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How To Survive any Apocalyptic Situation

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posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 02:34 PM
How To Survive any Post-Apocalyptic Situation

There are many skills needed to live through and apocalyptic situation. This will summarize all of the needed informations.

A. Preperation

I will give you my advice as to not go out and buy all the food you can to prepare for the "doom" You are just wasting money if there isn't one. You'll also be on the run in just about every situation involving an apocalypse. It will way you down and make everything that much harder.You can buy lighter food though, but cans and stuff like that weighs way to much (Dry foods are the best). Just follow these steps.

I. Excercise

Walk once a day, ride your bike to work, do something. Make sure the excercise is something that is enjoyable and won't be something you will start and stop all the time.

II. Read

Yes, read. Get some books about wildlife, plants, and the area you live in. They are interesting books, and they can help you sometime. Get books on local plants (with the information about where they're found and what they are used for, make sure there are pictures), Animals, and wildlife. Also get some books on Native Americans and how they lived.

III. Master Two Weapons or More

Be smart about what weapon you choose, but it most be able to save your life if needed. I advise mastering a gun or some projectile weapon. Also master one or two secondary weapons. (Swords, knifes, staffs) Learn one hunting weapon. This will help against raiders, theifs, and zombies. It will also get you good at hunting.

IV. Learn to Garden (Also stock up on seeds)

Seeds are very light weight and can give you a reusable means of food. Keep a garden so you know the basics of gardenings. Grow tomatoes, potatoes, corn, and whatever good you can think of. Also make sure to keep some bamboo sprouts for growing when the time comes, it has many uses. (bows, heat source, energy source, spears, eating the sprouts, etc.)

V. Learn to Make a Fire

Look up the different methods of fire making. Learn to use flint and steal, wood and stick, and 9 Volt battery and steal wool. The easiest to do is 9v battery and steal wool, but it you have to get more and more steal wool when needed.

B. The Day of Disaster

I. Get Stuff

Hopefully you have a backpack or some means of storage. Get it out, go through your house and grab anything and everything that can help you.

Things to take (and buy before hand):
Pocket Knife(s)
Some sort of cord or rope (100ft)
non parishable food
Book on plants/animals
Cell Phone (you may get it working)
Thread and Needle
3 Bug Spray Cans (depending on location)
Beanie Hat (The tight ones you wear over your head that are warm for winter)
First Aid Kit
Iodine pills
Water purification tablets and canteens/jugs
A small crank generator
small hammock
A bike
Cigars, beer, wine, gold- All for trading purposes.

II. What to Wear
Jeans. Not tight or loose, ones with good movement.
Underwear, warm ones.
Longsleeved clothing, if its hot, pull up the sleeves, if its cold roll them down.
Long, Tight socks, to keep away ticks from your feet and protect from scratches.
Boots or hiking shoes. Just be smart. edit: also, wear dark clothing, not black, but dark grays, greens and browns.

III. Looting

Anything you may need, get it. Bring weapons of some sort for self defence. Not everyone is going to be peaceful.

IV. Find Shelter

Abandon your house, there WILL be theifs. Any nice house will be a target. Make sure you have what you need and get away. Find abandon places that people don't think about. If you don't mind the outdoors, live in the woods. Do not travel by day, travel around twilight, or at night.

posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 02:35 PM
V. Get a Group

Smart friends who can care for themselves would be great. Make sure they are all somewhat fit, and have food for themselves. One person works, but if you do want a group numbers of 3-5 are best.

VI. One far warning

Don't have kids until you are ready for repopulation. They make an unneeded hastle.


So you have everything and it's been a couple of days. This will tell you what to do for the long run.

I. Use Your Books

If you are anywhere near the woods, collect any edible plants you can. Also, go hunting.

II. Sleep

Make sure to get sleep, you don't want to die from something stupid like that.

III. Eat

Eat sparingly, but still eat. Keep your food intake to a minimum so that you can still have food.

IV. Drink

Drink water when you need to. Make sure your water is clean.

D. After the Chaos

98% of the world die, and you and your buddies are some of the only ones to survive. This will tell you how to keep the human race living longer.

I. Group Together

Get everyone whos still alive together, you are the last people on Earth, it's your job to keep humans living.

II. Take up Permanent Residence

Start building your house and where you will live. Teepees, tents, all that type of stuff will work if you don't know how to build anything.

III. Plan

You are the begginers of the new world. How do you want the world to be? What do you want the government to be like? You are the ones to decide.

IV. Use the Books

They will help you to make food, keep gardens, and to LIVE.

V. Repopulate

Have kids. Teach the kids good morals. There aren't schools anymore, you have to teach the kids how to live.

If you have any suggestions you would like to make, or ideas you want to discuss, go ahead. IF A MODERATOR DOESNT MIND DELETE MY OLD THREAD PLEASE!!

posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 02:48 PM
aw come on, if you are facing some sort of man made threat, dont run off to the hills, stay in your homes and neighborhoods and fight to the death...

And eating native plants vs carrying some cans? your body will go through hell trying to adapt to surviving off roots and leaves, the minor effort of having a small stash of non perishable food is well worth it if youre looking for long term retreat, even if its a couple 55 gallon barrels full of rice. theres nothing wrong with supplementing your diet with nuts & berries though.

