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Groundhogday and timeloops plausability and how would we know?

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 11:32 AM
Who on ATS has watched the movie Groundhog day? If you haven’t then go to this link to read about the movie plot Movie info the basic plot is that the guy in the movie relives the same day over and over again. Definition of groundhog day for those that don’t know

February 2, on which according to popular legend the groundhog emerges from its burrow, prompting the prediction of an early spring if it does not see its shadow or six more weeks of winter if it does.

Now in a previous thread called Illusions seeing behind the mask of reality we touched upon the theory of the world as we know it being an optical illusion of sorts (read to get full concept to save me going over it again here) now I wanted to explore the plausibility of any of us experiencing our very own groundhog day, a time loop if you will. Is it a plausible occurrence? Or just borne out of my mind like my illusions theory? Now the reason I ask is that i was looking through an online paper published by someone and found it very interesting he starts off by saying

the subject and the possibility that this is happening right now in our lives even though we don't realize it. How many times have we heard: I had a hunch, I had a feeling, I feel I have already done that, I had an intuition, and the classic I just had a déjà vu? So many times that there must be something underlying these phenomena. Something that can be exploited and amplified in a story after, for example, an initial explosion wrecked normal space-time in the area and perhaps the normal linearity of the timeline.

Then he works around some solutions as to its plausibility

What could be our cause (in any of the four solutions described below)? An explosion, perhaps the explosion of a machine, or a science experience that went horribly wrong (getting mixed up with different liquids in order to create a nitroglycerin bomb or something similar). Then, you need to learn about that consequence and prevent it. Now, you could be prevented from preventing it (by fate or predestination) or you could easily do it once you get to know about it. How do you get to know about it? By sending a message into the next loop, intuition, guesses, déjà vu.
As for explaining how this is possible, an explosion creates a rupture in the space-time continuum bringing everything back to the way it was some time ago. But we can be more imaginative, like in Voyager, and involve time travel. By going in the past or the future, someone can actually create a cause that will create a time loop. Like Voyager receiving the visit of a timeship, which brings them in the past, then they go to the future and destroy everything. That leads the timeship from another timeline to go back to Voyager in order to prevent it from going in the past. Get your imagination running if you wish to create a time paradox like this!

Sounds pretty straightforward yes/ what about his solutions below?

Solution 1 - It is not explained but it is happening
Someone wakes up remembering doing the same day over and over again and the others don't remember anything. Perhaps in time they will remember more (like in the X-Files) or they will never (like in Groundhog Day and Stargate). We don't know exactly how, we give some suppositions or hypothesis that you can find in all my previous comments, and eventually by doing something special you will break the loop. Something obvious, like trying to correct everything in order to make the day the perfect day (like in Jett Jackson). Or prevent something from happening that appears to be the cause or starting point of the loop.
Solution 2 - An explosion or something like a magnetic storm An explosion or something else like a magnetic storm (or geomagnetic fields like in Stargate) creates a rupture in space and time (in the space-time continuum) creating the loop. Now you need to learn about the cause and the effect and prevent the explosion from causing the rupture (like in Star Trek - The Next Generation and the X-Files).
Note that if you don’t have someone remembering everything, like in Stargate, the X-Files and Groundhog Day, you will need someone more aware of the phenomena in order to get people to realize that they are in a time loop. In Star Trek it is Doctor Crusher who appears to be the most aware of the phenomena. She has clues to follow: Geordi’s Visor, feelings of déjà vu with her flowers, premonitions about which cards will come next at the poker game, and intuition about Riker’s bluff.

Read the rest of the solutions and his theories on Unusual gravity influencing the timeline, The Moon gravitational pull influencing the timeline , How to end the loop?, Mind and Mood Influencing the Timeline Rest of the paper

Now he also touches on paradoxes from stargate and startrek that are well worth the read imho anyways. So from what I have read from that paper makes me think about it all a lot more.
Now time loops are an interesting theory many movies use it i.e star trek dr who amongst many more, so putting forward the time loop theory would that coincide with the plausibility of groundhog day? And would we ever know, as stated somewhere above would or could that account for de ja vu episodes and intuition so often felt by someone, has anyone ever felt like they have ever lived this day before? I know I have which is why im interested in the theories plausibility of occurrence.
Time loops was touched upon by one site who were interested in prophets like Michel Nostradamus and they asked the following question

Could it be that the book of Nostradamus was the result of a future time travel experiment of sending messages to the past?

What an interesting question to pose don’t you think?, using time loops I feel that it could be possible to send messages into the past that were picked up by prophets etc to predict. Maybe in the future (or even now?) We have the technology to do such a thing.

Some intresting links on the subject
Quoted from above link

Einstein's key insight with general relativity is that acceleration is equivalent to gravity, much like mass and energy are equivalent. So spacetime is curved, not flat. The amount of mass or energy determines the degree of curvature, and the more it curves, the stronger the gravitational pull. Since space and time are one, this means that time can flow at different rates for different observes even if they aren't moving relative to one another (per special relativity). Their respective gravitational fields just need to have different strengths.
Theoretically, it is possible that if enough mass or energy is present, the fabric of spacetime can curve so much that it literally folds back on itself. The cosmologist Igor Novikov has famously compared time to a river, flowing from the past into the future. General relativity says that this temporal river can speed up or slow down as it "flows" through the universe, thanks to the warping of spacetime.

Ok so feel free to discuss or tell me im crackers
So if we go towards the time loop theory would this make the Groundhog Day scenario more plausible, and if so how would we ever know.
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posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 06:43 PM
I guess this is possible but what would happen in relation to aging?

Ok so imagine you get stuck in a groundhog day situation and there is at least one person who knows the day's repeating itself, surely that means that even though time is looping for other people where they live for the day but then it sort of gets wiped out of existance, he or she has still experienced the day right? That means time is just looping for them, like one long time line but it's turning backwards/going into alternate universes. This means he / she is still aging during this process.
So imagine he /she relives this day 365 times, that's a year but remeber the rest of the world doesn't know they've been stuck in this loop, therefore to them it just looks like he / she has aged by a year over night.
Strange right?

So what if that person doesn't age? That'd be great right, it basically makes them immortal for as long as this day is looping. So what's to stop he / she repeating this day for an infinate time, they never age, never die and they can do as they please without any consequences. However the negative is that time never moves on and if time were to stop, or even just pause for, possibly, millions of years wouldn't that mess up the rest of the universe?

Sorry if none of that made sense... lol


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