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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 11:33 AM
I have seen two strange things in the sky this week in Amsterdam, Holland.

Wednesday 15 July 2009.

Since I was at work and I don't want to reveal details about its exact location I will not tell how I got to calculate height and width of the thing.

It was about 15:30/16:00 when I all of the sudden saw:

a circular mirror like object reflecting bright light in a 90 degree angle with the ground
above the Amsterdamse Bos (a big park with both forrest, water and open spaces)
located close to Schiphol Airport
estimated height about 70 meters
estimated diameter about 10 meters
duration of sighting about 10 seconds
no wind/patches of clouds
when it moved a bit, it seemed as if something was attached to it at the back.

I went away for 5 seconds to fetch my sunglasses as the light became to bright. When I returned it was gone. No I have no picture, I do not carry a camera to work and I have a simple cell phone with no camera function. Then again it was only to be seen for a few seconds. There was just one other coworker that could not look out of this particular window.

The only thing I can come up with is a kite. Yet are there kits that can go this high and furthermore, can it be reeled back in 5 seconds? Mind you, there was NO WIND. All the trees were not moving.

Thursday 16 July 2009

I was at home in Amsterdam, sitting on my balcony at night. I always look at the sky, one can never know and besides I love to watch the stars. Once in a while there are planes to be seen both far away and close since they are heading for Schiphol.

At about 23:30 I saw yet again a thing:

it was a bright light blob but not a perfect circle, the edges were blurred.
the light it was emitting was yellowish white
relative width about 1 cm
it came from the west and headed for the east quite fast
I had no data to figure out estimated height/width
it had a relative speed of 10 cm/5 seconds (it span a width of 10 cm as seen by me) moving downwards about 10 degrees
it had NOT the typical lights on/off that planes have
it did not move in the trajectory I know planes to use (I have lived here for years now)
it was NOT the ISS (
I could only see it for about 5 seconds as it disappeared behind a tree and houses
I have never seen something like this in my whole life
and no picture as a) my digital camera is a crappy old one somewhere in a drawer and b) it all happened that fast

Both incidents made me feel a bit apprehensive. I have not seen anything on the tv about strange sightings so I do not know if I was the only one to see both objects.

Now I would like you to come up with explanations that honor my discriptions. Please don't dump just about anything as a reply without thoroughly reading the events and thoroughly analyzing them.

I wonder whether this a the start of a new UFO flap here at Amsterdam.

In case I find relevant information I will post it here.

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 12:50 PM
hi. I have no idea what you saw.

1: search for 'ufo amsterdam' for the relevant time period. Check news sources AND blog sources (on the left panel)
2: search for 'ufo amsterdam'
3: look at

...maybe some other people saw them and tweeted them/blogged them/reported them

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 05:40 PM
Good post!

I live in the vacinity of the Amsterdamse Bos too

Haven't seen anything special last Wednesday nor Thursday eve. Have to say that at the moment it's High-season for Holliday flights and it can drive one crazy. The planes fly late in the eve and even in the night.

Also the chopper that flies wounded people in, top building VU, is flying crazy hours lately. Some late eve's I can't even get to sleep

Seen a few bats flying around in the late eve, mostly shortly before it gets dark.

No strange lights noticed around here (A10 - Oude Olympisch stadion)

Your sure it weren´t laser lights in the sky? Reier Pos is doing the light-show-effects for the Open-air Bos Theater, they are playing Shakespeare´s `Storm` till August 9th 2009 execpt on Mondays, it starts
at 9.30 PM and ends around 11.25 PM.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 09:37 AM
reply to post by Melyanna Tengwesta

Hello fellow Amsterdammer

No, the thing I saw during the day was just that, a solid object shining like a mirror. It was the first and last time I have seen such a thing hanging in the sky.

I am very well used to the choppers that fly over Amsterdam. And other regular things.

I simply have seen two very strange things that for now defy logic and common sense.

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