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Virginia Tech Shooter's Psych Doctor Hid Mental Health Records for Seung-Hui Cho (correction)

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posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 01:09 PM
Natural News

This certainly is interesting. Of course the MSM never bothered to check out this guys at the time, obviously.

NaturalNews) New revelations about the mental "treatment" of Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho are surfacing today after the surprise discovery of his mental health records in the home of the former university psych doctor who treated him. These mental health records -- which have not yet been made public -- have been missing since the shooting took place. Dr. Robert C. Miller, we now know, took the records home and secretly kept them there, avoiding telling police about their location. They were only found during a document discovery phase of a pending trial.

It seems clear that a massive coverup was, indeed, perpetrated in this case. As Lucinda Roy, an English professor at Virginia Tech, explained in a Washington Post report, "the late and mysterious reappearance of the records adds to concern that the university has been more concerned with preserving its reputation than with providing the public with a thorough account of how Cho's case was handled."

Parents of the shooting victims feel the same way. "Deception comes to my mind in my first response," said parent Suzanne Grimes in an AP article. "It gives me the impression, 'What else are they hiding?'"

Seriously, what else ARE they hiding? This story has stunk from day one and this is more icing on the proverbial cake. I haven't even had time to properly digest this but it doesn't give the story a sweeter smell, in fact it smells worse now.

EDIT: I DID do a search and didn't see this posted. If so, this won't be the first time I did this, so Mods can off this thread if need be. No sweat off my back.

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posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 01:18 PM
Without a doubt something was being done to Seung-Hui Cho even if he was mentally ill. The vast majority of the mentally ill are non-violent and frightened individuals.

There seems to be remarkable similarities between the experiences of the Unibomber's university days and what Seung-Hui Cho claims to have happened to him.

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posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 02:16 AM
What did Seung-Hui Cho claim to have happened to him? I haven't come across this little nugget in the day since you this was put up. I have had to reacquaint myself with the incident and with the Unabomber since I was largely uninformed about his story. At the time I wasn't really paying attention.

My first question is what the hell is going on at Virginia Tech?

Cathy O'Brien:

She also claims she was a victim of the M.K. Ultra Program in Blacksburg Virginia in a undground DARPA base located in "Butt Mountain". The strangest quote I read that Kathy O'Brien said was "Virginia Tech is good for two things, engineering and mind contol." and that "most of the east coast M.K. Ultra Mind Control experiments happened in this DARPA facility" this what written in 1995. The same year that on September 11th a plane crashed in to the white house in an attempt to kill President Clinton.

There is only one problem with her claims, Butt Mountain is not in Blacksburg. Internet searches seem to point to the Kimballton mine that is located inside Butt Mountain at Pearisburg, Virginia. So why did she say Blacksburg? The 7000ft deep mine is 30 minutes from Blacksburg. I set out to see if this story had any legs. I was shocked at what I found.

The story there goes on to show what may be some really interesting info. It's from 2007 and I'm unsure how that investigation came out, if it's real at all - I have no idea how reliable that source is. Assuming there is some truth to O'Brien's story, that is, which I do believe has much merit.

Ok, so we have that going on there, then we come to the massacre. The OS makes almost no sense at all. There are so many inconsistencies - the time frame(mailed a videotape in between, really?), # of shots fired accurately in such a short time frame with the weapons he had, a possible second gunman according to witnesses who may have been killed five days after,well, you get the point. It's got some oddities.

Then, early this year, this happens:

Christiansburg, VA - Details are emerging involving the decapitation murder of a Virginia Tech student in January. Haiyang Zhu was in Montgomery County General District Court Friday morning for a preliminary hearing.

Zhu is charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of 22-year-old Xin Yang. The 22-year-old woman was beheaded in her dormitory cafe where she met Zhu for coffee Jan. 21.

The following is how testimony played out in court Friday morning: Corey Cox had just returned from a break as a cashier at Au Bon Pain, a cafe in Virginia Tech's Graduate Life Center, when he heard what he describes as an "aggressive growl". "It's the best way I can describe it," said the Blacksburg resident.

When Cox looked up, he saw a man attack a woman as she sat at a table just 10 feet away. Before pointing to Haiyang Zhu, identifying him as the attacker, Cox described a scene he calls "atrocious".

As patrons ran for the doors, Cox' boss became "hysterical", yelling for him to call 911. In a second, Cox had found comfort behind a counter where he made the call. As dispatch kept Cox on the phone, the young man kept peering over the counter catching segments of the attack.

"At first there was quite a struggle, but then she just lay there." The victim is graduate student Xin Yang of Beijing, China. She had been in the United States just 13 days, studying at the Pamplin College of Business, before she was killed. She suffered multiple deadly injuries during the attack including severe wounds to the upper body, hands and forearm.

Cox described how the man stared at his victim "just cutting away" with a "blank and determined" look.

Within minutes, Virginia Tech Police Officer, Nicole Irvine, arrived on the scene and immediately saw Hiyang Zhu walking toward her, carrying the victim's head by the hair at his side.

"Put your hands in the air," yelled Irvine as she reached for her weapon. Zhu dropped the head and immediately complied before Irvine placed him under arrest.

Sounds eerily like the incident in Canada on the bus. Bizarre. Two people, without warning, cut someone's head off and WALK AROUND WITH IT, LIKE NOTHING HAD HAPPENED. Mentally ill, or mind control victims?

This is not normal behavior, and it's happened twice in what, a year?

Neither is shooting up a school normal behavior and it seems that not only was SHC messed with in some fashion before the rampage, now we have this info come out that they have been trying to hide his records. Now, why would they do that?


Some good info on that site and some speculation and some bad links. Lots of info I won't go into here because of the sources, or lack of sources but here's links, if you already don't know the story.

Looking into Ted Kaczinsky, since he was brought up and I was a drunken fool back then and just didn't pay attention, I found this great article that was later turned into a book.



Seems as if he was messed with quite a bit. Seems, also, like he was mostly right(the killing people part, not so much) - I say as I type on a computer.

Anyway, what are they hiding here? Who does it implicate, if anyone? As in any crime, look at who gained from it. Who would that be? How did this kid suddenly become Jason Bourne and do this?

This just does not stand up in the light. Too much darkness surrounding it.

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