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Religion, God, Aliens, and so on...

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posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 01:22 AM
I wasnt sure what to name this thread so I just put what it sais.
Sometimes I discuss religion and random things with friends and I thought I'd post a few of those conversations here, but just like the main part of it.

They say that when they get a cold, they pray and they get better, and if they dont then the cold stays.But I just tell them its all in their heads and if they think they are getting better then your body will feel as if it is getting better.

They dont believe in UFOs, and I tell them that they HAVE to believe in UFOs, not believing in UFOs is like saying you cant believe in a plant that isnt identified.( I hope you get how im comparing it)
A UFO is just an undentified flying object, it doesnt have to mean its made by aliens.

They dont believe in Aliens but they believe in God...I just dont get this.
How can you think we are the only planet with life in the entire universe when there is an infinite amount of planets yet they believe in God which cannot be seen.

They have told me that when people go to church everyone feels good, and you can feel it around the church just like air, I tell them no, because air you can truly feel it and measure it, you cant measure happiness or how everyone feels within a church.

Just some crazy things.

So I thought I'd make a thread to hear any other arguments or discussions fellow ATSers have been in that deal with religion or God that just sometimes dont even make sense.

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 01:55 AM
reply to post by Geolion1

Interesting post.

Some feel however that Aliens may be closer to spiritual beings in which case they may be closer to a creator God. Some of us have no problem with believing in both. I agree the Universe is too large to just have only one planet with life on it. I would say "Intelligent life" but I haven't seen too much of that here on Earth lately.

For those who disagree with you. Let it go. Follow your own path to enlightenment. "IF" there is an all powerful God then his will be done whether we like it or not. "IF" Aliens are real and there is a "God" He created them also. After all it is his Universe. If no God and only aliens then thats good to. We can stand to learn a few things from a more advanced society.

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by Geolion1

I posted this in another thread, but it's appropriate here. Hope you don't mind the cross-post.

Here's how I see things. Take it for what it's worth... my opinion

there's something that everyone is essentially trying to find. A center point. This center point can be considered "god", "the source", "nirvana", "total knowledge", WHATEVER you wish to call it... it's at the core of what all of us seek.

it is, in essence, what could be considered "god".

You can look at this all as being a big wheel. That center point that I spoke about is the center of the wheel, the hub. Each possible pathway is a spoke on the wheel. Each of us is on one of those spokes.

Some people find christianity is the spoke for them. Some people islam. Some buddhism, hinduism, tao, science, flying spaghetti monster...

Whatever your own path is, it's what is right for you, and you're on it for a reason.

Some people are not ready to give up their beliefs. Some never will. Some may move out of it and into an opposite path. Again... doesn't make any of them wrong. Just searching.

So... when times come when you're speaking with someone, and they're not ready to hear what you're saying, they do a mental covering of their ears, and "la-la-la" til you are done speaking.

If they didn't, it would cause cognitive dissonance. And until one is ready to explore something, they'll always have cognitive dissonance, regardless of the subject, and whether they claim they're open minded or not.

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