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Movie Review - Food Inc.

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posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 06:22 PM
Out in the artsy theaters now is a great movie that touches on many issues for conspiracy lovers. While the primary focus is on the industrialization and centralization of food production, the movie, by it's nature provides great lessons about the general strategies of the NWO.

Unfortunately, the down side is that the movie is very graphic. Animal slaughter is shown bluntly for what it is. I realize Robert Kenner, the filmmaker is making a statement, but the result is a less marketable film. This paragraph wouldn't exist if the film found another avenue to present the story without traumatizing it's audience.

The film is not a conspiracy film, per se. Perhaps that is good and perhaps not. Several of the subjects in the film could well have benefited from some conspiracy awareness.

What you'll see in this film is the incredible insidious nature of the franchise, which is the heart of Illuminati success. It's demonstrated down to the poor unsuspecting farmer who finds themselves saddled with ridiculous debt in order to try and please Monsanto and the powers that be.

What you find, throughout the film is highly intelligent ordinary people who realize something is very wrong in the world and they have become immersed in it.

The film is worth seeing by a mature audience and the audio does not portray the violence so it is practical to simply close your eyes at the appropriate moments.

While watching the movie, think franchise and think population reduction. That should put you on the fast track to getting more out of the film than just the shock and anger that might otherwise consume you watching a film like this. For example, if profit was the motive, why is the food production far more expensive than by natural means? Franchise, the web of insidious control.


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