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The twisted adventures of Debris and the evil Gothemon

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posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 12:56 AM
Main Characters Name is Debris
His companion is Vapor
They start out in a dark town called "Sunfall City"

I write this story in hopes that someone might want to continue it. Feel free to add your own twists and turns. Yes, It is a anti-pokemon story lol

Debris wakes up to his mom yelling at him
"Debris, professor Cedar wants to see you! Get your clothes on and go to his lab NOW!"

I HATE YOU, MOM! Gothemon are so stupid and that old fart of a professor is a laughing stock.

I don't care what you think. Get there now before you get another paddling!

FINE! *****

Debris begins walking to Professor Cedars lab when he sees his friend Vapor out in front of her house having a screaming match with her father. Debris walks over and decides to put that old man in his place once and for all. He threatens to stab the old man, and he goes inside and slams the door.

Debris and Vapor set off together in the winter wasteland of this worthless, pitiful town and finally arrive at professor Cedars lab. The Professor looks delighted to see them but hesitates to greet them. He knows this town all too well and how the insane children are.

Professor Cedar
Children. How nice to see you...You see, I have these Gothemon here that have become infected with a strain of rabies that does not spread. Instead it targets a certain part of the brain and stays there. I cannot have them, the government will seize them. You must take them.

Sure, I'll take one. If it attacks me though, I swear I will kill this stupid thing.

Fine, give it to me. I suppose I could find some use for this lower, pitiful creature.

Very well. I must ask you to go to the town of Eternight City and deliver a message to Dr. Darkstein.

The professor hands a flash drive to Debris. Debris looks at it with disgust and hatred. He looks over to vapor, and she approves. So they nodded their heads together in agreement that they would go.

alright professor. We will deliver the message. And we expect monetary reimbursement when we return. Or else we will have that ugly, fat face of yours removed permanently.

In this story. These two are the worse kind of kids to exist. They grew up in a town where their parents hated them. The sun never shone on their houses and everyone had the luck of ending up there because it is almost free to rent a house. Why? I am sure you can guess. Who wants to live in a place where the sun has forsaken the right to rise?

So Debris and Vapor set out on their adventure. Gothemon in hand and disgust for life at their side. What will happen? Will they have epic adventures and battle the forces of Good? Or will they simply return to Sunfall City and behead the crazy professor?

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posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 01:57 AM
As they approach Eternight city the next day, Debris is confronted by his arch rival Brad. They hadn't expected to see anyone on the way there, and this surprised Debris because he was really not wanting to deal with other people and their stupidity today. He was tired from the walk and utterly annoyed at humans.

Hi there Debris. It's a great day don't you think? The sun almost shines here and everyone seems to be much nicer than in Sunfall.

Get lost before you make me angry.

I don't understand Debris. Why do you hate me so much? I have only ever tried to be nice.

Debris know what, Brad?

He was cut off when Vapor decided to pipe in

Brad, be a good little twit and go crawl in a gutter before your blood lines it

Brad took off running. You could hear is sad little foot steps as he scurried away in fear. He never liked vapor and never even tried to be nice to her. She was as vicious as his late, dead aunt Plurtha.

They continued their trek to the local "Crap Burger" joint to get some food when some weirdo came up and challenged them to a battle.

My Reapersaur will murder you in a battle.

Alright dim wit, one battle. And I would expect you to run if I ever step foot in this town again after I send you crying and bleeding to your run down **** of a mother.

Oh it's on

Weirdo sent out his Reapersar and Debris sent out his new Wraithizard. Reapersaur used some kind of vine to pick up the Wraithizard and throw him into a rock. Debris was instantly infuriated.

Wraithizard, stop being a *****. Bite that stupid Reapersaur in the face and use Corruption beam!

Wraithizard used Corruption beam right after he bit the reapersaur in the face and reapersaur went flying through the air, only to land on the ground unconscious. Weirdo picked up his Gothemon and ran off.

Impressive. You showed too much mercy though. Unconscious? You should have finished it off

Vapor, you know sometimes I question why I like you. I mean jeez. I am mean to people but you are just downright morbid and viscious

I know. You wouldn't have it any other way either.

