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NEWS: S. Korea's Top Officer Held for Fraud.

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posted on May, 9 2004 @ 05:25 AM
The military authorities in South Korea have arrested their top officer on the Korea-US Combined Forces Command for supposedly embezzling army funds, however this claim has been denied, but certainly some money is missing. The general is the second-in-command of the Combined Forces Command (CFC) to US Gen Leon LaPorte, who also commands the US military in South Korea and the UN Command overseeing the Korean War armistice.


Shin Il-soon, a 57-year-old four-star general, was detained at a military jail after three days of interrogation by investigators.

Gen Shin denies the charges, saying the money missing was used for official parties and other army-related events.

He is the first serving general of his rank to be arrested for corruption.

Interesting to say the least, if bribery is a factor then we need to investigate where it went... I personally doubt a four-star general would risk all that just for a bit of money.. I assume it cant be THAT much money if parties is the excuse for it's use.

I also wonder what implications this has to Korean relations at the moment. Does anyone know how well the general was held in regards to US relations?

The CFC is charged with the defence of South Korea against foreign attack (more specifically North Korea) and has nearly 700,000 Korean soldiers and 37,000 US troops at its disposal.

The agency's sources added that the charges date back to 2000 when the general commanded South Korea's Third Army.

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