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Let's Ponder Why ETs Would Take so Long Working Towards Takeover....

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 05:53 PM
I want to present this in a theoretical way so that we can hopefully avoid spending the whole thread arguing about whether or not aliens really exist and if so whether or not they want to "rule the world" eventually. I want to speculate about why an ET race would take so long to work towards a takeover and WHAT they were working towards achieving........

Let's suppose that many millenia ago there was a highly advanced Utopian-like society on Earth complete with lots of fabulous technology , flying crafts and all the rest of it. The beings who acted as leaders of this Utopian society were not from Earth, and had fashioned primitive man into the evolved version of homo sapiens we know today via genetic engineering. All was running smoothly when global disaster struck, wiping out most of the human race along with most of the technology. A relatively small number of survivors made it through, with human beings scattering around the world and the ET leaders taking off someplace else for a time in the few ships that were undamaged. Maybe they went underground, maybe they departed Earth for a time. Perhaps they could not reutn "home" because they had been ostracized by their race for some reason. Why did they leave...? Perhaps because Earth was pretty much laid to waste after the cataclysm, such that there was nothing really left. If much of the world had been under water for example, they would have needed to wait until those waters subsided.....that could have taken thousands of years perhaps .

Such was the scale of the disaster that mankind were effectively rendered primitive once again. The "gods" re-emerged after a time, and began making attempts to put back the pieces. By now their numbers were far fewer, but those who did survive were given different parts of the world to visit in efforts to re-civilize humanity and re-gain control over their "creations". This task proved difficult - there were just not enough of them, nor enough technology any more to have the kind of influence they needed in order to "reign" humans in. These humans had changed too - they were not so easy to mould, for they had tasted independence and freedom after a long time without being ruled by the gods....tales of gods from the past were a distant legend to them, holding little meaning for them .

The Gods wanted to re-build their Atlantis, but with the loss of most of their technology and a vastly depopulated human race, the prospect of this was always going to be a long, hard, upward struggle. Without the full range of their technology, global conditioning and influence of the masses was never likely to happen just via impressive oratory alone...and so they realized they would have to wait - wait for mankind to re-evolve, to reach a point in their development whereby vast leaps were being made in science and technology. A small group of gods would never be able to achieve global scientific progress alone, they would need humans to help them, without these humans even realizing that the advancements they would make in science and technology would be things used against them by the very beings who created them. The gods would have to wait thousands of years for mankind to become "hi tech".....with the discovery of the atom came the turning point in mankinds scientific evolution, and not long after that the gods began to reveal themselves once again.......

Throughout their waiting time, the gods took a back seat, supervising from behind the scenes while "kingship" of Earth had been granted temporarily to members of a select group of bloodlines who we know as the Illuminati today. These elite groups of guardians were entrusted with the battle plan for control over the minds and souls of those they ruled over and promised all manner of great benefits for their loyalty once the plan had been achieved.

The main strategy for laying the foundation for the New Atlantis was laid out in the Christian bible. The chosen bloodlines saw it as their divine mission to manifest prophecy, and such was their strength and power and insidious infiltration of every major system that plays a part in helping planet Earth function, this deliberate "fulfillment" of "prophecy" was relatively straightforward. Religion had also served another hugely important function -to divide mankind. Only a divided species could go on to be conquered after all, and what way was there to better fracture mankind than to pit them against one another spiritually ....

Once the foundation for the return was all in place , a pruning of the human species was needed. Humans had served their purpose in many ways, not least of which was to have unwittingly re-created for the gods huge amounts of previously lost technology . Now most of them had to go , for there was no room for 6 billion in the New Atlantis and humans had become a species abhorrent to them in every way - independent, rebellious, immoral, impure, imperfect etc......

By cleverly influencing the insitgation of many world religions , Christianity in particular, the depopulation agenda could be fulfilled : 2 billion Christians awaiting the second coming of a fictionalized saviour who from the outset of their cunningly crafted religious agenda they always knew would never accept them. They devised the idea of an "anti-christ" so that humans would distrust the emissary they presented as "Saviour"....all the time that emissary being the one and only "saviour" who was ever coming . And that saviour being an evil extraterrestrial anyhow....That would nicely take care of 1/3 of the planet when the world leaders of earth declared microchipping of humanity be made mandatory in the wake of the fragile new ET-Human alliance, in the interest of global security. There would after all be alot of protest when the ETs openly revealed themselves - the only way to control the chaos would be to enforce strict new laws to protect the visitors, who were here to help us after all....

With a few "natural" disasters thrown in, a nice big Middle East -Western war , a man made plague etc to fulfill prophecy before their return ....and a whole load of non-religious as well as religious folks resisting the chip after their arrival, they were counting on perhaps 4/5 of the population getting wiped out, leaving a number that was far more manageable for them to maintain control over. The microchips installed in those that made it through would be uploaded with some programme to make the survivors "forget" all that had happened.

