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Mass Mind Control on Planet Earth

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posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 09:04 AM
The entire population of Planet Earth is being mind "conditioned", it's just not "the military".

The next time you pick up a paper and read, "kid shoots classmates".....consider he/she was possibly (I say possibly) a victim of some type of mind conditioning.

It all serves a purpose. We may not see that purpose, it's too intricately woven into the the entire fabric.

But the human inhabitants of our entire planet are being messed with.

Our brains are nothing more than organic computers.

And the people who have an overwhelming urge to "rule" play by their own rules.

This is a BIG TIME CONSPIRACY against all of us.


The late Jim Keith, one of the foremost writers and researchers on political conspiracy in the wold in recent times wrote in his book, Mass Control:

"Agents of the world's elite have been long engaged in a war on the populace of Earth. Greed is the motivation for this war, a greed so pervasive that it encompasses the planet and all of the beings on it, but in recent times a philosophy has been used to justify that greed. It is the philosophy of mass control, that ultimately aims at dictating every aspect of human life - even remolding man's perception of reality and himself." [Jim Keith, Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness]

The first thing we want to think about is the fact that the word "conspiracy" evokes such a strong reaction in all of us: nobody wants to be branded as a "conspiracy theorist." It just isn't "acceptable." It's "un-scientific" or it's evidence of mental instability. Right? That's what you are thinking, isn't it?

In fact, I bet that the very reading of the word even produces certain physiological reactions: a slight acceleration of the heartbeat, and perhaps a quick glance around to make sure that no one was watching while you simply read the word silently.

Have you ever asked yourself WHY the word evokes such an instantaneous emotional reaction? Have you ever wondered why it stimulates such a strong "recoil?" After all, it is only a word. It only describes the idea of people in "high places" thinking about things and doing things that manipulate other people to produce benefits for themselves.

Richard M. Dolan studied at Alfred University and Oxford University before completing his graduate work in history at the University of Rochester, where he was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship. Dolan studied U.S. Cold War strategy, Soviet history and culture, and international diplomacy. He has written about "conspiracy" in the following way:

"The very label [conspiracy] serves as an automatic dismissal, as though no one ever acts in secret. Let us bring some perspective and common sense to this issue.

The United States comprises large organizations - corporations, bureaucracies, "interest groups," and the like - which are conspiratorial by nature. That is, they are hierarchical, their important decisions are made in secret by a few key decision-makers, and they are not above lying about their activities. Such is the nature of organizational behavior. "Conspiracy," in this key sense, is a way of life around the globe.

Within the world's military and intelligence apparatuses, this tendency is magnified to the greatest extreme. During the 1940s, [...] the military and its scientists developed the world's most awesome weapons in complete secrecy... [...]

Anyone who has lived in a repressive society knows that official manipulation of the truth occurs daily. But societies have their many and their few. In all times and all places, it is the few who rule, and the few who exert dominant influence over what we may call official culture. - All elites take care to manipulate public information to maintain existing structures of power. It's an old game.

America is nominally a republic and free society, but in reality an empire and oligarchy, vaguely aware of its own oppression, within and without. I have used the term "national security state" to describe its structures of power. It is a convenient way to express the military and intelligence communities, as well as the worlds that feed upon them, such as defense contractors and other underground, nebulous entities. Its fundamental traits are secrecy, wealth, independence, power, and duplicity.

Nearly everything of significance undertaken by America's military and intelligence community in the past half-century has occured in secrecy. The undertaking to build an atomic weapon, better known as the Manhattan Project, remains the great model for all subsequent activities. For more than two years, not a single member of Congress even knew about it although its final cost exceeded two billion dollars.

During and after the Second World War, other important projects, such as the development of biological weapons, the importation of Nazi scientists, terminal mind-control experiments, nationwide interception of mail and cable transmissions of an unwitting populace, infiltration of the media and universities, secret coups, secret wars, and assassinations all took place far removed not only from the American public, but from most members of Congress and a few presidents. Indeed, several of the most powerful intelligence agencies were themselves established in secrecy, unknown by the public or Congress for many years.

