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Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and Targeted Individuals (TI�s)

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posted on May, 11 2004 @ 06:05 AM
Great leaps in technological advancement have always started with the business of warfare; it is simply the nature of man. The Militaries of the world, especially the U.S., have reportedly kept a great knowledge advantage, at least a decade or more ahead of general civilian understanding. When this Advanced Technology is deployed into the civilian realm, great Human Rights violations inevitably occur.

An unfortunate situation has resulted which I hope will intrigue you - civilian casualties in a silent, covert war � the targeting of specific individuals by government & contract agencies utilizing directed energy weapons (DEW). We Targeted Individuals (TI�s) can be found all around the world, but are usually to be found, more often than not, near US intelligence & military sites. In California, the greatest concentration of victims within the United States, the perpetrators are the government agencies and their hired contractor & subcontractor lap dogs.

The apparent intents here are twofold - primarily socio-political control of troublemakers, the silencing of whistleblowers and other conscientious objectors and the continued test development of DEW on civilian nonconsensual human subjects. I am a former defense (US Navy) employee myself, and I strongly suspect personal vendettas and favors are a real factor in our selection for harassment. Solid proof of wrongdoing has been minimal due to the intelligence (spy) methods, the Security Classification of these 'Special Operations' and the very nature of Directed Energy Weapons themselves. These devices are deliberately designed and used - so as not to leave evidence. Each victim has an individual story but also has a noted consistency in the abuse modus operandi and of the terrible health problems that affect all casualties of EMF/DEW irradiation.

Since the victims of this personal techno-terrorism have asserted their right and obligation to disclose the facts of this abuse, these agencies have actively taken active countermeasures, of their own, by further abusing these vocal victims silent. Fear is a very powerful inhibitor. This harassment is strictly of Intelligence (spy) origins based primarily on military psychological operations. The purpose being to induce fear, bewilderment, disgrace & disenfranchisement in the test subject. The perpetrators of these terrible crimes deliberately interfere with public disclosure. Several investigative reporters have been similarly assaulted when pursuing this problem. Similar methods are used on anyone our government wishes to silence and is standard operating procedure (SOP) for any supposed 'troublemaker' here in the US.

The development of Directed Energy Weapons offered some very enticing advantages to the Intelligence community. First and foremost is the fact that there is no evidence of its use, ever! Damage can be done without a projectile, without a sound and without need of visual targeting. Second: walls will not stop an RF or microwave attack. Barriers just reduced the effective power level, nothing more! You are not safe even in you own home! Third: detailed intelligence on the target, including voice, heart rate and respiration can be determined long before the attack. This information is also used to identify the target. Fourth: there are no proper laws to protect the average citizen from such a 'Classified' attack.

Mr. M

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[Edited on 11-5-2004 by StarChild]

posted on May, 11 2004 @ 06:11 AM

Back in the �40�s Great Britain was one of the leading developers of radar in the years leading up to WW2. The research they conducted led to an early warning radar system called "Chain Home". They built their radar stations around the British Isles and in America to provide warning of aerial threat.

It was noted by the attending personnel, that near these early radar stations, birds and animals (even insects) tend to avoid the area of energized antennas. Occasionally small creatures were found dying and dead that could not have directly touched energized circuitry. Reports were made and great interest was expressed in this disabling bio-effect. Research began into the possibility of a whole new class of weapon, RF & Microwave Directed Energy.

Various military and intelligence establishments did have suspicions about the harmful effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation and microwaves on humans. The Defense Intelligence Agency, the CIA and the Army had been monitoring the progress made by the former Soviet Union and its satellites for decades. Despite the intelligence reports on the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) and microwaves, they decided to try to establish the facts themselves.


Moscow Signals:

Project Pandora began after the Soviets covertly directing RADAR like microwave beams at the U.S. embassy in Moscow, not only gathering intelligence but also using embassy workers as guinea pigs for low-level EMR experiments. Washington, D.C. was initially oddly quiescent, allowing the Soviets to continue the embassy irradiation. All the while the CIA morbidly studied the terrible effects on unaware attending embassy personnel such that THREE CONSECUTIVE Ambassadors died from the effects of nonionizing radiation.

