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Our first year !

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posted on May, 10 2004 @ 02:04 AM
KayEm and myself married on 10 May 2003. Today is our first wedding anniversary.

Since she spends so much time here on ATS/BTS, I thought I'd take this opportunity to give her a message.

Happy first anniversary KayEm !
With all my Pixyish love,

posted on May, 10 2004 @ 02:07 AM
Congratulations, you crazy kids!
Now get the heck off the forum and start celebrating!

posted on May, 10 2004 @ 02:37 AM
Congratulations to the both of you, and may you have many more.

Bright Blessings,

posted on May, 10 2004 @ 04:28 AM
Happy Anniversary guys! sorry Pisky moved the tread to here rather than Chit Chat.

posted on May, 10 2004 @ 11:10 AM
Congratulations and have fun!!!

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posted on May, 10 2004 @ 11:24 AM
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


posted on May, 10 2004 @ 11:26 AM
Ohhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!

I love you, Pixy-Husband !!!

posted on May, 10 2004 @ 11:35 AM
Congrats, guys! I wish you well in the future, too. Cheers!

posted on May, 10 2004 @ 12:03 PM
Congratumalations KayEm and Pisky!

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have many more delightful years together! (And come back to Pixyland soon where the original Pixy and Pixy-wife belong

From the Pixy-Padawan

See, I told you, I'm getting good at this commentator stuff...I could be paid for doing signatures...sorry, off topic there *echem*

[Edited on 10-5-2004 by LadyCool21]

posted on May, 10 2004 @ 11:24 PM
even though im a day late Congrads to you two!!!!!!!
love is a wonderful thing.

posted on May, 12 2004 @ 05:24 PM
Its a bit late but Congratulations KayEm and Pisky
Happy Anniversary

posted on May, 12 2004 @ 05:57 PM
How did this get by me?

Congrats to you both. I hope youand:w:, but not too much or you'ld feel like

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 03:45 PM

Congrats and best wishes for more to come

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 09:44 PM
Thanks again, you guys

The day kinda sucked cause we had no money to really do it up (whoever said the first year of marriage was the hardest due to little money--not to mention an ever-present nosy-as-hell mother-in-law was certainly dead-on balls accurate).

But no worries. Pisky and I are saving some of my hard earned money and are taking a mini-vay cay on his birthday in a bout a month.

And not to fear, Intrepid...Pisky and I will indeed and :w: WAY too much, but it'll be worth it

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