Since the 1940s, the U.S. Defense and Intelligence establishment has had more money at its disposal than most nations. In addition to official dollars, much of the money is undocumented. From its beginning, the C.I.A. was engaged in a variety of off-the-record "business" activities that generated large sums of cash. The connections of the C.I.A. with global organized crime (and thus de facto with the international narcotics trade) has been well established and documented for many years. - Much of the original money to run the American intelligence community came from very wealthy and established American families, who have long maintained an interest in funding national security operations important to their interests.

In theory, civilian oversight exists over the US national security establishment. The president is the military commander-in-chief. Congress has official oversight over the C.I.A.. The F.B.I. must answer to the Justice Department. In practice, little of this applies. One reason has to do with secrecy. [...]

A chilling example of such independence occurred during the 1950s, when President Eisenhower effectively lost control of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. The situation deteriorated so much that during his final two years in office, Eisenhower asked repeatedly for an audience with the head of Strategic Air Command to learn what America's nuclear retaliatory plan was. What he finally learned in 1960, his final year in office, horrified him: half of the Northern Hemisphere would be obliterated.

If a revered military hero such as Eisenhower could not control America's nuclear arsenal, nor get a straight answer from the Pentagon, how on earth could Presidents Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, or Nixon regarding comparable matters?

Secrecy, wealth and independence add up to power.

Through the years, the national security state has gained access to the wrorld's most sophisticated technology sealed off millions of acres of land from public access or scrutiny, acquired unlimited snooping ability within U.S. borders and beyond, conducted overt or clandestine actions against other nations, and prosecuted wars without serious media scrutiny. Domestically, it maintains influence over elected officials and communities hoping for some of the billions of defense dollars. [including scientists, universities, etc.]

Deception is the key element of warfare, and when winning is all that matters, the conventional morality held by ordinary people becomes an impediment.

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 09:19 AM

When taken together, the examples of official duplicity form a nearly single totality. They include such choice morsels as the phony war crisis of 1948, the fabricated missile gap claimed by the air force during the 1950s, the carefully managed events leading to the Gulf of Tonkin resolution... [...]

The secrecy stems from a pervasive and fundamental element of life in our world, that those who are at the top of the heap will always take whatever steps are necessary to maintain the status quo.

[S]keptics often ask, "Do you really think the government could hide [anything] for so long?" The question itself reflects ignorance of the reality that secrecy is a way of life in the National Security State. Actually though, the answer is yes, and no.

Yes, in that cover-ups are standard operating procedure, frequently unknown to the public for decades, becoming public knowledge by a mere roll of the dice. But also no, in that ... information has leaked out from the very beginning. It is impossible to shut the lid completely. The key lies in neutralizing and discrediting unwelcomed information, sometimes through official denial, other times through proxies in the media.

[E]vidence [of conspiracy] derived from a grass roots level is unlikely to survive its inevitable conflict with official culture. And acknowledgement about the reality of [conspiracies] will only occur when the official culture deems it worthwhile or necessary to make it. Don't hold your breath.

This is a widespread phenomenon affecting many people, generating high levels of interest, taking place in near-complete secrecy, for purposes unknown, by agencies unknown, with access to incredible resources and technology. A sobering thought and cause for reflection." [Richard Dolan]

Consider this: even if Dolan is writing specifically about America, in a world dominated by the United States, it must be considered that pressures are applied elsewhere from within this "national security state" to comply with the demands of the U.S..

Now, think about the word "conspiracy" one more time and allow me to emphasize the key point: From a historical point of view, the ONLY reality is that of conspiracy. Secrecy, wealth and independence add up to power. ...Deception is the key element of warfare, (the tool of power elites), and when winning is all that matters, the conventional morality held by ordinary people becomes an impediment. Secrecy stems from a pervasive and fundamental element of life in our world, that those who are at the top of the heap will always take whatever steps are necessary to maintain the status quo.

And maintaining the "status quo" in science HAS to be one of the main objectives of the Power Elite.

And how do they do that? By "Official Culture."

And official culture, understood this way, from the perspective of elite groups wishing to maintain the status quo of their power, means only one thing: COINTELPRO. And here we do not mean the specific F.B.I. program, but the concept of the program, and the likelihood that this has been the mode of controlling human beings for possibly millennia. Certainly, Machiavelli outlined the principles a very long time ago and little has changed since.

