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My memorable visit with Lyndon LaRouche and Victor Marchetti

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:10 PM
My two most memorable visits: Lyndon LaRouche and Victor Marchetti:

by Norio Hayakawa

Yesterday I was just thinking how fortunate I am to be able to tell my friends today that about 15 years ago I had a unique opportunity to personally visit two of the most fascinating individuals I have ever met in my life, even though, in retrospect, I may not totally agree or subscribe to their beliefs, politically or otherwise.


If I recall, it was in 1994 that an author by the name of Masami Uno and I went to Virginia to interview a gentleman by the name of Lyndon LaRouche. At that time I had no idea who Lyndon LaRouche was. I was only accompanying Mr. Uno as an interpreter at that time.

I clearly remember that our driver drove us for miles and miles on loose gravelled roads and dirt roads in sparsely populated hilly region of Virginia.

Finally after miles and miles of driving in that hilly area, we reached what appeared to be a very large, isolated country-style wooden residence located on a hilltop.

When we arrived there, I recall that there were several men standing in front that looked to me like plain-clothes guards, protecting the residence.

From that moment on I got the feeling that Mr. LaRouche must have been a very controversial person.

As I said, I was together with Mr. Uno, acting only as an interpreter to interview Mr. LaRouche.
Even while we were interviewing him in the living room, I could clearly tell that several men who also sat near him were most likely body guards.

By the way, I had never met such a highly intellectual individual as Mr. LaRouche. He answered each of our questions precisely and completely without wasting any single word.

I remember that each word that came from the mouth of Mr. LaRouche was perfectly juxtaposed with other perfectly chosen words in his highly complex sentence structure. It was totally amazing.
In other words, even though each of his complete sentence was very long, it was flawless.
It was as if he were reading verbatim from a highly academic doctorate thesis.
I was just totally mesmerized by it. I had never met anyone who spoke so eloquently as Mr. LaRouche.


The other person that I was very fortunate in visiting with in 1994 was a gentleman by the name of Victor Marchetti.

He lived in a very nice, cozy country-style home in a quiet wooded suburb area of Virginia.
He was quite a jolly person, very kind and was full of humor.

Not knowing then who Mr. Marchetti was (again, I was acting only as an interpreter for Mr. Uno), I was quite impressed with the man. His hospitality to us was so heart-warming.

I had no idea at that time that Mr. Marchetti was a well-known inidividual who had written a book called CIA: The Cult of Intelligence.

I was quite shocked later when Mr. Uno mentioned to me that Mr. Marchetti at one time was an assistant to the Deputy CIA Director.

As I stated before, even though (in retrospect), I may not totally agree with or subscribe to their political beliefs, I was truly impressed and even today I feel so fortunate to know that I had spent a few precious hours with these highly intelligent and intellectual personalities at their respective residences back in 1994.

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