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The Lost Quatrains of Nostradamus

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posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 02:49 PM
I did a quick search but didn't find an existing thread about this.

Don't know if people are familiar with these quatrains or if they are confirmed as hoax or not.

Nostradamus supposedly considered these quatrains to be so dangerous that he sealed them behind a wall in the basement of his house. They were discovered during a renovation of the building.
The manuscript was so badly damaged that only 21 of 51 pages have survived.

The English account of these unnumbered quatrains was written by Arthur Crockett in The Untold Story: Nostradamus’ Unpublished Quatrains.

The book where these following quatrains are taken was published in 1983.

Here we go...

"For two decades plus seven the great empire rules.
Famine, pestilence, blood, tears, war.
The Antichrist is joyous and the multitudes Cry out because of Xerxes.
Oppression for all in a troubled world.

The comet gone, the fish floats on its side
Pagans rejoice, sin triumphs, Satan’s work is successful,
The King’s Mother frowns as tears flow on pale cheeks And a plague reigns unchecked throughout the land."

"Five punctures appear. The malady spreads.
Churches overflow with the devout, and blood trails Are seen.
Rome scoffs; the puzzle deepens.
Images weep and the King demands answers before his death."

"Comets without tails, move silently
Panic abounds.
An offering rejected, a tailed comet Glides among the bees, dies, and heads of state Nonplused.
Signatures in the sand ignored by all."

Now that one immediately reminds me of UFO's. I can't help thinking that the 'signatures in the sand' could mean crop circles?

"A salver flies, comes to rest in the New City Hate flourishes for the entity within. Battle lines Drawn.
Fears of disease mask truth while three Leaders in secret, unite against a false threat.
The bees sting amid thunderclaps and lightning bolts, Confusion. Fear. Awe.
The fish trembles, Governments are strangely silent while the heavens Flash ominous messages to the populace.
East and West darken.
Revolution without bloodshed, without strife
Men in unhappy confusion strive for perfections Beyond their ken.
Failure, then elation. Earth’s forces give way to a new power above the clouds.

'new city'=New York? A possible war against the aliens?

Twenty plus two times six will see the lore of the heavens Visit the planet in great elation.
Disease, pestilence, Famine dies.
Rome rejoices for souls saved. The Learned Smile in awe.
Astrology confirmed. For science, a new beginning."

Now that is definately 2012! and keep in mind that this book was written in 1983 a long before this modern 2012 hype.

What do you think? real or no? interesting anyway.


posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 03:21 PM
Interesting outlook on future events. I think I see a correlation between this and the Alta reports. Everything seems to be coming into focus and events and prophecies are seemingly becoming interconnected, yet maybe were just connecting dots to the abyss. Good insight though, thanks for the find.

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 03:22 PM
I've always been interested in Nostradamus's works however I'll have to remain slightly sceptical and wait and see what happens otherwise good find see if there are any more somewhere.

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by Beach Bum

Seems to be hard to find the real ones on the net, there are lot of hoaxes around. some of them are actually quite funny, i nearly choked on my beer when i saw this one...

The four-wheel will hold sway over all.
The big shops will eat many small shops
Men will argue on roads where none move
Yet buses and trains will still be crap. rtainment/poetic-licence-nostradamus-the-lost-quatrains-1103707.html

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 01:10 PM
I like the 'signatures in the sand' one, too.

The first few are really, really religious for Nostradamus. He must have been being metaphoric, as usual.

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