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End of the World predictions 2020 -2047

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 02:18 PM
Predictions of TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it):
2020s or 2030s: Bill Joy, co-founder and chief scientist of Sun Microsystems predicted the end of humanity in within 20 or 30 years, in an article in the 2000-APR issue of Wired Magazine. He wrote that leading-edge technologies such as robotics, genetic engineering and nano-tech may soon lead to the extinction of human society. 1

2023: According to an Email from Clarence D'Souza, Daniel 12:12-13 predicts the end of the world and of the Universe during this year.

Before 2024: A web site titled "Fire from the sky: Meteors and Biblical Prophecy," predicts that a meteor (actually a meteorite) "could" hit the earth sometime between 1998 and 2023. This would cause fireballs of debris, tidal waves, supher [sic] dioxide, a "red tide" in the oceans, and a dust cloud.

2019 to 2026: John Ash had failed predicting the date of the "end" on two occasions, but is now quite confident that he has the correct seven year tribulation interval defined. He rearranges the digits in the 1,290 days of Daniel 12:7 to produce 2019, which he predicts will be the start of the tribulation. He then takes the 1,335 value from the same verse and adds the number 691 -- the approximate year that the Dome of the Rock was built in Jerusalem to produce 2026, which he believes is the end date of the tribulation. 5

2028-OCT: Asteroid "1997 XF11" will approach close to earth. At first, scientists were concerned that there was a small probability that it might impact earth. However, data from 1990 has indicated that it will miss earth by about 600,000 miles. 2 Still, this is a near miss, as astronomical distances go.

About 2028: A visitor to this web site from Norway has analyzed biblical chronologies and determined to his satisfaction that "Jesus became Messiah [about the year 28 CE] exactly 4000 years after Creation." He believes that God created the world to last 6,000 years. Thus, the end of the world will happen about 2028. Actually, various theological sources estimate the date of Jesus' execution between 28 and 33 CE. 30-APR-07 is a common date. So, the millennium of Jesus' resurrection would occur between 2028 and 2033, with the most likely date being 2030-APR-07.

2029: Mike Flipp believes that God has been communicating with him by sending him signs all based on the number 2. He wrote in an Email: "And then on April 26th, 2005 EXACTLY 2 years worth of getting signs of 2's, I got the Grandiose Sign of the Aceptable [sic] Year of the Lord - Luke 4:19." The sign is that Jesus will return in the year 2029. He does not know the month, day, or hour. See:

2034: The website predicts the end of the current age and the beginning of the Millennium will happen during 2034 CE. They sell a book "Rest Onto the Land" that describes their conclusions. See:

Before 2038: The environmental group, Greenpeace, predicts massive starvation due to uncontrolled population growth. Global warning will melt the polar ice caps and cause massive coastal flooding. Thousands of plant and animal species become extinct.

2038: The book "The Bible and the Future" predicts that "large percentage of the world's population will die in a series of severe punishments from God" at this time. See:

2047-SEP-14: According to The Church of !BLAIR!, the human race will probably be terminated at 3:28 AM (Soho, UK time). The church teaches, with tongue firmly in cheek, that if the human race does not discard their plastic conformity, then the Gods will withdraw their protection. The Gods don't want us to worship them; they don't want sacrifices or even offerings. They just want us to rid itself of our excessive "Normalcy". At that time, Astro-Lemurs (extra-terrestrials similar in shape to lemurs, but with rainbow colored bodies) will attack the entire human race and beat them to death with gigantic burritos. You have been warned. ;-)

Unfortunately, the Church is no longer online to reinforce their warnings.

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 02:27 PM
And from the beginning of man kind we have these predictions; and over thousands of years with some great documentation suggesting their theories, but do they ever come true? I have reason to believe that if we were to carry on here on Earth for thousands of years, we would have lived through many more dooms day predictions. In my lifetime, it was Y2K and the year 2000 every thing was coming to an end; and now I wait on 2012 as many before me waited on similar predictions. There is no doubt that such predictions can come true and extinctions from such events have happened. But never when predicted. The last event here on Earth that could have destroyed many lives would have been in 1909 the Tumgusta Event... I probably hacked that spelling. In any case, no-one predicted that event. Always watch for the upcoming book deals. And never believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. Thanks for the post!

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 02:58 PM
Yep, SkyNet is taking over !!
God help us all..

You should go to youTube and listen to Alex jones and Maxwell Jordan talk about the coming of an 'Ancient Entity', scary as h3ll..

the Rising Sun even , 2012 solar max , Maya birth of the 6th sun .

Help , what is happening !!

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