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"Staged" Abduction Leaves Pupils in Tears

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 06:43 PM
I came across this on my nightly web browse, Although I've scoured the rest of the web for confirmation, I am thinking this is maybe a story which will pop up over the next day or so, Likewise, not even sure if the UFO forum is the right place to put it, seeing how it will probably become a thread in the Alternative breaking news forum.

Anyhow, the story gist is, A school here in the UK decided to stage a UFO crash, helped by Police, to apparently try and boost the imagination of the Children at this school.

As part of the plan a Teacher was abducted by Aliens (fake Aliens) and it seems the plan backfired big time, reportedly leaving 370 Children traumatised.

Story apparently comes from a reporter at the Daily Mail, and reported here.


On one hand I can see how this could broaden the imagination to some extent, but on the other, what on Earth where these people thinking?

For 7 year olds I believe this is a little much, however without the whole story, I want to know if the kids where aware it was just an attempt at injecting a little excitement into their education, I can also see a lot of adults becoming traumatised witnessing an event like this, if they where unaware of the real scenario unfolding.

The only source right now is

UFO Casebook

Does anyone else have an opinion on this really bad attempt at enlightenment of the already over active imagination of Children of this age?

IMO this is a step to far, no matter what the aim of the exercise was.
and with the Police involved I have to ask the question, was there another reason for such a stunt?

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 06:49 PM
Please add any further comments/ opinion to this all ready ongoing thread. School Children Traumatized After Seeing School Teacher Dragged Away By Aliens.

Thank you, thread closed.


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