They finally arrived and Dr. Darksteins lab. They walked in and a scrawny, hairless man in a black lab coat walked over and beamed what LOOKED like a half smile at them.

Dr. Darkstein I presume? We have a message from Professor Cedar in Sunfall city.

Dr. Darkstein
Yessss....I have been expecting you to show up for some time now. I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show up at all. Hand me drive please.

What is in it for me? What incentive do I have to NOT step on this right now?

These stupid Gothemon were not worth this whole trip. We expect monetary payment. And I would surely hope you comply with us, for YOUR sake.

Dr. Darkstein
Yessss, of course my dear. Here, 500 dollars should do the trick,

Vapor and Debris nodded and agreed that the payment was sufficient. Debris handed over the flash drive and 5 crisp new 100 dollar bills were placed in his hand. As they prepared to leave the lab, debris turned to vapor and asked "Where to now? Home or decimate the little **** who think they are better than us?"

How will vapor reply? I DONT KNOW! Maybe YOU do,.

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 02:20 PM
Perhaps someone could play the part of the Rival Brad? Would be awesome If we had someone going against our main characters corruption and evil.

Fellow contributors can also add new characters to the story. Other gothemon trainers. Rivals unheard of. This story could be a classic battle between Good and evil.

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posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 03:06 PM

Vapor and Debris nodded and agreed that the payment was sufficient. Debris handed over the flash drive and 5 crisp new 100 dollar bills were placed in his hand. As they prepared to leave the lab, debris turned to vapor and asked "Where to now? Home or decimate the little **** who think they are better than us?"

They had reached the doorway stepping slowly side by side as Debris offered Vapor the choice of what should be done. Vapor loved these little moments. To her, Debris's questions gave her significance. Like Debris was actually depending on Vapor for answers that he could not fathom. Vapor felt god like suddenly and she savored the moment. She had a wonderful idea.

"Debris, why do you think that the professor gave us five hundred dollars for the flash drive?" She asked innocently.

"I don't know. Apparently the tool believes it has something he needs." He stated flatly.

"Correct. It has something that he needs. Why not find out what it is that cost him a mere five hundred dollars? Now that I think of it, why shouldn't we convince him that he should give it back to us? Whatever is on that drive is probably worth a whole lot more than just five hundred dollars, and even if it isn't, wouldn't it be fun to watch him squirm?" She whispered in Debris's ear.

Debris smiled. He knew where Vapor was going with this. He turned back to the professor. "Professor, I'm sorry. We forgot to tell you, today is double or nothing day. You see, the five hundred would be enough if it was Tuesday, but here it is Monday and I lost track of the days. Vapor was kind enough to refresh my memory." Debris said as if he was remembering a valid point.

His expression changed suddenly and he addressed the professor harshly this time. "We require an additional five hundred, seeing as how it is Monday and all." He smiled coldly and waited for the words to sink in to the professors ears.

The professor watched to see if their expressions would change, revealing a huge trick on him. They didn't. They smiled demonically at the professor, relishing the moment.

"I, I just. Uhm ok. I think we can do that. I mean, I'll have to get some more cash. Uhm, can I get it tomorrow and give it to you then?" The professor asked, almost pleading. He could see the deviousness in their stare and knew he just buying time now.

"Then it would be Teusday and that would make it quadruple day. We have to do better then that professor." Debris sneered as he closed the distance between them slowly.

Vapor reached into her sock and produced a folded straight razor that she expertly rolled between her fingers so the professor could see. She studied him like a cat stalking its prey.

"You said Tuesday would be five hundred before. I could still give you more though, anything." The professor was backing up now, shaking.

"Is tomorrow Tuesday already? Then that means the whole month went by like a flash. Silly me, it's beat the hell out of the professor month. What was I thinking?" Debris spoke as he sped up, closing the distance more rapidly now.

Vapor opened the razor now. It had a pearl handle and the blade reflected Vapors cold eyes as her smile widened. "It is Debris! It is beat the professor till he blows snot bubbles month. It is, you are right!" She agreed with Debris wholeheartedly and they were on the same page. These moments were wonderful for her.

