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Patrick Henry Jolly speech and interview (Video media)

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 11:36 PM
I decided to post this because hardly anybody uploaded YouTube videos of the July 4th 2009 event and this is to educate people on what a relative of our founding fathers has to say. Also this isn't propaganda or lies, the videos show him from his own words saying the things I think he said, this isn't spam or government shill junk, just telling those who may take down my thread before even reading it and watching the videos that are educational of the Forgotten Patriot.

Credit: USWGO News Admin: Brian D. Hill

Video taken: All Patrick Henry Jolly stuff has been filmed at Red Hill historic plantation in Virginia, on the Fourth of July in 2009 from I think around 4PM to almost dark.

A alternative press media I run has been showing Patrick Henry Jolly (the 6th great grandson of The first Patrick Henry that demanded that we have a Bill of Rights, read the declaration of Independence, and made that famous speech of the British government bring a false peace to bring in slavery and he responded by Give Me Liberty or Give me death!

So I interviewed Patrick Henry Jolly for my alternative press media and made a video on YouTube, and also recorded his whole speech and even got an extension where he says that his speech applies to us today, and he also says hes not for World Government.

So here it is the video of his speech and Interview:

Part one of his almost 20min speech that came from his 6th great grandfather:

Patrick Henry Jolly Interview, but first will be a bunch of New Host talk before that, Just skip it and go onto the Interview:


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