In April 1976 the Secretary of State Henry Kissinger sent the following telegram to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow that summarized the conclusions of the study of the Moscow signal.

Subject: Radiation and UHF and Electromagnetic Dangers

�Beginning in 1960 the Soviet Union directed the high frequency beams of radiation at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow that were calculated not to pick up intelligence but cause physiological effects on personnel. The effects the Soviets calculated to achieve in the personnel serving (at least as early as 1960) included:

(A) Malaise (B) Irritability, (C) Extreme fatigue.

At this time the Soviets believed that the induced effects were temporary. Subsequently, it has been verified that the effects are not temporary. Definitely tied to such radiation and the UHF/VHF electromagnetic waves are:

(A) Cataracts, (B) Blood changes that induce heart attacks, (C) Malignancies, (D) Circulatory problems, (E) Permanent deterioration of the nervous system.

In most cases the after-effects do not become evident until long after exposure - a decade or more.�


From 1965 through to 1970, Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA), with up to 80% funding provided by the military, set in motion operation PANDORA to study the health and psychological effects of low intensity microwaves with regard to the so-called "Moscow signal." This project appears to have been quite extensive and included (under U.S. Navy funding) studies demonstrating how to induce heart seizures, create leaks in the blood/brain barrier and production of hallucinations. FOIA filings revealed memoranda of Richard Cesaro, Director of DARPA, which confirmed that the program's initial goal was to:

"Discover whether a carefully controlled microwave signal could influence the mind." Cesaro urged that these studies be made: "for potential weapons applications."


Domestic Ops Life Magazine�s article, March 26, 1971

Coinciding precisely with the �hay day� of CIA�s MK-Ultra and all 149 SUB PROJECTS, 80 INSTITUTIONS and 185 PRIVATE RESEARCHERS involved, is an article about Army & Navy - Domestic intelligence. During this time, there were hundreds of supporting articles about the governments� domestic spying. Sam Ervin�s committee caught on that the Army and Navy Intelligence, the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc were all engaged in massive domestic spying & harassment campaign.

In 1971 Senator Ervin�s Committee found that the Army claimed they had only 7,000 people being watched. Next that number was boosted to 14,000. Then it settled on a range somewhere between a whopping two million people & one quarter of the total U.S. population was under surveillance. The Military claimed many very trite reasons for keeping track of so many civilians; information indicates that human test subjects and all their acquaintances were the bulk of these numbers!

In response to the Church Committee investigation of 1973, all records of the MK-Ultra project were ordered destroyed. Correspondingly the numbers of people under surveillance suddenly dropped as well. Although the shocking details of medical ethics abuses by the U.S. government were amply detailed, Washington, citing national security and government privilege, stalled for so long � that the cases never came to trial. Since no individuals or agencies were held legally accountable, the door was left wide open for further atrocities under new project names.

Senator Ervin�s and the Church Committee admirable actions promptly curtailed any further overt testing and harassment. For the next twenty years or so, the covert agenda quietly dominated the domestic operations landscape while testing and developing, on unwitting military & civilian personnel, a whole new arsenal of weapons - Directed Energy.


FOIA �Memorandum of Understanding� 1994: excerpts

�This MOU stems from recent findings of DoD's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) and DOJ's National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) concerning the application of advanced technology to law enforcement. In general, these findings reflect a growing convergence between the technology required for military operations and the technology required for law enforcement. Moreover, recent technological advances suggest a current ability to enhance the effectiveness of both the DoD Operations Other Than War (OOTW) and DOJ and other Law Enforcement (LE) missions.�

�User organizations designated by the signatories, or "test bed units," will test and evaluate transitioning products. The remainder of FY94 will be devoted to choosing technology programs for FY95, setting up the joint organization, identifying test bed units, and beginning selected efforts. During the first quarter of FY95, the JPSG members will physically move to ARPA in order to begin intensive management of the joint OOTW/LE program.�

/s/ Janet Reno Attorney General Date: 4/20/94

/s/ John Deutch Secretary of Defense Date: 4/20/94

note: OOTW is a nice way of describing Domestic Intelligence Operations of questionable legality.