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 07:25 PM
Debris and vapor sat on the curb just a couple of blocks away from where they had just tuned up the professor. They took turns carving their initials into each cheek of his pudgy stupid face. My how he let on!

"What do you think Vapor? Is that from his teeth right there?" Debris was showing vapor two deep cuts on the middle knuckles of his right fist.

"Probably, it's either from his teeth or his bony head. Man, he was out cold. How do you think he'll feel about his new face when he gets up?" She laughed out loud thinking about the initials they had widdled into his face with the razor.

"Screw him anyway. What do you say we get going? I mean it is a long trip back to Sunfall." Debris motioned in the direction they had to travel, shaking his hand through the air to ease the sting.

"Hey guys! What are you doing here?" Brad emerged from behind a utility pole.

Brad was concealing something behind his back. It was obvious. His right arm was bent in back of him and he postured himself so as to stand straight in front of them. He had a slight smile as he waited for their response.

"Look, Brad, we have some stuff to do so if you don't want to end up sorry for following us, split. Now!" Debris locked his gaze unto the smiling face of Brad. Debris was curious though. Curious as to what this butt face was hiding.

"Oh, alright. I just thought you guys might have wanted some company. I mean it has to suck walking all day long with no one for company except Vapor." Brad responded boldly. He then turned his goofy smiling face toward Vapor and waited for her response.

Vapor stood up now. Did that little pee ant just say what she thought he said. Debris saw Vapor stand up and followed suit.

"What the hell did you just say? Did I hear you correctly because I may need to get some better hearing or something. Those ears of yours will do just fine if that is the case." Vapor said angrily as she caressed her bloodied razor that was in her front pocket now.

"Brad, I really am not in the mood for this. Don't push your luck." Debris said after Vapor. He was a little more anxious now. Why would he act so bold and what the hell was he hiding behind his back? Something just didn't feel right here, and Debris usually was correct when he had these little premonitions.

"I'll tell you what Brad. You just walk away right now and you're fine. Stick around one second longer and you'll be eating through a straw for the rest of your pathetic life." Debris watched him closely to see if his words had any effect on his adversary's boldness.

Brad swung his arm from behind his back. He leveled the three fifty seven at Vapor's forehead and giggled. For just the right effect, he locked the hammer back and licked his lips.

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posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 11:36 PM
Vapor stared at Brad in disbelief as to what was happening. That little twit doesn't have it in him. Gun or not, Vapor was not going to fall victim to this act of desperation from Brad.

"Brad, why don't you put the gun down before you hurt yourself". As she said it, she was opening the knife in her front pocket.

"Get your hands where I can see them" said brad. "And don't try any sudden movements or someone will lose an eye socket".

Debris was getting pretty worried now. He had never seen Brad in such a frenzy. It didn't make any sense though. Brad was always such a goody goody and they had never physically harmed him. Debris had a great idea though. Maybe his wraithizard could handle the situation better than they could.

"Ok, Brad. Why don't we settle down and talk a little" said Debris as he slowly reached for his Gothecage containing the wraithizard. "This isn't you Brad. We are mean but we have never hurt you. Maybe you need to calm down".

"No" said Brad. "You guys have tormented me since I can recall my first memory. It ends today. I have only ever been nice to you Debris. But Vapor is the worst. She will get what is coming to her".

Just then Debris knocked the gun away from Vapors face and it went off. Wraithizard came flying out and Debris said "Wraithizard, use Corruption beam on Brad" and a black beam of death shot straight at Brad and hit him in the gut and he went flying. The gun flew somewhere off to the right of them. "Enough Wraithizard". They walked over to Brad and Vapor instantly pulled out her razor and put it on his throat.

Brad looked up still half dazed at Vapors face. She was so beautiful from this position. Her black hair was long and shiny. Her face had a perfect bone structure and she had very soft lips. But then he came to and remembered how utterly evil she is and noticed a razor on his throat.

"Vapor, hold on a second" said Debris. "The old professor was one thing. He would never rat us out, we all know his past. But if we hurt Brad, he will most certainly tell the authorities. And we can't run from the law forever".

