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Prayer Of A Madman

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posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 10:46 PM
~Prayer Of A Madman~

Lightning, oh power
Grant down unto me
That masses may cower
And line in the streets

Disguised is the veil
Of realities gate
Where portals of time
Banish mans fate

Darkness disguised
Within lies among all
Passes with seasons
As I plot their fall

Little they know
The secrets I wield
Such power I hold
Such is my strong shield

Ironic is it
That they think me mad
That they keep me bound
In this hell of the sad

Furthermore lost
Are the ways of their life
As they tumble through nightmares
I cut through the night

Deemed as the last truth
I open the door
Where only the worthy
Can settle the score

Madness infected
This world, every soul
I'm the last sane one
And have payed every toll

Sheltered is me
Within my design
Untouched by the tainted
I ride a thin line

Soon I'll release
Myself from this place
Soon they will see
Who they have misplaced

Oh destiny calls
To my plan of demise
The gods smile upon me
With approving of eyes

This chant will behold
A power unseen
As the gods grant upon me
Their one chosen king

So finish your names
And say I am mad
For soon I'll escape
And upon you I'll stand

You'll abide in my glory
Oh ignorant ants
As I map out the roadway
To heavens lost lands

I finish this prayer
Of sanity's plea
Gods for your sake
Set me now free

That blessed is me
To cleanse for your name
Regardless of all
The truth they won't tame

I know I am sane
I know it is true
That voice reaffirms it
That voice that is you


posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 09:52 PM
That is AWESOME! I loved it. It told a story and gave a great visual!
Great flow also!!

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