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massive ammount of the supposed fema trains

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posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 06:54 PM
link blah plz be just automobile cars lol its still creepy to think about video of 1 of them moven in public

[edit on 24-7-2009 by cronotrigger30] more trains different set

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posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 08:12 PM
What really scares me is that most americans are so dumbed down that they could have been constructing these trains for years and the only people who acknowledge their existence are "conspiracy nuts" Oh by the way fema has an official youtube channel, I sent them a message asking when they plan to open their detention camps.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 08:13 PM
reply to post by tac109

lol niceeeeee man watch yer youtube account gets suspended

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by cronotrigger30

those could be full of people from a town the military took over and we would never know

alternatively the could be filled with ET's being transported to secret locations and again we would be none the wiser

wow tons of new vids on youtube for FEMA and military exercises

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posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 08:31 PM
thats very true and and i love your pic u look like the guy from fallout 3

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 08:32 PM
I just thought about something. Why would they build train cars to hold people? All the would have to do is pack us in so tight that we couldn't move.

I would imagine if they put us on trains they would look like any other normal passenger car. Why would they go through the expense of building special cars?

It's not like they care about us, they would just be packing us in as tight as they can in what ever could be used as a make shift passenger car.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 08:34 PM
or they just runs in at gunpoint or threaten your family

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 01:41 PM
Oh dear, sometimes the sheer amount of paranoia here is staggering. The train cars in question are known as 85-Foot Enclosed Autorack. They are owned by railroads, not the government. They transport automobiles and trucks not people. They are enclosed to keep people from messing with the automobiles inside, not to hide their true intentions. There are a lot more of them sitting in railroad yards right now because of the economy and the troubles with the American automobile industry, not because they are being stockpiled for use on the people.
Behold Information!

The supposed "evil UN trains" are also simply just idiotic misunderstandings of standard railway equipment.
Here, is a supposed picture of the UN white boxcars filled with restraints and torture devices and such:

And here is the piece of rather mundane railway equipment that were really there:
The cars are called intermodal double-stacks and they carry shipping containers from ports all over the country.

The "eyewitness" reports of boxcars with straps and shackles seen roaming the nation are also quite simply explained. Many, many railroad cars have load restraint systems so as to keep the freight from moving around during transit. A quick search of the US patent system shows just how many of these systems are in use, just in boxcars!
Here's just one of the many:

The United Nations does do some railroad building, but in war-torn third world countries and not in the United States at all. In fact the AAR lists no reporting mark for the United Nations, which is the system by which all railroad cars are designated and kept track of in North America. There are about 11,500 different AAR reporting marks and the United Nations does not have a single one.
Here's a complete directory:
and here is a link to the kind of railroading the UN does do:

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 01:50 PM
Oh also, the Enclosed Autoracks are see-through too, if you're close to them you can see the cars and trucks inside when loaded. It's not the most super-secret way to transport something.

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 09:06 PM
thats very true lol guess your right lol

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 09:17 PM
reply to post by ProjectJimmy

now that is a perfect example of denying ignorance..

google Pam Schuffert.. this is where the nonsense started..

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