As much as Vapor would have loved to see this low life, half brained idiot die right in front of her, she knew Debris was right. She put a foot on Brads chest as she put her knife away. "If you ever point a gun or threaten me in anyway again. I promise, Debris won't be able to save your life again". She kicked him in the face and walked away.

"Look Brad. Just leave it alone. Learn your place. We don't like you. We never will. You would do best to keep away before I let Vapor do something bad".

Debris put Wraithizard back in his Gothecage and ran to catch up to Vapor.

Vapor: "I swear, if you EVER try to talk me out of something like that again. You will regret it as much as that **** face Brad.

Debris: "Hold up, Vapor. Threaten me all you want, I don't care. But, where is that gun that Brad had"?

Vapor: "Ahh Jeez. He must have gotten it when he got up and ran away"

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 01:52 AM
Shade saw the kid pull the gun on the 2 and was about 3 seconds away from pulling his out before the situation was settled. The male child was so quick to get the gun from his hands and to use his Gothemon that Shade was very impressed. He saw the 2 leave and the one with the gun scamper away. He suddenly took pursuit but not before he picked up the gun from the scene. As he was in pursuit he thought to himself, "could these be children from Sunfall city? Are these the two that I am looking for? If they are I need to get them back before...well there's no telling what these kids can do."

As he was walking, he could hear the 2 screaming and fighting with each other until he lost site of them and all hearing until he saw the male child running toward him. The boy was on top of him screaming "WHO ARE YOU AND WHY THE **** ARE YOU FOLLOWING US?", before he could figure out what to do. Shade was in aww by his speed and slowly said, "I'm on my way to Sunfall and I saw you take that gun out of that kids hands...I'm very impressed." The kid replied, "Well if you were impressed then what do you want?"

"I want to train you in the area of gothmon if you would let me." Shade said.

"Why the hell would I want to be trained...I just want to use my Gothemon to kill things." said the Debris.

"Well maybe training can help you get your life straight." said Shade.

Then out of no where Debris hit him in the jaw and kicked him in the stomach and yelled "GET UP OLD MAN!"

Shade got to his feet rather slowly and asked, "why did you kick me?"

"because you assumed I didn't have my life together...believe me I've got it all planed out and don't need your help." said the kid

Shade thought to himself for a minute trying to decide what to say because he didn't want to give anything away, and after a long pause he said, "well then can I ask you something?"

"Whats that?" said Debris.

"well im kind of lost and was wondering if you could lead me to Sunfall city, I need to speak to Professor Cedar about some rare Gothemon?" said shade.

"Hold on." said Debris. As he walked away shade scouted the terrain with his eyes to find a spot to put the bodies if anything were to happen. The kid was talking to a young girl for about 5 minutes before he returned. As he walked up to shade he got into his face and whispered into his ear "you can come with us but I don't trust you or anyone for that matter. So if anything happens...I will kill it?"

Shade looked into those dark eyes and asked "what is your name son?"

Debris answered and continued the stare, then "well Debris I just want you to know that i feel the same if you try anything at all, the people that find you won't be able to identify your body, got it?" said Shade. Debris looked at him for a second and said "looks like we are on the same page then, whats your name?"

Shade told him and then started to walk. a minute later he met Vapor and they started out on their walk to Sunfall city.

What debris and vapor didn't know is that they might not even make it back. Shade was waiting for any chance he could get to trap them before he got to Sunfall city but couldn't find one.

This addition to the story was Written by my brother in Real Life. He can be found on ATS as "shadowjackX". He is on my friends list and regrets not being able to post this himself because he does not have writer status.

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 02:11 AM
Shade had begun to speed up his walking pace as they were heading back to Sunfall City. Both Debris and Vapor noticed his increase in pace

Vapor whispered to Debris "He seems nervous about something"

"I know. I think we should stop him and demand what the hell is going on"

Both Vapor and Debris stopped and waited for Shade to notice they had stopped. "When he notices, get your knife ready and wait for him to head back towards us" said Debris

It took a minute or so for the old man to notice. He turned around and said "What is the hold up?" and began to walk back towards them. As soon as he was within arms reach, Vapor spun around and put the knife up to the old mans neck and said "What the hell is your deal? Why are you so nervous? You know Debris does not trust you and I trust you even less".