The fact is, I like to call it "Cosmic COINTELPRO" to suggest that it is almost a mechanical system that operates based on the psychological nature of human beings, most of whom LIKE to live in denial. After all, "if ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise." This is most especially true when we consider the survival instinct of the ego. If the official culture says that there is no Third Man in the room, and if it works through the inculcated belief systems, there is little possibility that the "subject" will be able to see the source of the phenomena in our world. It will always be an "invisible Third Man."

Usually, when we think of COINTELPRO, we think of the most well known and typical activities which include sending anonymous or fictitious letters - which are sometimes later withdrawn with an "apology" after they have already accomplished the goal of destruction; publishing false defamatory or threatening information; forging signatures on fake documents; introducing disruptive and subversive members into organizations to destroy them from within, and so on. Blackmailing insiders in any group to force them to spread false rumors, or to foment factionalism is also common.

What a lot of people don't keep in mind is the fact that COINTELPRO also concentrated on creating bogus organizations and promoting bogus ideas.

In the scientific community, this can work in any number of ways, the most common being "proprietary organizations" that fund research that leads nowhere in order to keep someone with promising ideas busy. It is not stretching things to consider that "exciting new ideas" or areas of research might be promoted for the express purpose of vectoring scientists into following false and time-wasting research so as to prevent them making significant breakthroughs. COINTELPRO was also famous for instigation of hostile actions through third parties. According to investigators, these F.B.I. programs were noteworthy because all documents relating to them were stamped "do not file." This meant that they were never filed in the system, and for all intents and purposes, did not exist. This cover was blown after activists broke into an F.B.I. office in Media, Pennsylvania in 1971. What we do not know is how far and wide the practice extends, though we can certainly guess.

There exists in our world today a powerful and dangerous secret cult.
So wrote Victor Marchetti, a former high-ranking C.I.A. official, in his book The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. This is the first book the U.S. Government ever went to court to censor before publication. In this book, Marchetti tells us that there IS a "Cabal" that rules the world and that its holy men are the clandestine professionals of the Central Intelligence Agency.

In our opinion, the C.I.A. is but one "arm" of the cult, just as Benedictines were but one order of the Catholic Church. To borrow from, and paraphrasing, Marchetti:

"This cult is patronized and protected by the highest level government officials in the world. It's membership is composed of those in the power centers of government, industry, commerce, finance, and labor. It manipulates individuals in areas of important public influence - including the academic world and the mass media. The Secret Cult is a global fraternity of a political aristocracy whose purpose is to further the political policies of persons or agencies unknown. It acts covertly and illegally."

Very good article by Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

Laura K-J also has a excellent book out "High Strangeness" I am just starting to reread and although it's a pricey book it's well worth the money.

I still maintain that there are frequency waves (or something unseen/as I am not a engineer) being emitted from multiple sources to "control the public".

Possiblities are the TV, public music (muzak), micro waves, ?
other kinds of waves or pulses? Something.? and I say this because so many people now have actually changed. Most of the population is walking around with blank stares, glassy eyed, something.

Yes yes I know this sounds like another nut case, however I have a high frequency hearing loss since almost birth (mid 1950's) so maybe just maybe I'm not "picking it up" possibly and again I say possibly it's in the area of high frequecy waves.
In order to condition the public into supporting stricter gun-control measures, mind-controlled children have been programmed to shoot classmates. One of the Columbine High-School shooters, Eric Harris, used to live at Plattsburg Air Force Base, in New York State, with his Air force officer father. At the age of ten, Harris allegedly used to complain to his friends that he was being drugged at the base. This base, although officially closed, is known to possess an enormous underground facility, which allegedly is still being used as a mind-control programming center. One Columbine teacher has publicly stated that she was wounded by an adult male, not a student (intelligence information received by the writer claims that four adult gunmen were involved). One wonders why a contingent of Federal personnel purportedly visited the school the day prior to the massacre. STOP MISLEADING the CHILDREN, MR. JENNINGS by Brian Desborough

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

Mass Mind Control on Planet Earth

Nice post. I was reading this on the other thread before you moved it.