Then begins the rebuilding of their Utopian world ...

-A brainwashed, microchipped population
-Inferior humans phased out via genetic engineering, replaced gradually by super-intelligent people who will help them make further leaps and bounds in technology so that they can set about making rapid progress with space exploration, build vast new fleets of ships, etc
- A one world government, justice system and "religion" to unite the world "as one".
- Natural reproduction banned , replaced eventually by lab created humans to keep the genetic pool "perfect"
- The end of the internet and perhaps the burning of books across the world. All information given to the Atlanteans would be completely controlled in every single way.
- The microchips would eventually be improved upon, with programmes installed for controlling thoughts, emotions and behaviour and tracking those same things aka "Minority Report"

Rome, as they say, was not built in a day.....Wise men have patience..........

So, these are my thoughts on this "hypothetical" scenario....I'm sure there are holes in my theory as to why they waited so long to takeover so perhaps you can fill those in and/or add your own ideas as I am very interested to know what the rest of you think as to what reasons the ETs in this story could have had for taking a very long time to work towards a global takeover.....

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posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 09:45 AM
No takers then.........
oh well

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 04:13 PM
hey OP.. you forgot the part where after everythign's been changed and moved over to the new way...
...then every human who ever existed gets resurrected through cloning and soul-redistribution.

and gets to live forever... through scientifically implemented methods.

you forgot that part about utopia


posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by prevenge

Maybe that's what was being referred to in their war plan book where they talk of the "final sting" (death) having an end put to it.
I'm not sure they'd want every human being who ever existed to rise again though, they seem to want only a certain amount of people here on Earth, makes control easier I suppose. The rest of the souls get caught in the astral matrix, acting as soul/energy food for these beings....other worlds/levels exist within the astral matrix, perhaps that matrix is an extension of the one in the physical world...we might need to avoid entering "the white light" when we cross over, could be a trap.....

They use reincarnation to trap people into recycling down here on well as to trap people into "ascending" into different levels of their astral matrix empire

PS) The 144,000 could be the remnant of their bloodline who get rewarded by some kind of special upgrade in 2012 or soon after...they will become the public "witnesses" to the ET Messiah and company while being heads of the new Earth-ET alliance, "god's sentinels" on Earth.......

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posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 03:48 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Okay, I'm going to take a swing at this one but it wont be any where near as long as your OP. lol

I believe the Reptillians have already been working with the worlds governements in underground bases working towards this NWO things. They seem to be the one of concern.

I don't believe that the Benevolent Aliens have an agenda to take over the planet but instead are here to watch over what we do and protect earth from anything nuclear.

Once the earth begins it's renewal as it has in the past, their will still be Aliens that survive underground as they have in the past and their will be those in space returning to help guide our directions as we see them as Angels and Demons.

In conclusion I do believe that our government working with these Reptillians are planning a false flag Alien Invasion using the worker bees (greys) and the lab based hybrids to scare the population into believing our Gov will protect us and that all Aliens are bad. Then when the Benevolents return to assist we will be scared of them too not really knowing how are the good ones or the bad ones.

Okay off to the looney ben for me.

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posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 03:56 AM
Should the Aliens want to take over an already populated world, it's better to have a compliant willing population than one that will fight against you every chance it gets, especially if the indigenous race can pollute the planets atmoshpere with nuclear fallout.

Edited to add the 'l' in compliant and to say

Take the people of this world and alien contact and associate the following films / references that show what it could be like.

Total and fast takeover - Independence day - fast Alien attack followed by massed human return fire.

Slow but Obvious take over - WW2 nazi takeover of German ( I know not quite Aliens but the meanings similar) - , quiet laydown of the government but guerilla tactics by the population.

Covert Alien takeover by 'communicating and trade ' with governments in secrecy - Logans Run ( ye'olde' film) - The population are taught by the government and will believe anything and even line up to kill themselves after being brainwashed , only a select few will rebel but in the eyes of the massed populace they will look like nutjobs or worse 'terrorists' who threaten the status quo of life ( sounding familiar yet?)

So if YOU were the alien and you wanted a world , would you try to take it by force and risk losing your prize or bide your time to guarantee a win?

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 10:48 PM
I agree with a lot of what you say.

My opinion about those ufo's though is they aren't from outerspace in this day and time. They are stuck here. Just like we are.

On the bible I have a different take on the why for Jesus part. What if the plan you suggest is right but say not all of them agreed with it. Say there was a part of them that thought humanity deserved a bit better outcome.

So they let them have their space in the bible. Does well for the good against evil thing. Keeps humans as sheep trying to follow all of those rules for the physical bodies. As a parent we know if you are to strict and make to many rules your children are going to do the exact opposite. Which means we have two basic major groups of people and a small third group. The major groups either break most of the rules just like they want them to or they become sheep just like they also want them to.

