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A True Bite of Reality: Worth the Read

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 05:16 AM

I will make a prediction that I guarantee will be right.

Hope you're ready, because you're going to fall to your feet when my prediction comes true.

I predict that 2 million people will perish this week.

I predict that another 2 million will perish every week for the next seventy years following this week.

Think I am crazy? Well, my prediction is guaranteed.

There are almost 7 Billion people alive and each person lives an average of 70 years, so do the math.

Fifty odd weeks in a year times 70 years equals 3500 weeks of life roughly.

Divide 3500 weeks by 7,000,000,000 people.

The answer is 2,000,000 people will say goodbye to life this week.

But, if a million people were wiped out in another tsunami tomorrow, we might turn to God.

In life, we learn that the more details we give, the more we provide debate.

Therefore this article will not offer references and theories to provide debate.

Instead, this article will challenge the reader to determine their own debate.


Is the Sun really getting hotter and are all the planets in the solar system being affected?

Is global warming a political guise for carbon taxes?

Do man made emissions have something to do with global warming symptoms?

Is the Sun preparing to do something that happens every few thousands of years our time.

Does the Sun has a temper tantrum every so often?

What if this is not the first time humans colonized Earth?

What if our ancestors are only the latest brand of colonization that we can learn about?

What if the story of Noah's Ark was real and a flood did wash out all of existence?

What if dinosaurs and humans really did roam the land and get wiped out millions of years ago?

What if the human race has returned and been wiped out multitudes of times since?

What if underground races exist that trap humans into a form or organized slavery?

What if aliens from the heavens are the angels in the bible who come before a cataclysm?

What if the sudden leap in our technology was not a coincidence?

What if there was a hidden purpose behind the jump forward in our advancement?

What if the end of the world is all a stage that replays over and over again?

If we could live thousands of years, would we learn more about the cycle of the sun?

Would we see that there is a repetitive pattern in the universe?

Would we see that our planet goes through a cataclysmic cycle every so often ?

Would we realize that billions of people have been born before this generation?


People fear death and yet they embrace the ideals of an earth shattering event.

People hope for a moment of magic to confirm that there truly is more to life than meets the eye.

People want proof of everything and yet when proof comes out people respond with criticism.

People are annoyed because the magic is over and the illusion has been evaporated.

We all want to believe in life after death and we all try to believe in a God or reincarnation.

We will even try to conjure up spirits and ghosts to help us confirm that the inevitable is not the end.

If the end truly was inevitable tomorrow, how would we respond?

The excitement of an Earth shattering event we might just see someday in our lifetime.

The mystery of life after death however, you are guaranteed to know sometime really soon.

One way or another, time is running out fast and you can't run or hide.

So what are you going to do with the rest of your days here?

We forget how important the value of experiencing another person was as a kid.

Life was about experience and that was it. Too bad we can't take whatever we make when we leave.

Who do you think is more pissed about leaving here, a homeless person or a wealthy man?

The more you have gained here, the more you are guaranteed to leave behind here.

If we are so important to the world, then why are billions of other people here not as special as we are?

Why are we as an individual the only good person alive, and almost everybody else is evil to the bone?


The moral is we have no real knowledge of a universe or the existence of life beyond our death.

We make it through the day and see what tomorrow will bring.

Maybe tomorrow we will see an Earth shattering event that makes us all believe in the magic.

Maybe tomorrow we will all see our last day and we can all make the best of our final day.

What will be important to you on your last day? Try and imagine it now for one minute.

Now ask yourself, do any of the questions you just read really matter whatsoever?

Does the tea party at the President's house really matter to you whatsoever?

Still think your job is so important?

Remember this the next time you pick up some goods at a store and say hello to someone.

Know that they just played a part in your life, even if it was just for that moment.

Appreciate who you meet and who you have in your life. Put the government on the backburner.

You have a life to live so don't let anyone or a job take the remaining precious time from you.

This article was written by T.F.


posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 05:44 AM
i found another source that has different numbers. i dont know who to trust. wikianswers might be more reliable than cable nations or the other way around. i dont really know.

maybe the difference is that your numbers rely on 70 years old as the average life span of the whole world.
but i dont know

either way i wouldnt guarantee any predictions whatsoever


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