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So, what do we *DO*?

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posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 08:14 PM
Now, it's not really like any of this discourse really matters, since the NWO, Illuminati, and Concealed Government tyranny are "Not Real"... but it seems to me that the overall tactic for combating these supposed agencies is merely a form of information distribution.

Which would be all well and good... but if All of the prisoners of a particular prison discover that they are ACTUALLY in prison, they are, in fact... STILL IN PRISON.

It seems to me that most of these "Truthers" are content only to diuldge information to the public at large, thinking that this by itself will cause the wheels of society to move inexorably towards freedom.

And of this, I am most unconvinced.

It would seem to me, that if this conspiracy in fact *DID* exist, than spreading knowledge would only be the first part of the battle, known as recruitment.

But what of the second?

Now, hypothetically speaking, you could not really use the Internet for recruitment, or tactical purposes, since (if the stories are to be believed) than the internet is most assuredly being monitored with keyword filters, AI personality profiles, and the like.

So, while the internet would be useful for "Waking people up", that is primarily where its effectiveness ends.

So, what (Non truth spreading) tactics do you think would work, or would employ, if the Illuminati existed?

I will take first crack at this, since it is my thread, and to sort of gie you a general guideline of tactical, and logistical maneuvers of the Gorilla type.

Firstly, a solid understanding of the enemies resources should be taken into account. Now, by normal estimates, the "Enemy" in this case has control of the might of the armed forces of the world (minus any impeded Resistors), and that amounts to several million well equipped soldiers, support systems, military hardware, provisions, intelligence technologies, and services.

At first glance this would seem to be a formidable opponent, but there is no such thing as an unassailable position.

Now, first and foremost, any army functions on the dynamics of Logistics, Economics, and Energy.

An army cannot function without funding (Labor to produce services, including the soldiers pay), The necessary energy required to move munitions, soldiers, etc from site to site (Used to be horses, and mules, is now Gasoline, Kerosene, and U235-238), and of course, a solid chain of command to turn the entire mass of peoples in the military into a cohesive whole, with information sources being fed into the upper echelons, and orders descending to the lowest levels through intermediate sub commanders, and so forth.

Now, you may say that in this Illuminati scenario, the army would not necessarily be the enemy.

And to this I would reply, that in all cases, (if the Illuminati DO exist) they have hid themselves behind the actual power structure, and manipulated its "Perceptions" to create the desired results.

Take for instance, the Officers, and soldiers in Germany.

I would highly doubt that any humans (In such large numbers) would be so transparently cruel, unless they had their actions in some way "Justified" in their own mind.

And as history has shown, that all wars, aggressions, and such maneuvers have been justified beforehand to the soldiers, and then their minds are fully capable of dealing out such cruelties, because their minds (Conscience) have been subverted by one justification or another.

So, to rule out the military being used by this Mythical "Illuminati" would be quite childish, and blind.

Plus, Military tactics do not necessarily run parallel to scientific knowledge... as mostly, he who waits for proof, is too late.

So, before we could conceivably select a battle strategy against these "Shadow" people, we would have to first define their motives, and then construct a counter motive to assault their strategy with.

From what I can divine from the "enemy" (From all of that conspiracy stuff out there) that would conceivably be consistent across all conspiracy topics, are the following:


-Our Enemy.

A relatively small group of extremely hidden, and wealthy individuals, their supporters (minions), inheritors (Familial), Friends (associates, allies, etc) and "Assets" (People coerced into allies through force, bribery, threats, coercion, blackmail, etc.)

-Their Motives.

Complete control of the entire world through banking (Financial), Agriculture (Genetic food requiring certain chemicals, terminator seeds, food codes, etc), Technology (Through disinformation, hidden technologies, and forced scientists), Military (Strength of arms, military tech, logistics, surveillance, intelligence, espionage(infiltration), and subversion of perceived threats), Manipulation (Media Neuro Linguistic Programming, Dumbing Down, indoctrination, ridicule of threats and whistleblowers, and complete media dominance), Chemical Warfare (Flouride to sterilize/passify/stupify, Mercury to stupify/confuse, Chemtrails to attack immune systems, plastics to passify, etc, etc, etc), Division of the populous (along racial, gender, religious, and economic lines to prevent a unified resistance), Patriotic inspired hatred of other countries and nationalities (To prevent a worldwide response to their tyranny), Constant warfare (to keep the populous under control, take new lands and resources, enforce their economic models, etc.)



posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 08:14 PM
-Their Methods.

Threats (Life, Family, Finance, etc)
Economic Leveraging
Political Leveraging
Force of Arms and Military threats
Media Manipulation (False left right Choices)

-Their *POTENTIAL* Assets.

Advanced Technology
Self Contained Underground Bases
Mind Control (Advanced)
Bioengineering Weapons
Extreme Wealth

So, considering their formidable assets, the best strategies would involve attacking their individual strategies one at a time.


Strategy: Mass Media Manipulation
Attack: Mass migration to decentralized media

Strategy: Agriculture Control
Attack: Home Grown Gardens

Strategy: Financial Control
Attack: Take all assets out of banks and financial institutions, pay only in cash, buy instead of lease and mortgage, etc.

Strategy: Chemical Warfare
Attack: Only ingest items from known sources (No vaccines, GMO's) Filter water and air, etc.

