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You Are (Probably) A Criminal

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 06:24 AM
Time for you to spend some time in a Civilian Inmate Labor Camp run by the US Army.

In this article, Brian Walsh lays out several examples of ordinary Americans who were simply trying to do the right thing.

Those ordinary Americans ended up spending years in prison for the most mundane of mistakes. It highlights how federal laws are so broad and numerous that prosecutors can find any reason at all to put you behind bars.

This fascist oligarchy we call a federal government needs to be put back into its constitutional box.

Federal law in particular now criminalizes entire categories of activities that the average person would never dream would land him in prison. This is an inevitable result of the fact that the criminal law is no longer restricted to punishing inherently wrongful conduct -- such as murder, rape, robbery, and the like.

Moreover, under these new laws, the government can often secure a conviction without having to prove that the person accused even intended to commit a bad act, historically a protection against wrongful conviction.

Laws like this are dangerous in the hands of social engineers and ambitious lawmakers -- not to mention overzealous prosecutors -- bent on using government's greatest civilian power to punish any activity they dislike. So many thousands of criminal offenses are now in federal law that a prominent federal appeals court judge titled his recent essay on this overcriminalization problem, "You're (Probably) a Federal Criminal."

Here is a highly detailed article on the plight of George Norris.

It will make you sick.

These laws are promoted by international corporations in an effort to restrict competition and create overhead for their competitors. They have nothing to do with protecting the American people.

We should all be ashamed at ourselves for allowing this rampant tyranny to take place in our own backyard.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 08:08 AM
That Orchid story is messed up.

Of course, if he immersed himself in everything to know about Orchids, he would have known the consequences for sloppy import practices.

I do agree the law should be inclusive to animals only and a more exacting one be written to allow trade to save flora from extinction, as the gutting of resources smother more and more native habitat.

And This should be a small monitary fine or warning. Not a conviction for a felony.

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