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posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 05:57 PM
First I want to say Hello to fellow ATS members, I am new to posting on this site even though I have been visiting daily for about a year now. I personally have been involved with prophecies/ end days lore since my experience with meditation/ ritual some 17 years ago that lead me to write my own peculiar words that have so far been close to target as we approach 2012. I myself warned of this date years before 2000, and well before it became popular and sensationalized. To be specific I warned everyone that 2000 may not be the real date when things start to change/ transform/ end/ chaos/ paradise (whatever word you prefer to use) due to the difference in calendars used throughout the millenniums. I had a inner tuition in the early 90’s that many prophecies could be off by 7 to 15 years, I knew very little then about the lore behind 2012 but had a since that whatever is going to happen will happen a few years after 2000. I will state here now that ‘something is going to happen’ but I cannot be clear on exactly what will happen. I do know there is no devil out there coming to bring his reign of hell on Earth in a traditional Christendom scenario. The Antichrist, from the Christian point of view, was created out of fear because those prophets centuries ago foreseen the end of their personal religion in these days so naturally it must have been the work of the devil. Yes I do believe there is evil and those involved are either on ONE side who are clearly evil and then there is ANOTHER side trying to enforce its will or interpretation of what’s best for humanity. Thru much reading, analyzing, worshiping, etc I have come to understand that the line between the two is NOT clear and unfortunately may not be for many until it is too late. My quest is to define the difference before that date/ time/ or event occurs. I have changed and transformed my view many times according to the latest available data and experience. As a caveat I have also practiced many religions and denominations in my search for the truth so I come at this conversation from many point of views/ experiences w/ faith and controversy. What is clear to me is my belief that the prophets from ages ago feared these days because they did not understand and some of that fear is justified. Something BIG is going to happen and in the process of this happening there will be catastrophic effects on this World, for that is the nature of this World/ reality (Dark verses Light). The question is will it have last effects on humanity in a negative or positive way? There may be a 50/50 shot for either sides reality to be realized and only time will tell which path humanity and individuals make possible. I have a hope/ theory that both Worlds/ Dimensions (both paths) may actually occur simultaneously and cause a split in humanity so that both realities come true side by side. It may be that the goal is for living creatures in this time and space (with the ability to navigate thru will power) to find one’s self on either side by the time the BIG event occurs. Depending on one’s actions, faith, experiences, knowledge, one will seal one’s fate when the Divine Wheel turns once again as it has done throughout our time/ space reality/ World. For me the search continues for I do feel urgency in the search! I have been experiencing synchronicity (signs?) more and more frequently as the days go by which leads me this tingling feeling inside that momentum is building for something….something BIG.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 06:16 PM
Well, looks like you joined at the right time. Welcome Aboard.

Explore the site
Have Fun
and any questions feel free to ask.

See you around
The Doo

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 06:50 PM
Don't worry about punctuation or using paragraphs - we are like punch card readers here - huge blobs of formless info are our bread and butter.

Ok - I confess - I took one look at your post, and ignored it.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 10:20 PM
Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy your stay. And yes,







It helps our eyes.

Welcome again, I look forward to reading your ideas!

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