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Exopolitics Summit 2009 -- July 25th & 26th

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posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 01:34 PM
Hey folks, this story was already posted a couple of days ago, but there is no talk about it currently on the boards.

This is the first European Summit completely dedicted to disclosure.

The website can be found here.

The itinerary for the conference( starting today) should be as follows:

Time Speaker Subject
Day 25
8:00 2h for the sign up and acreditations
9:50 Miguel Celades Rex Opening
9:55 Pepón Jover Introduction to the summit
Javier Sierra Will be the presenter of the speakers
10:00 Dr. Michael Salla Ranking Evidentiary Sources of UFO/Extraterrestrial information for Public Policy Analysis.
11:00 Nick Pope The Ministry of Defense and the release of classified UFO files
11:15 Robert Fleischer Joint Declaration for the Creation of a European Agency to Study UFOs and Extraterrestrial Affairs in accordance with UN General Assembly Decision 33/426, 1978
12:20 BREAK (30 min)
12:45 Dr. Brian O'Leary Exopolitics and the Energy Solution Revolution
14:00 BREAK (1h:45h)
15:45 Klaus Dona Out of place artefacts (ooparts) from unknown civilizations
17:00 Robert Dean Why the greatest story in human history has never been told
18:15 BREAK (30 min)
18:45 Dr. Steven Greer Contact and Disclosure: The Final Sequence
20:00 Panel Debate with all speakers.
21:00 End of the first day
DAY 26
8:30 Sign up and acreditations
10:00 Paola Harris Establishing the Protocols for Contact: The Einstein & Oppenheimer Letter.
11:15 Stephen Bassett Disclosure 2009
12:30 BREAK (30 min)
13:00 Dr. Michael Salla Exopolitics as a new paradigm for analyzing U.S. and international public policy concerning Extraterrestrial Life.
14:00 BREAK (1h:45h)
15:45 Alfred L. Webre Exopolitics 2009-2020: Solar Cycle 24 & A Golden Age.
17:15 Jean-Charles Duboc Exopolitics France
17:30 Robert Fleischer Exopolitics Germany
17:45 Frederik Uldall Exopolitics Denmark
18:00 David Griffin Exopolitics UK
18:15 Pepón Jover Exopolitics Spain
18:30 Tribute to Andreas Faber-Kaiser, Fernando Jimenez del Oso and Antonio Ribera
18:45 BREAK (30 min)
19:15 Dr. Steven Greer The promise of New Energy
20:30 Panel Debate with all speakers.
21:10 Miguel Celades Rex Closing talk
21:20 End of the Summit

I have yet to see any mention of this in the main stream media, and the website hasn't updated itself yet with the latest news.

Anybody shine a light on this matter?


posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 01:52 PM
There is already a thread on it mate

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