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ObamaCare and the RFID

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posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 08:33 AM
So I was reading through some of the breakdowns of the Obama administrations bill...

Now the biggest shocker is to have us pay for the healthcare of non citizens...lets logically think what this is an obvious precursor too...

We already have so many illegal aliens undocumented by ANYTHING roaming the streets, this is something that Obama is aware of and knows these individuals wouldnt just simply come out of hiding, hence offer them something they cannot refuse...nationalized healthcare

This way you now have on file documented, ID'd, and monitored, literally the majority o findividuals who roam the land of the US...

the RFID WILL be in these national health cards...this was already confirmed months ago...

This isnt that big of a conspiracy, more of just logical thought process, but once the majority of the US/Mexico sign up for healthcare, Obama will begin the unifying of the the three countries into a union...this is the ground work..


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