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Elliot Spitzer calls Federal Reserve a Giant Ponzi Scheme/ Americans Rate Federal Reserve worst agen

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posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 02:52 PM
First of all...this aired on MSNBC which is great. The video itself is great as well. Everything is nicely explained so that most anyone can understand it.

What exactly happened with the bailouts? Why do the banks keep getting money...trillions and trillions of dollars worth? This video explains it pretty well.

Ron Paul's audit the fed bill was brought up a few times in this video as well....i think HR 1207 is really starting to gain some steam....let's hope it succeeds in it's current form!

Also...check out 7:04...where the host says that "I feel that America has suffered the greatest theft and cover-up ever."

Also thought I'd add this as well....

Americans rate Fed worst among 9 key agencies

WASHINGTON — The share of Americans who think the Federal Reserve is doing an excellent to good job has sunk even as chairman Ben Bernanke has taken unprecedented steps to try to prevent a financial catastrophe, according to a new poll released Monday. Many analysts credit Bernanke's unconventional approach with averting disaster last year. But his support of taxpayer bailouts of big financial firms such as insurance giant American International Group upset the public and many lawmakers. The Gallup poll, conducted in mid-July, found that only 30 percent rated the Fed as doing an "excellent/good" job. It was the lowest such score out of nine government agencies. And it was down sharply from the 53 percent who thought the Fed was doing an excellent to good job in a survey in 2003. At that time, then-Fed chief Alan Greenspan was steering a fragile economy back from the 2001 recession, terror attacks and corporate accounting scandals that had rocked Wall Street.
People are finally starting to pay attention!!!!

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posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 02:59 PM
Just a point to make in all of this.

You are correct in the fact that the banks keep getting money. But from what I have read many banks have begun to repay the government and some are paying dividends to the government.

Shouldn't we also begin to question where is the money going that the banks are paying back? Blackops?War? Repay chinese?

Maybe somebody already posted the answer, but I have yet to find out.

posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 03:20 AM
reply to post by David9176

LOL Elliot Spitzer & MSNBC ...

Great find!

I guess when you get two losers together and they have nothing left to lose in the public arena ... They finally feel like they can tell it like it is...

LOL Elliot Spitzer & MSNBC ... loosehs!!!

posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 03:54 AM
I had a dim view of Spitzer before this, but after watching the video, I think he was outed for his liaisons because of his investigative work.

He was working on taking down wall street and the bankers didn't like that.

Definitely regained a few respect points for this.

It certainly is interesting to note exactly how Spitzer got caught.

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