My guess is that mind control is something that we, as a race and civilization, have had to confront for quite a long time. Those who wield the power need the loyalty of the masses and short of that loyalty and blind obedience, their power is less effective. Of course, the issue become more acute as technology advances and allows the powerful more avenues to that control... while at the same time, our own lives become less and less our own.

It is important to remain objective and distrustful of government and now so too, the corporate, that are probably every bit as dangerous.


posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 09:23 AM
Mengele was in Dallas during the killing of JFK, which was achieved by trained Monarch slaves. (In fact, the Beaumont, TX Enterprise on Mon. April 10, ’94 in the Metro Sect. B, on page B cont. to 4b reports that a sworn affidavit exists where a man connects Joseph Mengele with Kennedy’s death and to have seen Mengele at the Texas Book Depository.) Luis Angel Castillo was just one of the Monarch mind-controlled slaves sent to kill JFK on Nov. 22, ’63. A woman from Germany named Mrs. Krebs, along with a host of other programmers, worked with Mengele on the Kennedy assassination. The Illuminati Formula Appendix I: The Programmers

Below from sent by computers

They have found that ELF and VLF electro-magnetic waves can be used to control people’s thoughts. ... Harmonic generators (code named "ether-wave") are able to imbed detailed commands which are linked to audible triggers. This is one of the standard features of the Monarch program. It allows the slaves to be controlled by trigger words which make no sense or seem to carry no negative connotation to outside listeners. For instance the words, "Mr. Postman wait and see" (a Marionette command) might set off an access sequence so that a slave living away from its master goes to its master (also called a handler). The Illuminati Formula 6. The Use of Electricity & Electronics

The use of harmonics has taken away much of the work of the big programmers. Now harmonic machines can implant the programming and codes that the Programmers put in. It’s quicker and perhaps more efficient, although the lesser cult groups have to get by with the older methods. And the Illuminati still have many excellent programmers in full-time and part-time use. According to an eyewitness, their top-programmers are far beyond their 1950-60 predecessors like Mengele. The Illuminati Formula 6. The Use of Electricity & Electronics

By radio, movies
The songs the slave hears on the radio, will for instance have code words. The Programmers due to the corruption of the music industry knows what hit songs are coming out, and they will haul their slaves in and program them according to the lyrics of the soon-to-be hits. The lyrics will be written so that programmed meanings can be attached to certain words and lines The Illuminati Formula 5. The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit

I also question where this technology originally came from?

Human vs alien?

Another interesting book is Jim Marr's The Rise of The Fourth Reich (Reich is German and with a small r mean's Empire. If you use a large R it means wealth.

This book again another pricey book is well worth every penny because Jim Marrs explains in painfully researched detail how the large corporations and elite families are innerconnected and why a lot of our screwed up history came about the way it has.

Part 2 - Chapter 8 of Jim Marr's Rise Of The Fourth Reich gets real interesting and well worth a look see............think you're the master of your own thoughts. Think again.

A slave that doesn't know he/she is a slave won't rebel and A prisioner that doen't know he/she is imprisoned won't try to escape.

The link below is very interesting and worth a listen. This guy knows the score.

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posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 10:33 AM
Mind control exists and it's all around us in the form of overt messages that establish trends in the social concious in various forms of entertainment and the news media.

It's all around us in the form of subliminal messages in the form of video games, music, TV and News.

Young people with little entertainment, work, or educational options are especially vulnerable to computer games that practically absorb and become their whole lifes. They sit in mezmerized trance like states for hours even days at a time playing the games over and over again, watching the same subliminal messages flash on the screens, listening to the same subliminal messages in the soundtracks playing over and over again.

It's a real problem.

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 10:40 AM
More Evidence: HD TV is a Set Up for Mind Control

Very interesting video from "60 minutes" on how science is now able to "read your thoughts".

found at

In case they take this video off (hurry up and grab it).

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posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 10:47 AM
Yea it sucks however there are ways to fight it. Not everyone is a slave. You can subprogram or unprogram yourself. And then condition yourself to your own reality which is hopefully much better and positive. Most people would need a good teacher to unprogram them I would think.

