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Marina Kalashnikova’s Warning to the West

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posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 11:10 AM

Meet Marina Kalashnikova: a Moscow-based historian, researcher and journalist. Last August she criticized foreign “experts” for suggesting that a conflict with Moscow will not happen because Russia’s elite is too closely associated with the West. According to Kalashnikova, “The West does not care to wake from the dream of its wishful thinking, even when Moscow turns to … reanimating Stalin’s cult of personality together with the ideology of the Cheka [i.e., the secret police].”

I’m afraid that Marina Kalashnikova is right. The West has been dreaming, and the West will suffer the consequences. If the Kremlin likes Stalin, then there will be trouble. If KGB officers have established a sophisticated form of dictatorship in Russia, they have done so for a reason. We should remind our politicians, with their short memories, that Stalin and his secret police did not run a Sunday school. Furthermore, the recent trail of blood and radiation leading back to the Kremlin is like a finger pointing to the greatest danger of our time – nixed from the news media’s prattle of the hour. (A retired KGB officer recently told me that “nobody is easier to buy than a Western journalist.”)

Russia has built an alliance of dictators, what Kalashnikova calls an “alliance of the most unbridled forces and regimes.” Extremists of all kinds serve the purpose of breaking the peace, damaging Western economies, and setting the stage for a global revolution in which the balance of power shifts from the United States and the West to the Kremlin and its Chinese allies. “Among the ideas that animate general staff analysts in the Kremlin, there is the idea of diffusion,” says Kalashnikova, “It is not that the Kremlin should strive for territorial expansion and the dissemination of its [political] model. The critical thing is power and the fulcrum of an overall strategic context. In that case, even if the Americans appear influential in the post-Soviet countries, Moscow remains in charge. The [Russian] General Staff therefore has successfully expanded Moscow’s position beyond and above the old Soviet position in Africa and Latin America.” What prevails, she says, is Moscow’s “assertiveness and determination without fear of a reaction from the West.”

Some other members and I have been warning about this. With the Nationalization, or transforming the Republic into a dictatorial Socialist regime by the Obama administration the Left in power in the U.S. are most probalby telling the eastern powers "we will join you in the New Socialist Dictatorial Order".

Russia, and China will not underestimate the west, and those in power and meanwhile extending a friendly hand they will be making more plans to see how to further weaken the west, and mainly the U.S. which continues to be Russia's and China's main adversary in their eyes.

Many people claim that the Russian government is no more Socialist/Communist, yet the regime is working in the same faction as it was when it was known as a Communist nation.

Recently the Kremlin raided a human Right building in Russia and took 20 years of research into the atrocities of Stalin, and the Russian government has been working once more in indoctrinating it's people, and it's young into believing that stalin was a hero, and his atrocities were necessary for the good of the motherland.

To me this says the Russian government wants to excuse their further oppression of the Russian people by claiming that "Stalin's atrocities were needed for the good of the motherland" so that they can do the same.

Russia rewriting Josef Stalin’s legacy
Archives on dictator seized from human-rights group Memorial

By Alex Rodriguez
December 17, 2008

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — At first, the purpose behind the midday raid at a human-rights group’s office here was murky. Police, some clad in masks and camouflage, cut the electricity to Memorial’s offices and demanded to know if any drugs or guns were kept on the premises.

Five hours later, after police had opened every computer and walked out with 11 hard drives, the reason for their visit became clear to Memorial Director Irina Flige.

On the hard drives, a trove of scanned images and documents memorialized Josef Stalin’s murderous reign of terror. Diagrams scrawled out by survivors detailed layouts of labor camps. There were photos of Russians executed by Stalin’s secret police, wrenching accounts of survival from gulag inmates and maps showing the locations of mass graves.

“They knew what they were taking,” Flige said. “Today, the state tries to reconstruct history to make it appear like a long chain of victories. And they want these victories to be seen as justifying Stalins repressions.”

Stalin, the brutal Soviet dictator responsible for the deaths of millions of his citizens, has been undergoing a makeover of sorts in recent years. Russian authorities have reshaped the Georgia-born dictators image into that of a misunderstood, demonized leader who did what he had to do to mold the Soviet Union into the superpower it became.

In Russian classrooms, history teachers are guided by a new, government-approved textbook, Alexander Filippov’s “Modern History of Russia: 1945-2006,” which hails Stalin as an efficient manager who had to resort to extreme measures to modernize the lumbering Soviet agrarian economy.

There were, writes Filippov, “rational reasons behind the use of violence in order to ensure maximum efficiency.”

But do not fear because the U.S. will willingly join the other Socialist dictatorships to unify the world into a One World Socialist Dictatorship.

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posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 12:04 PM
shame about your bizarre assertions regarding the Obama administration's communist leanings. A Republican administration would have had pretty much the same attitude towards the economic collapse: stimulation and selected, temporary propping up of key private institutions. 'cept a Republican administration would have had a psychotic as a VP, which would have been more interesting.

I say shame, because the rest of the post is very good. I think we're all dismayed that the Russian people walked straight back into Putin's dictatorial regime barely a decade after getting rid of the Commies, and tolerate things like that administration's international murder squads and grotesque lapses in democratic rule (ie Putin's ruling the country via his puppet proxy).

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by eniac

My assertions are right, there have been even other members who have escaped from Communist dictatorships, just like I did, and we are all seeing that the U.S. under the current administration is transforming the Republic into another Socialist dictatorship.

McCain, or any other Republican "MIGHT" have followed some of the foosteps of the Bush administration, but at least they wouldn't be trying to ban, and or further restrict our Second Amendment right to own and bear arms, and we would probably would not have now so many Socialist laws being implemented.

We could have had some more time with a Republican administration to find a better way to stop these made up crisis.

The past Republican administration is guilty of puting into place some unlawful laws also, but during the current administration more drastic steps have been taken to transform the Republic into a Socialist dictatorship than any other administration before this one.

We need to find a way to STOP the NWO elite from further eroding our rights, and transforming this nation, and if possible others, into Socialist dictatorships.

The One World Order scheme can only be possible whenever nations like the U.S. are transformed into Socialist dictatorships, and this is the warning that this Russian woman, other members who have experienced Socialist dictatorships/Communism, which also includes me have also been giving this warning for many decades.

There are many Americans who also see what is happening, but we are not enough yet to demand for our Constitutional rights to be restored, and for this drastic transformationg of the Republic to be stopped.

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