"Nothing is up. I am just thinking of the crucial information I need to get from professor Cedar" said Shade. "Please, put the knife down. I have done nothing to harm you",

"You know, I find it odd that you watched the entire ordeal. Gun drawn and everything and never said a word" said Debris. "Seems as though you were waiting for something else to happen. Give me one reason I should talk Vapor out of slicing your throat right now".

"I cannot povide a reason" said Shade. "But, you must come with me back to Sunfall City". "We aren't going anywhere without a reason" said Debris.
"Fine, do not come, but you will regret it if you do not" said Shade.

Vapor looked Debris square in the face and they both agreed what had just happened. This little rat made a blatant threat against them. "Do it" said Debris. Vapor got ready to start dicing when the old man elbowed her in the gut and took off running. Vapor fell to the ground in pain, Debris made sure she was ok before darting off after the old man.

After searching for almost an hour, Debris gave up the search for this Shade character. So they headed back towards Eternight City. It seemed that at every turn since they left their home town, someone has been trying to kill them or something and it had only been 2 days.

"Vapor, are you going to be alright"? asked Debris. "Yeah I'll be fine. The next time I see him though, he will be maggot food".

When they finally arrived at the Inn, the counter attendant said "You two match the description that someone gave me. An old man was looking for you a few hours ago".

"WHAT?" asked Debris. "Yeah he was weird, very nervous, like he was up to something". "We have met him". Said Debris. "Thanks for letting me know, now give me the room key". The attendant handed them their room key and they headed off upstairs.

Once in the room, Debris thought it would be a good idea to keep his wraithizard out and on guard for the night. So he released the Gothemon from its Gothecage.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 02:09 PM
The usually graceful Gothemon only fell head long onto the floor and was fast asleep. Debris couldn't believe what he was seeing. What had happened to his wraithizard?

"What happened Debris? Why is it sleeping?" Vapor asked as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"I have no clue. Maybe it has something to do with this place? I really don't know and I can't be trying to figure this out right now. I am beat." Debris said.

The attendant at the counter turned the dial higher on his jamming equipment and watched the video console. "Those two kids are in for a rough night." He said aloud. The attendant picked up his cell phone and dialed Shade's number.

"We'll just let it sleep. Maybe he's beat too." Debris finally concluded. He was too tired to think about it right now and he needed sleep. He collapsed on the bed and was snoring loudly before Vapor could even get situated in her own bed.

Vapor let herself fall back into the bed she was sitting on. Screw it she thought to herself. She took Debris's lead and was fast asleep.

Shade arrived at the hotel within minutes after receiving the call. He had paid the attendant well and promised him more if he came through for him. Shade walked up to the counter. "Any vacancies?" He said. They both laughed and shook hands.

The attendant was happy to come through for Shade. Not only had the guy paid him one hundred dollars to call him if those kids came here, he promised him more. It was a win - win situation for him.

Shade's hand closed tighter and his smile widened. The attendant tried to pull his hand away but Shade's grip had tightened. With blinding speed Shade used his opposite hand to extract the ice pick from his inside pocket. He pulled the attendant toward himself and plunged the ice pick into his exposed throat. The attendant's eyes were wide and he could only make a gurgling sound. Shade stared into his eyes and watched the life slowly drain from him.

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posted on Jul, 29 2009 @ 07:41 PM
Debris and Vapor had slept through the night and woke up the next morning feeling pretty good. They began packing their bags and Debris noticed his Wraithizard still fast asleep on the floor. He kicked the stupid Gothemon and it didn't budge. He kicked it again, this time harder. Still no movement. Debris was getting quite annoyed at this point. So he kicked the damned thing as hard as he could and it simply flipped over. No movement. Debris realized the wraithizard was dead.

Debris: "What the ****?! How did it die?"

