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The Columbia Disaster and a detailed dream

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posted on May, 8 2004 @ 01:57 AM
I don't want ANYONE to think that I believe that I can make predictions. For the record, I do not think that I am psychic.

However, after being reminded of this experience while talking to my girlfriend last week... I felt compelled to write about it. Since it involves a tragedy you can ignore it or mock it of you so choose.

Basically, one night I had a dream where I found myself standing in what could only be called a 'UFO' (yes, feel free to roll your eyes). My body felt weightless... but not entirely so. To try to be accurate I'd guess that I felt half my weight. Looking around, I realized I was in a room shaped like a half circle. It had smooth, sloping walls that looked like they could be made out of a pearly substance.

In front of me, suddenly, was what could only be described as an alien (the yraditional 'gray' kind... though this one was white). I knew I was dreaming so I wasn't startled. Instead I watched intently as he gestured towards the curved wall of the craft. As my eyes landed upon its surface I found that I could see outside of the ship (the entire wall became a window). There, only about 500 yards away, was a space shuttle.

The shuttle had its cargo doors closed and its belly was facing the Earth. Its nose was tipped slightly upward in relation to the horizon... and it didn't really look like it was that high up. Miles below it stretched a blue ocean dotted with white clouds...

Now, at this point the alien started pointing towards it with vigour. His hand kept jabbing back and forth at the shuttle, as if trying to draw my attention to something. At first I was actually comforted by the sight of the spacecraft (heck, I was happy to see humans neaby in my dream), but, at one point, he looked me in the eyes and I sensed that he was trying to communicate that there was something wrong with it. No... I didn't feel that he wanted me to 'save' the ship... or that he had 'chosen' me to warn NASA about something... I felt like he was trying to relay something along the lines of, "Look, I want you to know that I told you that there is something wrong here" -- it was almost as if he was letting me in on something rather than asking me to do something right away.

After i picked up on his message the dream ended. I slept in 'normal' sleep mode for an unknown period of time...

...I awoke, at 8:20am, with a phone call from my aunt. She told me that the Columbia had just gone missing.

Looking back on it, the Columbia, in my dream, was in what could be described as descent configuration... that is, it looked like what it would have at the time of my dream. Do I think I was on an alien ship that day? No... but I wonder if, perhaps, an image was being relayed to me in the dream state (was I a 'virtual witness'?).


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