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 10:48 AM

Mind control exists to its fullest!
It is not aliens visiting from outer space, but people doing this sickening act on purpose...
The MIND is very susceptible to thoughts, and it is OFTEN spoken by Early Christian Fathers!
People can laugh and tease at such knowledge,but it's the perfect way for man to control and abuse power for their PURPOSE.
Can medical science prove this?
It has already proven that the Mind(can't remember where I read that article)is easily manipulated!
Into the WRONG hands, and we have MASS conditioning!


posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

The US govt can read and control a person's mind through the satellite and it can even manipulate your thoughts through a satellite.

Please see this thread on this topic

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by stairway27

Yea it sucks however there are ways to fight it. Not everyone is a slave. You can subprogram or unprogram yourself. And then condition yourself to your own reality which is hopefully much better and positive. Most people would need a good teacher to unprogram them I would think

You cannot fight mind control and the deprogramming does not work, the ELF of your brain are overridden by the ELF sent by the satellite and then you do what they want you to do

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 11:00 AM
reply to post by sunny_2008ny

Actually, ELF waves can be fought using HP Frequecies or High Freiquenices/ Ultra High Frequencies can combat the ELF modulated signals. But The brain can protect itself from mind control, on some level. And deprogramming is also possible, using the same waves that went in or hypnosis. Shock therapy is also a but its not fun, I would imagine.

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 12:36 PM
As far as ELF and Silent Sound Spectrum Technologies go I do truly believe mind over matter still wins.

I have had powerful people dabbling in metaphysics and the occult attempt to invade my mind.

They can be blocked out.

The same is true of electronic forms of mind control, if you have the presence of mind to know that an attempt is being made that attempts are being made you can defeat those attempts simply with the power of your mind.

The most important part of that fight is knowing that it is a fight, that mind control is real and that attempts will be made to control your mind that you must fight.

The people who are most succeptible are those who don't believe it is real or know it exists.

Forewarned is forearmed and never underestimate the power of your own mind, they don't, that is precisely why they would like to tap into it.

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 12:43 PM
See Jesus or Mohammad see this video

Your brain, my brain can be "influenced" can be "manipulated".

Very interesting video.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 12:58 AM

Originally posted by ofhumandescent
See Jesus or Mohammad see this video

Your brain, my brain can be "influenced" can be "manipulated".

Very interesting video.

It is true this technology exists and for the very sinister reason such videos and theories explain.

What is not true is that your brain can be influenced or manipulated by it if in fact you know it is an attempt to manipulate your brain.

Do you believe in the Bible Rome wrote? I don't.

Do you believe in the Books the Jews have written? I don't.

Do you believe in the Books the Muslims have written? I don't.

Do you believe if you were ever to see the image of Christ or a supernatural display of power that it is real? I wouldn't.

Do you know how to focus your thoughts, to block and shield your mind from intrusion? I do.

Do you know how to align the Left and Right Hemispheres of your mind to unlock the power of your mind? I do.

Do you trust the government? I don't.

Can you be terrorized or cowered by fear? I can't.

Can you be incapacitated by pain and anquish and emotion? I can't.

Focus, focus, focus.

Practice meditating, meditating, meditating.

They can event gizmos and machines all day long. My mind is more powerful than anything they will ever have to counter it.

I believe that. I know that. I do not fear because of that.

I can beat these people and things, I will beat these people and things, because I do believe in the power of my mind, the power of mind over matter, and that what ever they attempt just doesn't matter.

Fear is their greatest weapon.

You have nothing to fear but fear itself. These machines and these people can be beaten and they will be beaten.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 01:03 AM
I really hate when people try and blame video games on something,its nonsense im sorry.As for mind control,i agree subliminal messaging is rampant along with tv ads that fuel our consumer mindset.But to say a school shooting,or anything bad that happens etc is the result of mind control is a bit far fetched.Humans have been killing and torturing each other for thousands of years before mind control was around.

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 01:08 AM
reply to post by Solomons

There really is a lot of new technology out there Solomons. The fact that you don't agree that exists or could have an impact in and of itself doesn't negate the fact that it is patented, liscensed and put into use in a wide variety of applications including video games.