Vapor: "How tragic. Just leave it there, maybe a maid will clean it up later".

So they grabbed their bags and left the room. Not much to their surprise, when they opened the door, Shade was standing there waiting for them. "You had something to do with Wraithizard being dead huh"? said Debris. "Funny you should mention that. Cause I had something to do with every maid and the owner of this Inn being dead as well. You would be wise to drop your bags, empty your pockets and follow me".

They dropped everything and emptied their pockets and followed after Shade. Vapor tried to whisper something in Debris's ear, but this old man had excellent hearing and shushed her right away. "You know, it seems everywhere you two go, people end up dead". said Shade. Debris replied with "Not much we can do about that since YOU are the one killing them. Not like we much care either. Most humans aren't worth the energy they use to breathe". "Well, I hope you feel thet same way about yourselves" said Shade.

They stopped near a huge tree and Shade had decided to tie them to it. And after he finished tieing them to the tree, he took the liberty of jamming that blood stained ice pick right into Vapors knee. She screamed and tears ran down her cheeks. Debris yelled "You son of a ***** LEAVE HER ALONE!"

Shade: "Ok, no problem. I will move on to you then"

He pulled the ice pick from Vapors knee and jammed it into Debris's shoulder. He screamed as loud as he could. Vapor, nearly passed out, had managed to slip one of her hidden razors from her jacket sleeve without shade noticing. She began cutting the ropes. Debris said "Why are you doing this to us?" "Because, child. Your father was the one who killed my only daughter 14 years ago. I swore to my grave that I would track you down and do the same to him" said Shade. Although we cannot even be sure if this is true.

Debris: "I cannot be held responsible for my fathers actions and my father has been dead for years"

Shade: "No matter. You will die at my hand because he did not die by my hand"

By this time Vapor had cut through the rope but they remained stationary and silent so as to not alert him of the breakthrough. Shade moved into to pull the ice pick from Debris's shoulder. "Now son, the next place this pick goes, will be your right eye socket". Just then, Vapor reached around the tree with her razor blade and managed to gash shade across the forehead. He trust the ice pick at Debris but he ducked just in time and kicked Shade in the groin.

Vapor fell to the ground in pain. They should have killed Shade right there but they were in no more a condition to fight than Shade was. Instead, they hurried off as quickly as possible to the nearest hospital.

posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 03:29 PM
The hospital visit went well. The two kids were patched up and released within hours. Luckily their wounds were not as severe as the pain they induced indicated. They told the workers at the hospital that they were playing at one of the many construction sites around town and fell on something.

Vapor was able to walk fine now. Running was a problem because she would have to stretch alot further, but walking was ok. Debris was wearing a small sling that was meant to keep his arm and shoulder still. This was taken off and discarded by Debris on their way down the hospital stairs.

"Look, if we come across that fossil one more time I want you to kill him if I haven't done it already. What was he saying? Something about my dad or something. I would love to step on his head and watch his eyes pop out." Debris was informing Vapor.

"You don't have to tell me. That bastard has some serious pain coming his way if I see him again. I will not hesitate Debris, so don't even try. I'm gonna cut him apart so fast that his mother will turn in her grave." Vapor assured Debris.

High above them, in a hot air balloon, Shade watched them both with binoculars. He wouldn't let them escape his clutches when he decided to act this time. They had no idea of the influence Shade wielded. He was old, that much was true, but with his age came much power.

Vapor and Debris had stopped talking about the old bat. Now they were resigned to getting back to Sunfall city and getting back into their rut of an existence. They happened upon a strange sight. It was some old man feeding pigeons from a park bench.

"What do you think Vapor? Does that look like the old guy that got a drop on us?" Debris enquired of Vapor.

"He's old, that much is for sure. It don't look anything like the guy though. Maybe we could just practice on him." Vapor offered.

"No, let's just keep going. My shoulder is still pretty sore and why waste our energy on some other old coot?" Debris countered.

As they passed the old man, they didn't see him watching them closely from the corner of his pale blue eye. He only had one. The other one was removed a long time ago by his boss. Shade had plucked it out as payment for the money he failed to collect for him.

