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Bilderberg benefits with Alien/UFO disclosure event

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 12:58 AM
Roughly half the people in the world (that's around 3 Billion people) believe that UFOs have visited planet earth. Even the lowest estimates and eliminating non-counted countries would still yield maybe one billion people believe in life from places other than earth.

Key question: Why have the Powers That Be, such as media owners, NOT gotten together to disclose this fact yet?

Answer: Because they haven't found a significant way to sell it and benefit from it!

This is pertinent in America mostly as many other countries include UFO sightings on the evening news and sightings are freely discussed.


The first obvious claim would be fear, but that's far too vague and they're already doing a pretty darn good job at keeping people fearful and ignorant to the truth.

America was an investment and it's basically run its course. The Bilderberg friends have all become exceptionally more rich, the banks are "all" owned by the right elite people now, the middle class is poor and the rich are on their way down. Most things are or soon will be taxed, and the separation between elite and the rest is immense. So what to do with America?

America will likely be split into distinct countries. What would be a great way, a wonderfully significant event, to separate America while not being at blame?


In my opinion aliens are not coming here to blow us up; there are many reasons for this. Some alien groups may be bad, some may be good, I don't know… but what matters right now is, how can Bilderberg elites benefit from a UFO presence or perceived presence?

First, what they DON’T want is for the people to find an answer to the UFO question on their own. Already an exceptional amount of money has been used to hide the truth about various UFO sightings, landings, crashes, and interactions.

What they need is a very large event to convince EVERYONE that UFOs have come to earth. It doesn’t need to be a real event, simply one that will convince the masses (sheeple) that it’s real.


One world government is right around the corner (for many people who pay attention to world news from alternative sources, and pay attention to legislation, one-world-government is already here). We don’t need an alien landing to play this card anymore. Elitists have already raped America of her glory and fortune. So for the elitists to stay in power (and milk the people for any remaining disposable income) what would be best: Aliens being friend or foe?

Remember, the encounter event does not need to be a real event; it just needs to be accepted by the masses in America.

We live in a world in which destruction of enemies outweighs peaceful negotiation. It is obvious that any alien invasion event in the U.S. will be one of violence. This will give the Powers That Be a plausible reason to use high yield weapons against any target they desire. America is waning but the fact they still control the grandest military on the planet is without question; it is the one remaining strength of a dying country.

The coup de grace for the American investment is self destruction. The Bilderbergers and other elite groups own the world, more-so than ever. They no longer need America’s waning economic might.


Maybe the actual aliens will help us out!

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 05:17 AM
Anyone who knows their stuff about the Illuminati and New World order agenda knows there has for a very long time been a plan to prepare the world for the arrival of the TRUE "masters". Much has been written in the occult arena about the instigation of a new world "religion" and preparing the way for the return of a Messiah like figure and the "ascended masters"

If you consider all the ancient texts talking about gods from the heavens with special powers and flying ships and great "wisdom" then it's not much of a jump to consider that the UFO/ET phenomena has much to do with these same beings who have been ramping up activity here on Earth for 60 odd years with a view to revealing themselves fully and installing the "kingdom of god" on Earth. The Kings they set in place to govern Earth millenia ago are the ancestors of the Illumined Elite , who have been hard at work following what they view as a "divine plan" as laid out in ancient texts, ie they have been deliberately orchestrating a series of events to realize prophecy, esp Bible prophecy in preparation for the grand revealing that will usher in the dawn of a new age on Earth which will see our planet gradually become openly governed by these beings

The Illuminati-Elite are working towards a plan that was set in place not by themselves, but by their ET masters (or demons, whichever term you prefer) so disclosure will only occur when the time is exactly right.
Many ancient texts prepare humans for the return of the Messiah at the end of the age....2012 ...and if you google UN, 2013 there is alot of talk about that year being the disclosure year, and if you google Share International (an NGO of the UN) you might notice how they already have in place the movement for the new "religion", an organization that is preparing earth for the arrival of MAITREYA and the "space brothers" (ascended masters) by 21-12-2012

Also look into the UN's "spiritual/supernatural" activities via their recreational department, S.E.A.T and the occult connections to the UN...I haven't time to give links but it's all there to be googled

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 10:07 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Good information CosmicPixie!