They give the sheep the impression they will survive. The rule breakers won't believe in the bible as fact so they don't believe the end times are really coming. So the rule breakers help fulfill prophecy and if they get killed along the way they are expendable because they might be rebelous anyway and a hinderence to your new Atlantis. Where the sheep will make good servants.

Now if I was them and planned with humans how to make the end times in the bible come about do you really think I would actually keep my word and let them enjoy the new Atlantis with us? Heck no they'd be gone with all the other ones that might cause chaos in the New Atlantis.

If I was the part of the aliens that didn't agree with the future treatment of humans in this new Atlantis. I would take care of them. Keep them out of harms way (these people would be from the small third group). Free thinkers that their actual goodness comes from the inside not window dressing on the outside. I would make sure that when the shtf they were somewhere placed where they wouldn't be in it.

I would make sure my once fellow compadres had a screw up that took them out with most of the earthlings also. Then I would start a new Atlantis. But not one ruled over with a fist of iron. That group would use the biblical Jesus angle as who they are or where they are from. Something I don't think the other group counted on them doing.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 09:04 PM
I think the Aliens are un organized.
That's the only thing I can think of with so many people complaining about them.
Are they refusing orders.
Who knows.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Aaaaaaaaaaand that about sums up a year's worth of research and pondery.

Why take so long? Well, why not? Consider what we know about the nature of time and *poof*, all sense of how aliens view time goes right out the window. I think you're right Cosmic, wise men have patience. But not all wise folk are good folk. And patience in this case might be relative to whoever is doing the waiting.

In short, and in my opinion, it's possible we have no proper sense of time, or that ET races have no sense of time what-so-ever. They may not need it. To them it could be cyclical in nature, having to wait for the right energies or what have you. It could be they need microchips [doubtful on the NEED part].

Maybe it really comes down to balance.. by which I mean to say that the universe needs to provide us with a chance to free ourselves, protect ourselves, and to grow as a race.

Thanks for the thought provoking post. S&F for you.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 09:41 PM

Originally posted by cosmicpixie
I want to present this in a theoretical way so that we can hopefully avoid spending the whole thread arguing about whether or not aliens really exist and if so whether or not they want to "rule the world" eventually. I want to speculate....

Excellent! ATS has provided a place for you to speculate, it's in the skunkworks section. That would be an appropriate area for your post, and as far as I can tell, not the the "Aliens and UFOs" section.

Moderator please confirm and relocate the thread as appropriate.

posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Great OP! Star and flag from me, and thank you for taking the time to make something worth reading and discussing.

What you say could be very possible, although it is not the brightest of futures.
Personally I think it is highly possible there are many ET species "para-governing" Earth. I do think your theory holds some weight (you are not the first to postulate such), I just think it goes much deeper than that potentially. My main theory for the "lengthy takeover" is multi-fold:

1. A lot of the theories we hear about alien presence and interference is complete bunk. The real facts remain, but the more entertaining theories get widespread attention. Plus we will NEVER know the whole story until after it(disclosure, etc) happens.

2. As stated earlier, I believe there are multiple races (potentially) that are in a type of political stalemate on Earth. From my research it seems that is at least possible that in deed one or two races have, are, and will continue to attempt to take over Earth for malevolent purposes. But it seems (according to some theories and information) that there is another race(s) that are preventing them from doing so in a AGGESSIVE WAY, meanwhile they will not prevent anyone from passively interfering (ie; making treaties with the governments, etc....Thus leaving it in OUR hands what is right and what is wrong). Honestly it appears (if you subscribe or give some credence to the 'leading' theories) that some type of major breach of "inter galactic politics" occurred sometime in the past, leading to a present 'stalemate' situation b/w species. So in summation it seems at least possible that there is a multi-spectrum and multi-species situation going on that is preventing any type of disclosure, 'take over', or whatever.

3. All the alien takeover and government corporation stuff is bs and therefore that is why it is taking so long.

NOW, with that said I need to make it clear that that is all currently considered highly speculative and really should not be a major consideration with-in the ufology community at present, as without further corroborating and credibility building evidence it does not matter anyways, as it could be true and could be false--Either way there is nothing we can really do at this point in time. I just feel that to ignore some of the evidence in favor of the aforementioned theory or similar ones is ignorant. ambiguous, and potentially devastating. It is always best to keep an open mind and weigh all evidence, and if there is not enough to come to a definite conclusion then all we can do is put it in the ever growing "unknown" pile. It is certainly something to keep in mind though.

I know many do not give this site any credibility but the information on the site is noteworthy none-the-less IMHO....

Here is another link, Branton has done some great work IMHO and some of his stuff should be considered...

Dulce Papers
Omega Files

Again, I am just pointing out some noteworthy things IMHO.

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posted on Aug, 17 2009 @ 09:43 PM
reply to post by Arbitrageur

Yes Skunk Works prolly would be more appropriate.

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