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How far can you let your theories/concerns/paranoia's affect your life?

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posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 06:30 AM
This is something I have been thinking about the past few days. In the time I've been reading posts on ATS, my eyes have been opened to all the deceptions and conspiracies that may be going on. Many of these theories have valid evidence to make you seriously consider that they may be true. From conspiracies involving aliens, to the NWO, the recent swine flu debate and everything in between, it can certainly set off alarms that make you want to be prepared for all eventualities, should the SHTF.
So how far can you let your paranoia's influence how you live your life? It's one thing to be prepared for an emergency (through food supplies, water purification etc.) when there are natural disasters every year that encourage the need for that, and another to be worried about even drinking tap water.
We are told of possibilities that governments may contaminate our water with various additives, that chemtrails are spreading unthinkables in our air and that vaccines/medicine may be a ploy to make you more ill (to lube up the money making machine); so is there any amount of preparation that can truly protect us? Without having the unlimited funds to move out into the middle of nowhere and become truly self sufficient (and risk getting ill through lack of medical care), are we fighting a losing battle to try and save our families?
I sure as Hell want to survive anything that may come, but is there really anything we can do or is that really out of our control?

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 07:03 AM
reply to post by JennyJen

For me it's a measure of maturity, responsibility and accountability. If for example you chose to embark on a self-serving path to discover a truth or read into information that would otherwise effect your judgement, then you have a duty to yourself to assess exactly how it may fit into your agenda. Be that, loving and caring for your family, or altering your perceptions to help your career or prospects - both come with equal levels of discerning criteria. Whatever you decide is important to you, in whatever regard, is ultimately, where the lines should be drawn on how it affects your life.

I often try to come to ATS with an impartial mind and preferably with detached interest on most subjects, but it's also human nature to obsess over matters that are not entirely familar.

Ironcially, curiousity offers varied instability for the fragile of mind, in that, what is intended to be sought for the betterment of their own knowledge, often leads to the opposite. As is the case with any unknown.

Sorry if that doesn't offer you an insightful opinion, but it's what I think

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 07:09 AM
Food for thought,thanks.I have been 'paranoid'(I prefer the old school term,'Alienated')since early in life when I got unintentionally dosed.Seeing through the 9-11 lies from the moment of impact,etc,ATS was like coming home for me,not an initiation,as for most,it seems.So I have been living the outsider,'delusional',magical thinking way my whole remembered life.This has isolated me from most people,as I don't watch TV or believe anything without some confirmation,usually from within my own body.The gut feeling.So I consider most sheeple.Except kids,they're the unsullied minds,and we get along well.One has to work out one's own salvation.None is guaranteed a long life,there is no saving yours or others,at most a slight prolongation.The goal for me is presence.While I work on survival.Once down the rabbit hole,ya gotta stop caring what anyone else thinks and that is hard as we are social creatures.Thanks ATS fellow paranoiacs."Mad Pride"I'm so glad I'm crazy.Red pill or blue?Thanks,I'll try BOTH.

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 07:47 AM
well the short answer is i don't.

Yea there are some very scary things that happen behind the scene in this world and some freaky phenomenon out there, and there are coverups galore . But i wont let it rule my life, i still have bills to pay, i still have kids to feed and a house to look after, life goes on. If i was to freak out at every little thing that goes on or that i hear about on ATS i would be a quivering wreck , in a padded room somewhere muttering to myself.

Its good to be aware of what goes on, and to research and learn and get the truth, but its a fine balancing act between that and constantly being emerged in the evils of this world, to much exposure and you become what you fear.

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posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 08:50 AM
Just aim for happiness. Use your brain and make decisions based on what will make you happiest.

Above all do not worry about things that 1) are mostly unprovable and 2) have very little direct effect on your life.

Unless of course you ENJOY worrying as many do.

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