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Mayan Calendar: The Countdown to 2012 A.D.

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 05:04 PM
Is there a connection between the Mayan Calendar and Planet X ans 2012 A.D.?

Read this for two minutes and make your own decision.

Article includes links for additional confirmation.


Here is the story without links, I hate having to add them in manually.

Calendars have always played a role in social structures. They have always formed an existence with the ancestors of the ancients.

Calendars are used to list appointments and events of the following year, as well as recording the events of the past years.

The secret of the Maya tradition. Was this monument designed not to predict future events, but was it instead a design for a countdown?


The Mesopotamia cultures that are reported to have been existent 5,000 B.C. inscribed symbolism and astronomical features into the tablets.

Their tablets today are referred to as the Sumerian age, descendants of possible Gods, as per interpretations of the tablets from a few sources who analyzed them.

Zecharia Sitchin is most noted for his interpretation of the collection of Sumerian tablets, however, whether he was right or wrong, the fact is the tablets do exist.

Although It is impossible to interpret the meanings of the tablets perfectly, it can be recognized that the tablets do have astronomical symbols.

The Mesoamerican culture of the Mayans also inscribed images and symbols into a giant pyramid like monument, forming what has been interpreted as a calendar.

The Mayan Calendar involves numerous possibilities of calendar formations; from a 260 day cycle, to a 584 day Venus cycle, a long count, this calendar is very unique.

There are symbols of deities, animals and other variations inscribed into the Temple, and the structure of their temple displays mathematical and astronomical intelligence.

So, the question is who had the knowledge of such astronomical patterns and directed the design of such genius at such an early age in history?

Did Mayan priests and cultural leaders have guidance from the forces of the underworld? Link to underground Mayan caves

In Mayan history, the leaders are claimed to have been in contact with a feathered serpent named Kukulcan or Ququmatz. Link to Quetzalcoatl

The calendar of the Mayan Temple inscribes a variety of sequences. This variety seems to represent lunar cycles, seasonal cycles, and possibly universal cycles.

Scientists have confirmed that cycles of planets, suns, solar systems and galaxies exist, and therefore, obviously a universal cycle must exist as well.

What would be the purpose of a calendar that identifies a universal cycle?

A countdown!

The universe is obviously the mother of all creation inside of it, and all the planets were obviously born within the universe, this is obvious.

The planet X some seek or the Nibiru some believe is coming is not presently here for astronomers to view, because it has not been born yet. Does this sound too complex?

Scientists can not explain the birth of a planet, they just know it exists.

Scientists can learn about resources, patterns, structures and designs of a planet, but they can not explain the birth of a planet.

Science has learned that all planets are kept warm and lighted by the sun, but what they don't realize is that the sun is pregnant. Sound strange?

The intensity of the sun is heating up and so is the atmosphere of every planet in it’s range because it is preparing to bear a new planetary body of existence.

Scientists are aware that other planetary bodies are heating up as well as our own. Even Pluto is reportedly "warming up". Link to ABC News article

What the universal cycle of the Mayan Calendar represents is the birth of a new planet.

Suns are born in the cycle of the universe and so are planets, and somewhere in the vast universe a new sun is yet to be born.

Planet X or Nibiru or planet unknown does net yet exist because it is preparing to be born in accordance with the universal cycle.

Science today confirms the reality that life is not a fluke; it has design, it has purpose and it has a birth or beginning. Science has proven all existences are born by design.

If the Sun is a mother to numerous planets inside the womb of the solar system, and a new baby world is born into the womb, an expansion of the womb will occur naturally.

The shock of the new world birth will cause the other planets to move and shift over. This would only make common sense.

Planets would reposition as needed for the new planetary body, and rest assured, the elements within a planet will also absorb the shock of the shift.

Is winter Solstice 2012 A.D. the final date of a cycle on the Mayan Calendar? This is the day suggested by some experts who have interpreted the Mayan Calendar.

Does planet Earth becomes the brother or sister to a newborn planet on this date?

Would the birth of a new world into the solar system upset the balance of the solar cycle? Would a forced gravitational change cause a cataclysm on Earth?