Justice Department officials, for their part, see an opportunity to apply the fruits of Pentagon research to America's urban battlefields.

Other military technological advances that will be evaluated for their usefulness in combating crime include infrared surveillance gear, sonar devices�"neural inhibitors," and a high-power microwave generator.

The Present:

Today we know one of the early descendants of RADAR research is probably located in your own kitchen. �Microwave Ovens� are a common appliance and �The Microwave Heating� effect is created from the induction of eddy currents by microwave irradiation, an electric current flow that will interfere with normal healthy functioning of a living nervous system. It acts very much like an anesthetic, jamming the normal nerve function while the tissues are being damaged. Directed at some poor soul, that person could be burned inside and out. Think now how damaging a MASER, a microwave LASER, would be to a man.

Non-lethal/Less Than Lethal Weapons:

DEW Non-lethal weapons are defined as "acoustic and electromagnetic weapons that are designed to disable personnel, weapons, supplies, or equipment in such a way that death or severe permanent disability to personnel are unlikely." Note well that by they�re very description, DEW are the perfect tool to harass & abuse civilians in the community and at home. It should be known that some "non-lethal" weapons are not authorized under the international law governing weapons. Given that these are more devices of torture than weapons of war.


If improperly used a common �Radar Range� can easily be transformed into an effective Directed Energy Weapon. I speak of the known biohazards a common Magnetron removed from your kitchen microwave oven. Activated and directed at some poor soul, that person could be attacked without even a clue that an attack occurred. Swelling and blisters would just seem to form spontaneously, no reason that can be discerned by victim or doctor. Know to that radiation in whatever guise is absolutely deadly to life. Even low level doses, over a time, may be a death sentence with cancer on the horizon. Be it ionizing radiation or electromagnetic radiation, they all kill.

Directed Energy Influence Weapons are a definite reality, an undeniable fact! I� m not talking about the imagination of a TV show or the super science of some distant future. I�m only speaking of the technological advancement and evolution of RADAR over some 50 years of time. Should we not consider the necessity of creating laws, similar to those for projectile weapons? It seems only right that the same laws governing the use of projectile weapons (guns) also be used for Energy Weapons (DEW). We must protect all citizens from the indiscriminate abuse of classified advanced weaponry readily available to some Military and Intelligence personnel.

Caught between our Governments desire to test & develop Advanced Antipersonnel Weapons on its own unsuspecting citizenry and the stringent requirements to maintain National Security, lie hundreds of poor innocent tortured souls, caught in pain and seeking freedom from this most terrible situation. These victims once again are raising this serious question to you:

�does the end ever justify these means?

After all, those responsible are indeed aware of the harmful effects of EMF, and yet they have deliberately concealed the facts from their victims and have manufactured �new truths� for the general public. Many lives have already been unnecessarily lost and the lifespan of hundreds, if not thousands, have been seriously compromised.

Yet no liability has ever been admitted by our government.

Mr. M


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posted on May, 11 2004 @ 06:35 AM
I haven't read everything here yet, but I must say you've certainly put some effort into this...
you got my "Way Above" vote...

posted on May, 11 2004 @ 06:58 AM
Well thanks a lot, IntelGurl!
I really appreciate it...

Mr. M

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 01:43 PM

I just recently came across this post.

I wasn't aware that there were people who had such detailed information about this sort of thing.

It is of real interest to me, because I feel that I have been the target of just such technology.

I am amongst other things a meditant, and I can confirm your understanding of MKULTRA radar hearing technology. I use techniques in meditation to undo the effects of radar hearing (I like to call it fork). It is highly invasive to say the least.

I personally think (actually I know) that there are people who have access to this technology that use it for profit.

I'm not sure if you'll know if anyone responded to your post here. I would certainly love to discuss this with others myself.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 02:10 PM
Glad to see this old chestnut get a bump. Directed energy weapons are one of the truly frightening powers of tptb. No real defense against infrasound or many of the other energy "weapons" out there.

