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posted on May, 10 2004 @ 06:18 PM
Pole Track 2005 is an international North Pole expedition aiming to support climate change research and to call attention to the changing Arctic and world climate.

I sent an email to one of the team members...

Tony Caravan

Asking about whether or not the pole is melting.

His reply...

Thanks for the note... It's too early for any conclusions.
The Pole Track expedition will span two years. The first test was just completed.
Next year the team will place beacons and collect data for a scientific analysis.
Check the site for updates and more information.
All the best...

So here we are... on the beginning of a brand new thread which hopefully will allow indepth discussion on one of the most important issues of modern times.

Tony...if you ever read this, please join and keep us updated from time to time.


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