The inhabitants of Earth would naturally be affected. To be expected. Like any major event, some people will be severely affected and some people will not.

Rest assured, science will leap forward in the understanding of the universe, and a whole new view of planetary existence and the universe will be appreciated.


Is the reason secret defense operations are developing over 300 inter-connected underground cities in preparation of the new planetary birth?

Some people may or may not know, but, they do exist and are referred to as D.U.M.B.s or Deep Underground Military Bases. Link to see D.U.M.B.s on YouTube

The Mayans didn’t dream up a multi level calendar with mathematical and astronomical intelligence by fluke.

They were directed to understand it by a more advanced culture, and the countdown to a new birth cycle is probably closing in as you read this article.

This article was written by T.F.

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 05:33 PM
?? ??

The Mayans didn’t dream up a multi level calendar with mathematical and astronomical intelligence by fluke.

No fluke ? but,but people say they just passed time on the calendar which tells of the start of the univers too..??

The tun calender seems to start at 16.4 billion years ago, just like the evolusionists say ? did they steel the information from that calendar and forot to give credits to the Mayans ??

Funny thing, it goes back to the utmost start of the universe it self, yet the end is supposed to be nonsense ??

The start is right, but the end is not, yet it is the same what they say.?
End of Co-Creation is october 28th 2011, so if every body is scared to death about 2012 , the NWO have created the World they want for them selfs.. I want to point to the Montauk chairs ...

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by PAYBACKCOMESSOON

I am not sure what the end will mean. It could mean a spiritual death or the over turn of an accepted paradigm. The elites (the people smarter, more powerful ,richer ,and better looking than everyone else) have been desperately clutching at power lately (bad vaccines, loosening laws protecting families, frackenfoods, monopolizing healthcare etc.) It is almost like they are afraid they will lose it all together. It would be quite a paradigm shift if all the serfs around the world rose up at once and sent the elites scurrying back to their limmos never to play God with the humans ever again. The Mayans were a class conscious society. From the Mayan perspective true equality would have been the end of the world. Come to think of it the end has always meant the levelling of the playing field.

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 07:28 PM
Very interesting thread.

I think it is a neat theory, how stars make planets, but how would a star make a planet. I always that stars were gas, so how would they make a planet made of rock? But then again it is only rock after it had cooled off right

I do believe that something will happen on 12.21.12 but im still not sure what. I dont think the world will just blow up, something smash into it maybe, but not just simply blow up. Also it could be the return of aliens or even an invasion. Who knows besides the Mayans.....But this theory is also a possiblity in my mind now.

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 08:23 PM
Remember to bare in mind that the scientists have theories on the gases being combusted within the sun, they truly have no clear understanding of it's inner design and workings, just hypothesis.

Secrets of the universe have been unfolding slowly over the decades, and we have advanced beyond imagination in the last hundred.

What we are going to know about the universe in the next decade alone will mind boggle the current scientific community.

They're guessing about the make up of a universe, if one steps back to recognize the true value of a sun, no planet or inhabitant would exist without it. Therefore, the sun is the umbilical cord to the planets and all who inhabitant them.

Science needs to let go of nuclear philosophies, and start challenging basic principles of existence with basic answers before they can understand the true workings inside the universe.

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 08:25 PM

This article opens up alot of possibility into the possibility of the Mayan Calendar displaying a calendar of a universal cycle, and the possibility behind the new birth within the cycle.

It helps the Planet X theorists with a possibility they have yet to consider.

Thise deserves more flags.

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 02:54 AM
Gahhh people quit worrying about planet x its a lie go to my thread and read about this ok.

Or simply go here:

that is proof that planet x is NOT real.

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 04:45 AM
I really dont feel that this was all just "BY CHANCE"...maybe it was built off of an ooold date, a long time ago, and people "went along with it" but then again...these were people that didnt have boats, or interest in even leaving where they stayed. I found it rather hard for all this to be "chance"

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 04:50 AM
reply to post by ChemBreather

16.4 billion years? The only place i have heard that is lungold and his microbiologist buddy.Do you have a link that says the mayans calculated the universe to be 16.4billion years old..apart from lungold.

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