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Safety Fear Over 'RUSH' For Swine Flu Vaccine

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posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 07:19 AM
This is in away good news, the Media is starting to report about Doubts of this SwineFlu Vaccines.


DOCTORS have cast serious doubts over the safety of the swine flu vaccine, which they claim is being “rushed in without proper testing”.

Last week the Government announced it had ordered enough doses to inoculate the entire population in a vaccine programme that would be the biggest for half a century. Health chiefs have already formulated a priority list of patients and the first jabs are expected to be administered in autumn.

However, leading vaccine experts say not enough time has been given to testing the safety of the jab. Dr richard Halvorsen, author of the truth About Vaccines, said: “this has been rushed through quicker than any other vaccine in history, without any idea about whether it really works or is safe.
“I am not going to have it or recom- mend it.”

Dr Halvorsen, who runs a GP practice in north London, added: “there is no point in immunising the vast majority of
the population against a disease which is overwhelmingly mild in most healthy people with a vaccine of unknown safety and effectiveness.”

Birmingham-based GP, Dr John oakley, a former consultant paediatrician, said: “Whenever I treat someone, I first work out whether I would give this to my family.

I would not administer this vaccine due to the lack of safety testing and the fact it is not of great benefit to the individual. this is a mild disease in most patients.”

Experts fear the mass vaccination policy has echoes of the swine flu debacle of 1976.

A vaccination programme was launched in the United states after infections were detected in Fort Dix between January 19 and February 9. the strain itself killed one person and put 13 in hospital. However, side-effects from the vaccine caused paralysis and 25 deaths.

posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 03:48 AM
Nice to see some sceptism is the "real" media. This is the kind of stuff I need to collect to pursuade my family and friends not to take the vaccine.


posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 04:14 AM
What we need is someone who has the ability to independantly test the vaccine the moment it comes out, then let the public know the results.

Like the Czech Republic did when they found the avian had "accidently" infected the influenza vaccines.



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