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Care to Recommend me a NWO Video?

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posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 04:13 AM
Hi all & thank you for your time.

Without appearing/sounding 'crazy' I've slowly been educating my family to the nature of our reality on this planet.

With the current swine flu crock I've got their intrigue & I'd like, if I can, to show them a video documentary that conveys a broad overview of human history. Dated to ancient times, the creation of empires, royalty/illuminati, the monetary system, snake symbolism in corporations & architecture & how religion & wars are used to divide & conquer the masses to profit & withhold overall control to the current day, according to a carefully planned & orchestrated agenda that goes as far as to put into place & illustrate how the system is set up & operates before our very eyes today, infiltrating & dictating almost every area of our lives & how most people are made to think through media etc.

I've taken much time to research different aspects here & there, putting the pieces together. I've read books & watched some videos but I'd like your personal opinion on what you consider to be the best broadcast.

p.s I know Alex Jones gets the point across but he's a bit too hyper at times & David Icke is a good speaker but I'd like a proper picture film.

I'll be sure to watch all your recommendations myself & I certainly can't have seen everything.

Thanks again.

posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 04:46 AM

If you've got time.

I've watched the first few minutes, seems good.

NWO, doesn't really need the whole concentration camps and whatever.

It's easier and nicer to keep people thinking their free and less as much as slaves.

Most members on here, when they get on, will simply tell you to use the search box, and google it.

Screw em man,

The only thing that the NWO would think about now is depopulation, which seems highly unlikely to me, as we are very good right now.

As i'm watching this video, it's good and URGE you to Watch it.

Go for it, it's compelling to watch.

Depopulation, is unlikely. To do just as we wish would be easy enough as Nuking all of India, wipe out about a billion, and we'd be pretty well set. Increase jobs that india is gone from doing, and less people to feed.

posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 04:52 AM

Here are a couple of really good ones that I have really enjoyed.

Wake Up Call

End Game

Bilderberg Group

Freedom to Fascism

and Aaron Russo's Interview

all very good imo.

Hope this helps you out and God Bless...

posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 05:45 AM
Cheers guys.

I'll be sure to watch them all. I don't think I've seen any of them besides 'End Game' I saw that on ATS media collection.

I haven't seen before, this is interesting & I like the look of 'Wake up call' - 16 parts @ about 8/10 mins per section...I've got a feeling this could be the 1 though I'm quite conscious not to frighten them. As for me I think impervious to it all now. I'll be sure to watch it all.

I wish there were more threads on ATS in regards to the action we'll take. With so many good people still asleep it's frustrating to a degree.

Republican08: My personal opinion of the flu virus at this time is to test public reaction. The media coverage from the outset has been unbelievable, it's just come out of nowhere starting in Mexico of all places & they just so happen to have the necessary anti-virals stockpiled & ready to go. This is the first pandemic to have occured in my life time & I think we need to be more concious of the vaccine.

I don't think it will kill people dead but I believe it has been engineered to have a similar effect to HIV. That virus never killed anyone either, it simply disable the immune system in time so people die of regular ailments the body would/could usually fight.

All I know is tptb do everything by stealth, they're not stupid & I think they've got it nailed down with this one...they always know what they're doing & depopulation is certainly on their agenda. David Rockefella's spoken about it himself.

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