My microwave oven serves as a glorified coffee warmer and kitchen clock display only but anything capable of stopping a pacemaker at 15 feet is probably something to more carefully consider before bringing into our homes.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 02:21 PM
The active denial energy weapons are about to be used on Americans. Itchy trigger fingers have been waiting.
This could be the defense, but the public can't have it:
If you don't have millions to spend on a "non lethal" (you die years later) weapon, just remove the door from your microwave and bypass the safety switch. You will need a generator to be mobile.

posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 03:14 PM
Odd the OP mentions journalists. My hokey supposition of 2011 (c'mon, we all have at least one) is whether or not the journalists we witnessed losing their glue on-air earlier this year were actually suffering retaliation for attempting to cover a story and bring some news into the public eye. Or somebody just showing off their new toy on tv. Hmmm...
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posted on Oct, 12 2011 @ 04:01 PM
if you are going to combat the gov't, you are a fool to remain where their operatives can find you. First, you travel abroad, and have 1/2 dozen different surgeons each make one alteration to your face. Then you sneak back across the Mex border or in from the Sea, get fake ID, and do your thing from the safety of the punks not knowing who you are, what you look like, or where to find you. You will need an "off the books" means of financial support, but that is quite easy to arrange, by setting up lovely 3rd world women to do "live" porn videos for men. For $500, you can take her from making 1-2k a year to making 20-40k per year, she will happily let you take half of her income, at least for a year or so.

posted on Aug, 1 2014 @ 01:28 AM


posted on Nov, 15 2014 @ 05:51 PM
I would like to bump this. Is anyone else here targeted?

posted on Nov, 15 2014 @ 06:06 PM
This is a good thread and sadly long forgotten.
One must wonder how many enemies of the administration have been killed and tortured using such devices.
Breitbart, JFK jr - the list is too long but you get the idea.
People who otherwise should still be alive but met mysterious ends.
If only they weren't so openly against administration policies.

posted on Nov, 15 2014 @ 07:34 PM

originally posted by: Asktheanimals
This is a good thread and sadly long forgotten.

It's sort of a compendium of conspiracy urban legend. Lots of conclusion jumping, short on proof, lots of it factually inaccurate.

posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 03:30 AM
Very simply: The global war paradigm has shifted, but the world hasn't caught on yet, and neither have the boots on the ground understood what the final conflict will unveil.

Computers, remote control and automation will take an active role in the final conflict at global scale. A "joystick" can selectively wipe out a million man army or a region, and that is not "conspiracy" that is the way it already is and it will progress faster than before.
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posted on Oct, 24 2015 @ 05:16 PM


posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 12:32 AM
I know for a fact that I am currently being assaulted with some type of DEW. There's so much info that's available on DIY microwave guns that practically anyone can construct a device with an old microwave oven to use against whomever they choose. I've been using the Magnetometer app on my Windows phone to detect EMF levels the instant I feel the energy. Levels between 30uT-60uT are considered normal in a home but I've detected up to 1850uT with the average around 1300uT. This tells me that I'm being targeted and not someone in need of psychiatric intervention. If anyone has suggestions on what to do, how to cope with it, how to beat it, I am all ears. reply to: Bedlam

posted on Sep, 6 2016 @ 03:21 PM

originally posted by: Chris571
I've been using the Magnetometer app on my Windows phone to detect EMF levels the instant I feel the energy. Levels between 30uT-60uT are considered normal in a home but I've detected up to 1850uT with the average around 1300uT. This tells me that I'm being targeted...

The magnetometer app on an phone doesn't tell you anything but the background magnetic field. It doesn't measure anything else, because it uses a little magnetoresistive sensor (at least most phones do), not a microwave receiver. Microwave energy doesn't give you static magnetic fields. And the magnetometer app doesn't measure EMF.