If everyone around you is dying and you are constantly running from the apocalypse? what kind of life is that? go find your battle and die in glory rather than waiting in the woods for the smoke to clear.

posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 02:59 PM
Wait a sec.... this is the same post from yesterday.

III. Looting

Anything you may need, get it. Bring weapons of some sort. Not everyone is going to be peaceful.

So, I will respond with yesterday's response... LOL

The poster is dead wrong on preparation it gives others a "reminder" that there will be nutcase looters running around trying to thieve and murder to get basic essentials because they did not prepare. Be ready for that.

Your going to have to eat... always, Having a year or two's worth of food at your place of residence is the smart thing to do.... If you buy what you eat, your going to eat it before it goes bad. Just Rotate it. It is not that difficult and if you haven't noticed.. can food prices DON'T DECREASE. That can of Tuna that you buy today for .75 cents may cost you $1.50 two years from now. I currently have Tuna on my kitchen that expires in October of 2010. I bought it about two years ago for 50 cents.... today it is 75 cents.

Why NOT pre-buy food at a lower price?

Isolation works if you have concealment. Nobody is coming to take your stuff or cause you harm if they do not know you are there.

A pre-planned underground shelter can take care of this.

Though I have an "oh sh it" kit myself in case we MUST quickly evacuate and am unable to make it to my property but that is an option of last resort and I hope this isn't your primary plan of preparation.....

In my opinion, living off the land (unprepared land) is an idiot's idea unless your so, so, so remote in a wilderness that it is possible (Alaska, Rockies, Etc.). All of these people who believe running to a state park with a damned bag and a gun is a "smart thing" to do would have a rude awakening when they find 10,000 other people who had the same idea....(and none of them have more than 2 weeks worth of food... idiots) and many of those people will love to take your stuff when you arrive or gladly take you out when they find you in the woods. Fear & Paranoia can drive normal people to do really crazy things, and let's face it.. some very bad people are also survivalist, it just isn't the family oriented type with morals. Hell, a few months ago I remember a topic which was mentioning killing and stealing from the neighbors with some people justifying it. THAT attitude should wake you up. It would be like a reality show in the woods as "bug out" guys start their own little war in the woods.

Unfortunately, today's modern society with living in cities and sub-divisions makes it hard to prepare a "hidden sanctuary" but I would advise anyone who has the means to prepare a concealed location "preferably underground" to weather out any long term X crisis. To many "survivalist" lunatics will be running around like the "end of the world" during a major crisis and they will be as dangerous if not worse as any wandering gangs of zombies. If an event of great magnitude happens, Police and National Guard will deploy to food warehouses and stores, they will shoot you if you are running around looting with an open firearm... then what, shoot back? Start killing everyone around you? It's not a good idea... IF and only IF it is a "doomsday" event would I ever consider pro-active looting on Walmart and Kroger and even then a concealed weapon just in case. Open rifle carry will make you a target... from either the authorities OR competition. Why risk getting shot by the other idiot with a rifle... shoot him first is the mentality of people. It is better all the way around to be PRE-PREPARED so you do not have to put yourself in these situations.

Also, from a "smart looters" point of view.... wouldn't it be better to already have all the heavy stuff (food) so you can "visit" the Pharmacy if needed?

Having a year's supply of food stored in your "sanctuary" is the best option. Depending on the crisis, Sit it out & low for a time.

Cover and Concealment is your best defense.... If they don't know your there, they won't be coming to take your stuff.

Today you can buy white rice for 50 cents a POUND. (don't buy brown, the oil in it goes rancid.)

Spend 20 dollars a pay period on rice and 3 dollar buckets from Lowes or Walmart. Freeze each bag of rice (to kill eggs) and put it in the bucket the next day. Stick it in your basement, it will last years without additional mylar bags or oxy absorbers... with those you probably get 20 instead of 7 but 7 is enough.

[edit on 26-7-2009 by infolurker]

posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 03:00 PM
Good advice Phlynx. I think it's very important to add that your entire group/family unit will need to know and possibly rehearse ( at least mentally) emergency plans for several scenarios, whichever may seem most likely to you. For example martial law, flood, biological/nuclear attack.

Have a meeting place and establish methods of alternative communication.

Your meeting places should be tactically sound or well hidden from other people, preferrably both.

Choose alternate meeting places if main site is compromised.

Most survival scenarios do not include strangers as a positive element. It will often be best to remain hidden if possible.

Pre-positioning of supplies is ideal. Having several stashes increases your survival odds.
A positive attitude is the key - the well-equipped doomsayer will die before the naked optimist does.

posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 03:21 PM
OP, you must build a tight community first and foremost.

Start today.

All the rest is secondary but for the growing your own food and stocking up.

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 09:31 AM
Building a community does not work. A community of 100s of disorganized hungry idiots does not work. They all want the same thing, and thats food. It will be so disorganized there would be no point to it.

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by infolurker

There is no point to cans, if you're like me, theres already cans of food in your house. Just take all you can fit in your back pack. You aren't going to be able to take 100 cans. Thats probably 30-50 pounds. Take as much as you can fit in your pack, but no more. I suggest dry foods like jerky, dry fruits, etc. They take up very little space and rarely go bad.

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