Strategy: Government Manipulation
Attack: Find the lobbyists and Bribes, expose and stop them.

Strategy: Military Force
Attack: Reduce taxes paid by reducing overall contribution to society (Pay grade), or Stop paying taxes in general.

Strategy: Constant Warfare
Attack: Concentrated campaign to prevent new recruits to military forces.

Strategy: Blackmail of politicians
Attack: Reverse Blackmail of Real controllers.

Strategy: Surveillance
Attack: Cameras are Fragile

Strategy: Implanted Microchips
Attack: They have to be made somewhere...

Strategy: FEMA Camps
Attack: Sabotage

These would be examples of strategics for fighting a "Illuminati" if they existed...

Can you think of other strategies that you would use to fight them, if they existed?


posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by Edrick

Well, that is a very interesting point... hypothetically of course, Edrick.

You are an Angry rabbit, aren't you?

But seriously, if these supposed "Illuminati" have so much power, influence and assets, how would we possibly have any hope to put up any resistance, let alone defeat them?


posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 02:56 AM
reply to post by Edrick

Well, that is a Very good question...

How WOULD we have any hope of resisting someone with so much money, and influence?

To understand that... we have to understand the essential nature of Wealth.

The Illuminati (Hypothetically) has LOTS of money.

And what is money?

Technically speaking, money is an abstract concept (Imaginary) that we place real value (Time, Effort) upon.

In all reality, the richest of the rich have no more "Wealth" than people are willing to trade them for.

People like this used to be "Exiled" from society, and they used to NOT be able to interact with society in any meaningful way (Such as buying or selling goods and services)

This was the essential definition of an "Outlaw", not protected by the law.

I know they have great influence in our governments.... but what power do government's really have, beyond what we are willing to do FOR them?

There is an old Logistics saying, in regards to combat.

The defender has the home turf advantage.

But there is another advantage that we defenders have, that they do not.

They must Purchase effort on their behalf... and we have volunteers.

We have Far more people than they do, so in essence, we have more WEALTH than they do.

Because money is only good when you can trade it for time, or effort.

And since we are millions strong, and can volunteer our time, we will always have more real wealth than they will.

The only thing we have to do, is not get trapped in the rigged system that would prevent our action.

Such as only working through official channels.

There is a great line from Immortal Technique, in his song "The poverty of Philosophy"

"When you attempt to change the system, it is the system that eventually changes you"

And this is the entire purpose of the system... to have so much momentum that changing its course is impossible.

But that is the beautiful part... we don't HAVE to work within the system, because it is the system ITSELF that is our enemy.

The system is FUELED by those who thought they could change the system from within, and end up getting themselves changed INTO the system.

IF we do not participate in the "System" then it will weaken.

That is the brilliance of these supposed Illuminati... they have us fighting each other, instead of them.

They have enough resources to change the rules of the game, and they pit us against one another, while attempting to make us think that it is for the "Greater Good"

We have to start thinking about how to stop the system from OUTSIDE the system... Joining it only gives it power.


[edit on 22-7-2009 by Edrick]

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 07:49 AM
"there is no such thing as an unassailable position." that's brilliant, mate. Spot on.
Flag for you.
This thread makes me think of the Door's lyric : "They got the guns, but we got the numbers"
It seems like TPTB have an ace, king, queen , jack and ten of spades. They don't though, brother, as you know. Nor will they ever. The majority of their power lies in the illusion that they have the proverbial royal flush. You and I and many others know better than that. They are not unassailable.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by Edrick

Individuals and groups are already taking actions however the media paints the events as something completely different when they feed it to the public, if they cover it at all.

They can't cover everything up.

Suffice to say that not everyone is sitting idle waiting for salvation or rescue from TPTB.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 08:27 AM
reply to post by warrenb

I like the set up. "Strategy---Attack" You have some great points that we can all address right now. I hope this thread takes off!

WarrenB, the media is vulnerable to their advertisers. When they feed us the BS partisan crap about the "angry mob" we need to boycott whatever advertisers are paying to be on those programs, and we need to email the advertisers and let them know what we are doing and why!! Hurt the economics of the system. When we send the email, copy the rest of your address book, so they are aware, and they can similarly boycott and send in similar emails!

By comparison, when you see a particularly truthful and honest report, send a supportive email to the network and advertisers.

"Camera's are Fragile" that is all that needs to be said. But be sure they are actually "Government Surveillance" and not some poor smuck trying to protect his property! Good Examples are Toll Roads, Red Lights, Government Buildings, etc.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 08:53 AM
About the only thing left to do... is well, take down the stars and stripes and fly the Gadsden Instead. and if the stars and stripes comes - I dont know, Ignore equals arrest and defend your property is a date with the undertaker... I really dont know what to do... So, as I told WDC, please allow opposition to find a leader before whacking us... we deserve to die on our feet... not on our knees...

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 05:57 PM
Interesting breaking (Relevant) news...

UK motorists are torching speed cameras.


posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by Edrick

See those people know where to start, thats what we need to be doing. That way well get somones attention. i Say we take it to the streets.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 06:20 PM
as in, speak louder than,
interesting post
similar line of thought
except, don't hide, they need the enemy to exist, for them to exist
and one thing you forgot, everyone does, I think,

Befriended, as are some posters
check out my similar post,
and thanks.

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