The pigeons the old man was feeding suddenly took to flight. They swam higher and higher through the smog filled air and landed on the basket that Shade was standing in. With them they brought the old man's message. Shade plucked the message from the leg of the bird and unfurled it. "Master, shall I pursue? Shall I terminate? Shall I await further instruction?" The message read.

Shade scribbled his own message on the back of the note and refastened to the pigeon's leg. With this he swatted them off his balloon and waited. The birds scattered as soon as they were brushed off. They descended slowly and re-formed around the old man on the park bench. The old man achingly bent over and retrieved the message. "Remove your revolver from your jacket and be sure it is loaded. Put it to your head and pull the trigger." Shade had responded.

From behind them, they heard a loud pop. "What the hell was that?" Vapor said as she spun around quickly.

"Look out, get down." Debris half yelled to Vapor as he too turned around and was lowering his body.

"Hahaha!" Vapor started laughing. "Look! The old dude just blew his brains out!" Vapor found all this very comical.

"Holy cow! He really did, didn't he?" Debris was smiling as he realized they weren't being shot at. He stood upright now.

"Might as well go see what he has, I mean he isn't going to need anything anymore." Debris suggested.

"Yeah, I want to check it out anyway. Come on." Vapor said excitedly.

Shade was ready for them to return to the park bench where his nit wit servant ventilated his own head. He tightened up his harness and made sure the repelling line was not knotted. Oh, he would surprise them two.

Then he saw something. It was that kid that pulled a gun on them earlier. He was looking at them from behind a tree. Shade realized that the kid must have been following them all along. Shade gritted his teeth in anger as he thought about what to do next.

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 09:35 AM
Debris walked slowly with Vapor back to the park bench where the old man had just blown his own brains out. He had glanced up and noticed the balloon but didn't say anything to Vapor. He was going to surprise her with something. He knew it was significant, but he didn't know how significant.

When they reached the bench the scene was awful. Blood streamed from the side of the old man's head and pooled on the concrete below. Debris quickly pulled the gun from the old man's hand and pointed it skyward. He aligned the sights on the basket and began firing the rest of the ammunition. Vapor jumped back and watched with fascination as Debris methodically splintered the basket above them. The ropes holding the basket had been struck and it tipped over, still suspended to the balloon by one rope. A bullet riddled Shade fell from the basket and stopped four feet above the ground in front of them. He was still connected to his repelling line.

Vapor, without saying a word and with blinding speed, produced her razor and slit Shade's throat deeply as Debris watched in agreement with her actions. Blood streamed out of the massive wound and his lifeless body began drifting slowly upward and away from them.

"Nice shot Debris. How did you know he was up there? That was too wierd." Vapor said absentmindedly as she watched Shades body get dragged through a tree top.

"I noticed the balloon before, when we left the hospital. I knew it was him but I didn't say anything because I wanted to surprise you. Surprise!" Debris said as he motioned toward the horrific scene.

"We got the moron. I hope he enjoyed it as much as we did." Vapor said with a smile.

"We do have one more little problem. I'm not sure if we should address it now or wait till a better time." Debris offered as he motioned silently toward the tree where Brad thought he was concealed.

"Oh, that. Yeah, well I think that is a problem that we can wait on. I mean he isn't going anywhere. Let's have fun with that one." Vapor said as she folded her razor and slipped it back in her front pocket.

"Agreed, let's have some fun shall we?" Debris agreed. He threw the empty revolver and waited.

They both began walking back toward Sunfall city. Fully aware of Brad following them. It was a beautiful day and things were going their way from here on out. They would take care of business on their terms...

Take a look to the sky just before you die. It is the last time you will Blackened roar massive roar fills the crumbling sky. Shattered goal fills his soul with a ruthless cry. Stranger now, are his eyes, to this mystery. He hears the silence so loud. Crack of dawn, all is gone except the will to be. Now they will see what will be, blinded eyes to see. For whom the bell tolls Time marches on

Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls...

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posted on Aug, 2 2009 @ 11:00 PM
I have run out of ideas for this story. It was all so clear in my head a week ago and now its all blank.

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