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Best UFO Information Ever !!!

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 06:54 AM
Howdy Folks

I'm glad to see so many thousands
of very intelligent, educated, wise,
wonderful people here in these excellent ATS forums!

What is everyone's Best UFO Information Ever!!! ?

Here is mine ...

Because I have been reading
almost everything UFO related
online everyday, for between 8 - 16 hours a day,
every year, for 12 years.
Also borrowing UFO related DVD and VHS videos.
And before the internet, reading the best UFO books available.
I was an Alien UFO NewsGroups Geek everyday for 8 years.
And friends and I have had some pretty cool UFO sightings.

Please don't give me Pleiadians or Plejaren info,
because I've read all their stuff, and proved it
to be bunk.

And please don't give me the weekly updates
from The Galactic Federation with Sheldan Nidle
because I read every weekly update for over two years.
I like those weekly updates.
But they go round in circles
saying the same thing forever.
Starting in 1997.

And please don't give me Alex Collier
and the Allies of Humanity.
That's the worst stuff I read, ever!!!

So, I'm looking forward
to your collection of Best UFO Information Ever !!!


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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 07:34 AM
I really want to say that the video isn't really information, it's just telling me to Google a phrase and that going on that route I could tell you to Google "UFO" and you would have a wealth of information.
But I can't because I saw that you are in some way related to Acebryan7ox... I guess I have a soft spot here because it was this guys videos which spurred my interest in UFOs.

So I'll give you my favourite source of information.
A book called "The New UFO Breakthrough" - Brad Steiger and Joan Whritenour (1968).
Yep 1968. It's a great read and shows you how much we haven't learned over the last 40 years. It could have been written yesterday.

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 07:52 PM
It's not just a couple of links.
It is what all videos do,
all videos introduce you,
to old or new information.

There are two ways or more that I can make the video.

Type out or copy and paste all the information so you have to sit there watching a text scroller for 30 minutes, hopefully going at the speed you like!

Put all the text through a beautiful female voice.
But I have already done that before, here ...

Make the video nice and short,
with nice music, and nice photos,
so you can read and study it all,
in your favorite manner.
You might like to read it all
with your own music.
Or, what I did was print it all out.

So that is the production.
Introducing what I think is the best information on Earth.


Seeing as you have not just looked at one link,
but actually enthusiastically read
The Best UFO Information Ever!!! ...

We can now get some dialog happening.
Because one thing about that message called
"Decide Whether We Should Show Up"
is, there is nothing un-real in the information.
It matches all of the information I have studied everywhere else.


The Shadow Government Documentary with Bill Moyers.

Lou Gentile's documentaries and radio show.
Lou was a real good man, and a real clever man.
He studied and experienced "negative multidimensional beings".

Human Occult Abductions.
This amazing reading here...

Quote from the message...
"Joy is strongly sought in the Universe for it's energy is divine".
... And that was proven in the recent documentary called The Secret.
And in other documentaries and books.
But you don't see that mentioned on TV News?
We just get fear and worry and boogie-man North Korea.

"Neither your scientists nor your religious representatives speak unanimously about the unexplained celestial events that mankind has witnessed for thousands of years."
... It's true, people are chicken or threatened or ridiculed
if they talk about the possibility of life throughout the universe!
Even in the year 2009!

"Until recently, mankind lived a satisfying control of its decisions. But it is losing more and more the control of its own fate because of the growing use of advanced technologies".
... MKULTRA ... everyone knows about that!
And that is really old technology.

Anyway, read the rest here...


I noticed only one mention of the message at UFO Updates.
All they want to talk about is 'a light in the sky'.
Or Nick Pope and his M.O.D reports of faint lights in the distant sky!

Well, I will wait for more intelligent dialog.

The good news is from that message and from what I have studied about the Earth and Universe, is ... you can choose and have what you like.
If you want to be friends with "negative multidimensional beings", you can have that.
If you want to be friends with nice loving caring intelligent people and other consciences and with the wisdom of several races, you can have that.

Even the message itself says ... "Nevertheless no individual desire goes unheeded in the Universe."

Oh, and one more thing,
apart from a lot of other information I have,
this information matches the message data too...

D) Alien beings may have human-like bodies or non-human bodies (such as hybrid, insectoid, or reptilian). Intelligent beings can be physical, non-physical or inter-dimensional in nature.

E) The variety of life in the universe is diverse, like the life on our own planet is diverse.

F) Some alien beings have the ability through advanced technology or other means to move forward and backward at will through time and space.

G) The spiritual evolution of an alien life form may be ahead of, equal to or behind its level of technological development.

H) The social orientation, motives and agendas of these beings is very diverse. Some alien intelligences are more friendly to human beings than others.

P.S. I will read the book you mentioned, thanks!

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