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TinWiki: Camp Hero

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 11:30 AM

Camp Hero is a military installation located in Montauk, New York. It is the location of what is called the Montauk Project. The base is now decommishioned, but has re-opened as a state park, that is open to the general public. However all of the structures are closed, and are marked with no tresspassing signs.

Early History

The base has been around since the mid 1700's. The Battle of Long Island proved that Montauk was a vulnerable place in the defense of the United States. There isn't much else that is really noteworthy about the period. Except to say that the Montauk Lighthouse was commissioned a little later in the century, and as part of its mission was to keep a look out for the British.

The 20th Century

Camp Hero, originally called "Fort Hero", was part of the Harbor Defenses of the North Atlantic. It was officially commissioned in 1929. It was named after the Army's Chief of Coastal Artillery, one Major General Andrew Hero. In 1942, the Army made the base part of the "Eastern Shield," a defense grid laid out on the US's eastern seaboard. Camp Hero was chosen because of the threat posed by German U-Boats. From the air or sea, the base appeared to be a New England fishing village. This was achieved by painting the concrete bunkers with doors and windows on them, or affixing the structures with things like a steeple. The "church" on Camp Hero was actually a gymnasium for the soilders to excercise in. On June 13th, 1942 German saboteurs were caught about 11 miles west of Camp Hero. In the 1950's, the threat changed from U-Boats to Soviet Union long range bombers. It was realized that the 16 inch artillery cannons were no match for the high flying war planes, so most of the base was shut down. In 1958 the huge SAGE (Semi Automatic Ground Environment) Radar was installed. The bases main function now became aircraft spotting. However this function was moved to Riverhead, and the base became antiquated. And in 1980 the base was closed. In 2002, parts of the bases were opened as a state park.


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