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Human Society, Pollution, and change

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 07:26 PM
I am only 22 years old and throughout my life, in the background, wars have been raging. Over what though? The U.S. and other countries are waging war against "Terrorism". Here on ATS, terrorism is a very dirty word because many believe it all is a hoax and just a path to something.... that something is unknown but yet very a strong energy because it pounds in some of your hearts, compelling you all to seek more knowledge and truth.

So I have been thinking and collecting my thoughts...

Today in Society (In the U.S. atleast) we have so much corruption. There are many people out in the "real world" who are just like zombies. They walk around and they do not see whats going on. They think yeah politics are corrupt but not the politic they voted in office, he will make a real difference. We have Governments covering up some of the most important secrets that every human should have the privledge of knowing (what do they think they are protecting us from anyway)?

We are all killing the world with pollution. Back in the day as an early species we respected the earth because we had to fight against it to make a hard days living, and we saw first hand what it was like living with the earth. But as we have moved into an industrial era, and now into a post industrial era, people have forgotten what it means to be connected to the earth. Now there is no need to go around hugging trees but pollution is taking a toll on simple things in life. People who live in the country have polluted water as the underground water supply travels hundreds of miles and is polluted by seepage of trash pits, drainage from company facilities. Not to mention that but the amount of Carbon in the Air has dramatically increased and it seems like the majority of the people dont care or dont even notice.

A few important things to know about pollution in the water and air are that it effects the mental state and can cause many problems the increase in depression, asthma and cancer are just a few things. here is a Website to visit for a little more information

So in the grand scheme of things Where is the world going? We have wars being fought, and they are only getting increasingly aggressive, people are hating each other more and more, the planet is getting polluted, because of the pollution peoples minds are being destroyed... but nobody cares to change it. I talk to a lot of people at my school and there are only like 1 in 10 people care enough to make a difference.

All of the fear forums ive been reading are increasing, about whats happening to the world but I say this...

The Governments know about the problems, why dont they do anything? Or are they? Or do they know something else? is 2012 going to destroy the earth, is that why the Government doesnt enforce stricter rules? Is the U.S. Constitution too weak and doesnt let them enforce rules that would help protect the world and people from pollution? Whats the deal? Everyone is afraid of the Government taking control, but they are put in power to serve our needs, and the people have become too lazy and too careless to do anything to change the direction of our human and societies future. I have been feeling a very strong tug on my very soul to make change. I think there is life after 2012, and I think the number was put there to test us, would we give into fear... or give into prosperity?

What Do y'all think?

On a last note ill state my oppinion.

I think the Government is going to clean out their closet and get rid of careless individuals when its getting close to the Point of No Return... something has to change, we cannot keep living like this.

Edit to add:

Also Do yall think wars are a movement to peace? To keep at war until we get tired of it? Do yall think war is a distraction from the horrible coming events?

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 08:13 PM
If you think that corruption is bad in the United States, just look at nations like Russia, Iran, and oh so many other locales. If you go overseas for a while, you begin to witness that even though our society might very well be imperfect on many counts, it is in fact amongst the best that mankind has ever been able to offer. This does not mean that we cannot nor should not make improvements, but while doing so, we must be careful to not drastically alter the very construct and fabric of its being.

As for War, the very concept comes about due to the inability to reason with certain people at specific points and times throughout history. War will never cease to exist so long as evil exists in this World, and good people are unwilling to idly stand by while it progresses and attempts to conquer. The prospect of violence is horrible, and I completely detest it, but I also know that it is a necessary factor of standing up for all that is good and honorable in this existence.

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