So, no, it doesn't tell you anything, except that either the phone's not calibrated or you're placing it next to something magnetic.
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posted on Mar, 20 2017 @ 06:35 PM
a reply to: StarChild

Thanks for the post. This article provides a VERY good background on the brain science behind these non-consensual experiments.

posted on Mar, 20 2017 @ 06:54 PM
a reply to: StarChild
S &F for later reading
thank col J Alexander for a lot of these "Non Lethal Weapons"

posted on Apr, 25 2017 @ 03:10 PM
a reply to: [post=22037556]stealthyaroura[/post

I'm believe i'm also being targeted by this technology, this post is made by another person who thinks he is being targeted, how do you interpret this? Thanks.

Below I copied a section from that article which I find interesting,


The truth is no one can read your mind or understand your thoughts. However, due to the events that is taking place or due to your own experiences your logical thinking mind will convince you surely that others must know your thoughts. A person who experience this will carry out their own thought experiments too to find out if others could really know his/her thoughts. Meaning at certain times if you are the person who experience this, you yourself would think of particular topics/things and see whether others would respond you and when this happens it will further convince you that others can read your mind or understand your thoughts.

Only way to get rid of this way of thinking is to talk openly/directly with the people who you think that can read your mind. Asking this would be pretty odd to you but again trust me asking this and understanding that others are not actually aware of your thoughts but they simply respond to your thoughts without they even knowing will save your life. Things that they reply to your thoughts are coming to them out of the blue without they even knowing, they get thoughts (this is similar to thought insertion that schizophrenics are talking about) and they simply talk about it. However, these things always will have a meaning to your current thoughts or your actions, which is why your logical mind thinks that they somehow know your thoughts or understand your thoughts. They will sometimes, smile at you, laugh at you, give gestures etc... to convince you that they really know or aware of your thinking or thoughts. However, in reality they know nothing. These responses or the words coming out of their minds would align with your thinking, that's why your logical mind always make you to believe that they know your thoughts. Even if you ask directly from them "if they know your thoughts" still you will face things/actions to convince you or they would respond in a way to convince you that they know your thoughts but they don't acknowledge it or you might think they know your thoughts but they don't like to direclty tell you so. The only way to get out of this way of thinking would be to talk to them and understand that they don't actually know your thoughts, their actions, words are simply aligned with your thoughts/actions giving you an impression that they know your thoughts. Howeve, this impression is so strong to create a belief in your mind, that you cannot get rid of.

You will meet people who respond to you thoughts everywhere. Sometimes, this can be your neighbours, when you are in a coffee shop, in a library, people in television programs, radio stations, while you are shopping, in the streets etc... you name it. You will meet people who respond to your thoughts everywhere. So the bottom line is again they know nothing about your thoughts, these responses which aligns with your thoughts are coming to them out of the blue, which convincing you.

This is not a coincident not everyone facing these experiences. Any person who face this experience will start having the thought broadcast delusion. It's a highly advanced computer program built with artificial intelligence giving these experiences to us. You are a victim.

Following is an example of what kind of an experience a person would face with this technology to make such claims:

Assume you and myself was inside a London cafe, I don't know you but you are a person sitting in front of me having a discussion with a friend of yours. I'm also sitting near to your table having a discussion with a friend of mine. Now at this very moment I was thinking of going to china to buy something and was thinking of my plan, suddenly you also start talking about China to your friend. You could also say something like this to the friend sitting next to you " or do you know that it's stupid to go to China to buy computer items, you could try Singapore instead" and then start a discussion with your friend about it. Now thereafter on the same day, assume I went to a shop to buy something and I was standing in a corner inside this shop by looking at some products and at the same time I was thinking of going to Liverpool, I see two people staying next to me as well (assume this is Sam and John). Now strangely Sam suddenly ask from John whether he is free in the evening to go to Liverpool and discuss about their trip. Similarly that day I would experience while I was travelling, even inside buses whatever the topics that I think people would start talking about the same topic. Now assume if these type of incidences happen to me every day for months and months, what I would start thinking? A person would normally say that their thoughts are being broadcast or others knows their thoughts and end up in a psychiatric hospital. This is what thought broadcast delusion is.

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