I followed the works of the Ascended Masters for a short time, as well as other sources which were channeled or gleened in some "non provable" fashion. I myself am a channeler/psychic and know that it is a wonderful means of gaining information among other things. I draw the line however at truly accepting channeled information as truth when it affects government choices, etc.

I think you may be right on much of what you said but I personally would have a VERY hard time trying to convince someone of current day truths based on channeled info from aliens, vague prophecies, or the words of the Bible/Bhagavad Gita/Upanishads, etc

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 10:20 AM
A perfect way for a one world order[community] is a common enemy in the form of ET..This will only enhance/amplify the binding effect of the nwo...

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 10:29 AM
Interesting thread anyway. Although, the claim of half the world or whatever as believers is questionable, even with the simple definition of UFOs as unknowns.

I found one site that mentions only 5 to 10 percent. I can't understand where people get their statistics from though. To me, that's like asking ghosts or aliens to come forward to prove their own existence.

The mention of 2013 as the new beginning is always interesting and getting closer. At least, we have the 2012 movie to watch this fall, too bad if it doesn't include this other ET information though, because that would be disappointing to many expecting it as part of our own " special effects" theater.

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by Foppezao

The ETs talked about via Share International (a UN affiliated organization remember ) are very much behind a one world government and advocate the UN as THE force for political, social and humanitarian change in the world. They also talk about a one-world language, as do the Georgia Guidestones actually and within the reams of written material they put out the role of Secret Societies is seen as pivotal in the great changes planned for the world.....

One should not underestimate the size of this movement (Share International), it's very open ties with the UN, and all the very "important" people who contribute to it's magazine articles etc not to mention the vast body of evidence suporting the idea that the UN has a lot of occult ties via some of its members and the "new agey" stuff they get up to through their recreational branch, SEAT

Share International and their "space beings" are ON the Illuminati-elite side, the PTB do not need to invent some alien enemy when they have real ET beings pulling their strings and an ancient ET plan to follow.

The 144,000 might be the illuminati lot and their closest allies who get "sealed" by the gods in some way to protect them at the time of the head honcho (Maitreya) appearing and the SHTF... The 144,000 are a special bunch from the 12 lineages of kings they installed on earth. They are sealed and become special guards over humans on Earth. Perhaps they will be bestowed with special powers and abilities via some DNA activiation as a reward for their loyalty over the millenia.....just theorizing here

Then the other bunch "a great multitude than no man can number" are all the humans who become swayed by these beings and this new god and so enter a special segment of society, with the rest of us are not granted access to the new kingdom but become outcasts if we are not already dead through resisting the new order or refusing the microchip the earthly PTB will try to make everyone take when all hell breaks loose following the ETs revealing and there is a rush to "control" the masses......this chaos would have been will the refusal of about 2 billion christians to take the chip which is great for them as it helps their depopulation agenda

Just imagine......aliens arrive very publicly, the world goes quite bonkers, civil unrest ensues, there may be attempts to attack the ETs from certain countries not in on the plan....martial law will get enforced all over the globe, our leaders will try to tell us that the only way to know who is on the side of the new ET-human alliance is to have a chip implanted and perhaps we will be encouraged to take it because the ETs tell us that they will activate it in some way to grant us special powers or heightened skills etc......there would be alot of people who would resist, not just christians

By the time the chipping programme is complete those that refused it could get wiped out (maybe half the global population would resist)....those with the chip might have some programme installed in it which they were unaware of that would make them turn a blind eye to the genocide of the "resistors" as the chip could basically act as a platform for all-out brainwashing . The ETs could easily determine who was or was not chipped and unleash some special weapon which only terminated those without the chip

Just musing..........