Go play another game of heilo and don't worry about it.

I got your back!

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I play alot of PC games,can't say im brainwashed or being manipulated.Relaxing and having fun is more like it.

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 01:19 AM

Originally posted by Solomons
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I play alot of PC games,can't say im brainwashed or being manipulated.Relaxing and having fun is more like it.

[edit on 28-7-2009 by Solomons]

What though if you weren't really meant to be relaxing and having fun. What if it weren't for that diversion you were heaven forbid fighting the powers that be, making the world a better place to live, out slaying real dragons instead of imaginary ones.

Are your games Reality based games or fantasy ones? Have you considered regardless that they are fantasy?

What if it just took a nudge, you know a little one, to prod you to something you were naturally inclined to do or not do to do it or not do it.

Would you really notice or sense the nudge when after all it was towards something you were naturally inclined to do.

Video games bad!

Roman orgies good!

Cookies good.

Cookie Monster bad, he steal all the cookies!

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 01:25 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Are you saying someone can't relax and have a bit of fun? I think it's needed when you look at the world.I don't feel bad about that,the only way i can fight TPTB is through voting.I don't have the resources or social status to make a real difference.So i do what i can.Someone should have sent me a postcard saying humans can't relax now and again with a hobby they enjoy,im sure you have hobbies that you enjoy and find relaxing,no?

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by Solomons

Honestly solomons I am very careful about what I expose myself too.

I haven't watched a TV in well over a year. I won't even stay in a room where a TV is on. Silent Sound Spread Spectrum is real, and it is very effective.

I liked video games when I was younger but stopped playing them years ago because they are a prime agent for subliminal messages. They are also addictive, and glorify and minimize some things overtly in a way that is counter productive and harmful.

When I first started chatting in chat rooms I used to admonish people who would be rude or make up wild stories by telling them, what for me is the truth. I wouldn't speak to anyone online any differently than I would in person.

So ask yourself would you do the things in many video games in real life?

For fun? Not because you were in a war and had to fight, but because it was fun and you wanted too. I have 6 kids some of them now at military age and some of their friends have joined the U.S. Armed Services because Heilo is fun and now I want to get paid for really doing it, and that really is what they told their friends when they enlisted.

You have a good and noble head on your shoulders I agree, but there just may come a time when fighting the Powers that Be that you do have to fight them in other ways.

Because they brought the fight to you. In fact they bring it to you every day already.

Yet it's got a real agenda and some real pivitol events that will transpire and they will transpire in your lifetime and in the immediate future.

I will be fighting them to my last breath. I have been fighting them my whole life. It is in fact what my life is about, and I do not seek to give them any advantage over me they do not warrant or deserve to have.

Which is why I watch no TV and play no Video Games and the only music I listen too is the music I play with my own band.

Now I will say this as hard as it is to believe I have always fought them and always been outside of the box doing it. I fought them to a standstill and a draw at 14 and was never allowed to go back to school afterwards.

I fought them over the brainwashing in school, and not wanting to buy into it or accept it.

You know most people are asleep.

Why are they asleep?

Why have I never been asleep?


No! Living outside of the box, fighting them on everything, not being lulled or tricked by the technology, conditioning, brainwashing and matrix they create to lock people into and enslave.

You do have to disconnect from it all if you really want to be able to fight them, and you really do have to stay out of the box and under the radar to do it.

I am not judging you or condemning you but as a friend I am telling you honestly there are certain things I won't risk.

The computer is my only exception and I always run my computer without sound.

That's what I believe, I am the most free thinking individual I know, and able to look at things in ways and in layers few people can, and almost everyone I know recognizes this in me and values it though at times they do question the depths of my beliefs and just what I belief.

There is only one real reason for that. I didn't learn in the same fashion they did, or expose myself to the same educational or entertainment process they did.

I disconected and did it from the outside looking in.

You are fighting Solomon and I admire you, but it's a Lord of the Rings situation. The Darkness spreads in Modor and it is heading all of our ways.

Ultimately war is not going to be a choice for us. It never is when it arrives on your doorstep and it will be coming to everyone's door step.

Be prepared. There is no reset button in life friend.

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