it never will. Torture is always torture; plain and simple. If the Chinese torture people by zapping genetalia, it's torture. If Egyptians torture people by castration, it's torture. If the Coalition's military tortures people by the methods coming to light in the media, IT IS STILL TORTURE and nothing less. It is NOT ABUSE

ok, im done ranting about this. sorry about all the caps, but I wanted to place some emphasis on this in an attempt to correct the media's attempt at conditioning you to accept torture as a viable alternative towards civilized interrogation. thank you.

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posted on May, 11 2004 @ 03:52 PM
hmmm well.. maybe im not so done. maybe some of you don't believe me when I say torture. well, then, you haven't seen the photos! they clearly show you how this isn't about abuse and how it's very much about torture.

proceed with caution as you may find some of these pictures to be gruesome, but I've tried to include the more 'sanitized' ones, if it's of any value... AND... ive tried to add a lot of space between this text and the actual photos, giving the reader time to brace themselves.

from BBC:

"The body of an Iraqi prisoner, wrapped in cellophane and packed in ice. The picture is believed to have been taken at Abu Ghraib prison. (AP Photo/Courtesy of The New Yorker)"

Oh? are those electrical wires hooked up to this guy? And they say that the wires are not live with electricity. Right... and my microwave cooks a deliciously fresh salad.

This one above shows what's claimed to be a naked pyramid of soldiers, but I doubt the torture ended there. If you look in the picture, the guy standing there is laughing at the other guy who is in front of him and... well.. in a 'suggestible' position thus giving rise to the reality of that particular form of torture. I didnt embed the image in the post it out of respect for this board's protocols.

Still don't believe the torture premise? Don't believe the idea these enemy combatants were forced to have homosexual relations with each other and other forms of complete emotional torture?

Click on the link below! I dare you

pictures of so-called 'abuse'

If the link doesn't work for you, just try opening it again. Believe me, it's a valid link and the pictures are real.

here's a sample of the torture I am speaking of:

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posted on May, 11 2004 @ 05:32 PM
You've got that right, it is torture. The Military in this respect is violating human rights and probably breaking every international law there is.

In the eyes of the Elite Globalists, soldiers are only tools, nothing more.

One day, those who violate others unjustifiably will have their time as well.

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