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

There's also the mention of human energies or souls being harvested. These chips, might be the way they do it. Biblical interpretation to some may be the rapture. " New heavenly bodies" and you shall be as children once again.......

144,000 could be clones and hosts, mouthpieces etc. The cheribum are as if children without sin.

There's been mention of the hosts and the great hosts. Our society also divides people of importance, depending on what they do.The SG1 series, among others, also suggests these things in some form.

Our science fiction programs and movies may also be a way of disclosure, even if only through special effects and an illusion, such as with the alleged project blue beam. "You shall know them by their works"

Deception, devices, agenda etc.

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by aleon1018

I was just talking to my partner about this idea of a harvest and also about how we are often led to believe sCI fi is just a fantasy when really it's closer to the truth than most probably realize...there's synchronicity for you !

The chips would certainly allow for a harvest if you consider how brain washed and mind-controlled those souls would be . The conditioning they carry over into the astral when they die would be very strong, they would likely be programmed to accept without hesitation the offer to return to Earth

I believe the reincarnation process is a matrix system for the astral realms, set up by these beings to keep souls trapped in a never-ending cycle as this provides them with the energy necessary to maintain power. If every sould awakened then the system would crash, both here and in the astral realms.

They want only a certain number of souls on Earth so the chipped souls who keep on reincarnating will give them the perfect supply line . Reincarnation is the religion they are pushing via Share International, it is the belief system that the new world religion embraces ....there must be an important reason why so perhaps this is it.

I don't know where all the souls who resist the chip would go....these beings might shut off the astral system such that only those with a certain frequency can enter it ?? Which is actually a good thing for the souls who have resisted the new system...BUT maybe they would still permit those souls to enter it , as even if those souls were not allowed to reincarnate (they want to keep the numbers down on earth), somehow those souls would be energy food for the overlords of the astral matrix, which contain many different zones/planes ...

Everywhere we look there are messages for humans to "go into the light" when we cross over.......why ? I'm only just beginning to question this but what if the light is a TRAP to get you into the astral matrix so that you continue to be food for them ? The promise of being reunited with loved ones when you enter this light, the feelings of bliss and love etc...what a powerful narcotic all this must be to the vulnerable soul upon death...conditioned from birth to either (a) expect to go to heaven when they die (b) enter the white light and be greeted by dead loved ones you have missed for years and long to be reunited with (c) reincarnate as this will help you evolve and become wise and have another shot at living on earth

Robert Monroe went all over the place in his out of body travels as have others without ever needing to have gone into some white light first....What if the key to real freedom is to avoid the light alltogether ? Is this even possible....

Sorry to ramble on, I'm going off topic really

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 01:20 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Without knowing the agenda and relationship between these, there's always room to tie them together, as if hand in hand.

In programs such as Highlander, the life energy is absorbed. Biblical watchers and the fallen may actually be controlling lives remotely, by using devices.

The suggestion that our life energies are feeding ghosts etc. seems to suggest we're also recycled. Thousands of souls may be combined for some elite person or entity. Some say for machines. idk

It's been suggested to me that some elite groups are also like the watchers, carrying out their evil sins and desires by using inocent people like puppets remotely, as with some video game controller.

We already hear about brain implants etc. People with power, usually want more power in any form they can get their hands on. Which goes back to the hosts and the great hosts suggestion. As if a chain of puppets and puppet masters like computer severs.

The imagination can be our best friend and our worst enemy, as with overcome with fear.

As my father used to say: " Don't give them any ideas" It's something like the Wishmaster movies and the Jinn.

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by aleon1018

Even if ONE percent of people believe in aliens that's still 67 MILLION people who believe we're not alone!

I personally only know a handful of people who do not believe there's any other life in the universe.
(of people I know well enough to ask that obviously)

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