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TinWiki: Black Helicopter

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 02:03 PM
A Black Helicopter is a helicopter that not only has been painted black, but one that also has no marking signs or unit insignias on it. Very often they are reported as being extremely quiet or nearly silent. A Black Helicopter is currently defined as a black, olive or maroon-painted almost silent helicopter lacking logos and unit insignias.

Normally, Black Helicopters are taken to be secret United Nations vehicles that are spying upon American citizens and are plotting a hostile take-over of the United States. This is part of the larger idea of there being a UN Conspiracy to take over America, imprison its citizens, undo the US Constitution, and replace it with a 'liberal, global, socialist, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic' tyranny.

At some times the Black Helicopters are said to be part of Cabal within the US government, or, if spotted in countries other than the US, to be part of a secret American project.


Eyewitness sightings of black helicopters have been formed into a chronology that spans approximately from 1971-1994.

People who have seen these helicopters include ranchers, rural property owners, mothers, deputies, farmers, police officers, horse-riding teenage girls, sheriffs, college students, pickup truck drivers, police detectives, groups of entire families, and retired Marines.

These helicopters have been sighted in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington state, Wyoming, New York City, Alberta, and Ontario, Canada. The geographical areas tend to be rural as opposed to urban, though Black Helicopters have indeed been spotted in urban areas, such as Atlanta, Georgia.

Some particularly knowledgeable witnesses have positively identified several black choppers as Chinook CH 47s, Hueys, CH-46s, UH-1s, Soviet MI-8 Hips, OH-58 Kiowas (Jet Ranger), Bell OH-58D (i) Kiowa Warriors, and Russian Hinds.

Police encounters

Several county sheriff departments and other law enforcement officials (like the respective state police, although usually the local police) have reported encounters with black choppers. Various police officers have sighted, searched for, chased, and shot at these choppers, as well as having been held at gunpoint by unidentified men in black clothing (believed to have come from the helicopters). Some police officers have seen unmarked, camouflaged helicopters instead of the typical black ones. (See sightings below).

Military exercises

There have been reported U.S. military exercises involving stealth helicopters under the guise of urban warfare training in city areas, like Stockton, California, Atlanta, Georgia, and Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Roles in the New World Order

It has been speculated that black choppers are but a jigsaw-sized piece of a much larger puzzle. The theory goes that the Black Helicopters, along with other various pieces of evidence may be definite signs that the New World Order could take place by rounding up Americans into de facto concentration camps. Obviously, a critical aspect of the theory depends on the U.S. military's willingness to place American citizens at gunpoint; however, the theory insists that the U.S. military has already been co-opted by various foreign powers, specifically the United Nations. What is not explained at this time in the black helicopter-related NWO theory is the role of Cattle mutilations.

Complementing this theory is the one that states that the U.S. military operations in Iraq provides actual battle learning experience for urban warfare to be used later against Americans. According to this very new theory, Iraq was selected for invasion and temporary occupation because of the tinpot dictator. His lame military forces, the presence of Jihad-like insurgents, and the various hostile ethnic groups (considering only the ethnic groups hostile to each other, not the ones that act peacefully and/or want to be isolationist) are believed to be elements of an ideal real-life urban warfare scenario for U.S. soldiers. This theory is partly supported by a Popular Mechanics August 2005 article "Lessons from Iraq, Part 2" (insofar as the article states that U.S. Marines are getting substantially better at waging urban warfare). [1] A quick list of the supposed lessons learned from the Marines about anti-insurgent urban warfare:

  • "Lesson 1: Control the cities"
  • "Lesson 2: Small-unit training counts for more than weapons"
  • "Lesson 3: Own the night"
  • "Lesson 4: Low-tech bombs are the most dangerous threat to U.S. forces"
  • "Lesson 5: Adapt at the point of battle"

The article goes on to mention that, unlike World War II where the war was said to be won with strategy alone, "in Iraq it is the 'strategic corporal,' as the Marines call him, who must do everything from detective work after a bombing to building soccer fields to planning rifle attacks on the fly. It is the flexibility of these small-unit leaders that is the best hope for keeping the Iraq insurgency at bay." [2]

List of sightings

This list is incomplete.


  • August, Lake County, Colorado Forty sheep found blistered and dead on a rancher's property after a Black Helicopter flew overhead.


  • April to May in Wayne, Davis, Audubon and Henry Counties of Iowa yielded four sightings.
  • August, Illinois, three sightings reported.
  • August, Missouri, 41 sightings of unmarked black helicopters. Some reported to local sheriff.
  • September, St. Francois County, Missouri, a man reported a black military helicopter with the only markings being white spots on the tail.
  • September, St. Louis County, Missouri, James Hagler spotted helicopters over his property. Later, he was fired upon by the occupants, and when trying to return fire, was shot at by ground. Police did a search, and after leaving, hagler was fired at agian.
  • Summer, Jersey County, Illinois, a large white unmarked cargo helicopter was observed by a mother and son taking off from a cattle field.
  • Summer, Minnesota, low-flying unmarked black and maroon helicopters sighted, resulted in a wave of cattle mutilations.
  • Summer, Kansas, cattle mutilations with a wave of sightings of low-flying black helicopters.
  • Summer, Perry and St. Francois Counties, Missouri, a deputy spotted an unmarked chopper over a cattle field in Perry County near a St. Mary's. At the same time, two deputies observed unmarked choppers hovering over a field in St. Francois.


  • July, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, Robert Smith, a farmer, was shot at from a black twin-engine airplane and white helicopter. Sightings of the craft were reported all Spring.
  • Nebraska, August 11th-17th, mysterious light and helicopters were sighted each night by several witnesses, according to the Knox County Sheriff.
  • Elgin, Holt, Madison, and Cedar Counties, Nebraska in September to November, at least four sightings per county with three linked to cattle mutilation.
  • Long Island, New York, sightings persisted over the ocean and island of small hovering black helicopters, with one major incident of multiple Chinook helicopters, unmarked, landing on a public beach. When police approached the helicopter, men in black uniforms with M-16s came out and threatened them. The generally accepted story was that the military was transporting warheads. However, this is unlikely.


  • Texas, Jan. 22nd, a flap of sightings began of unmarked black choppers with spotlights. The flap began with a chopper hovering over a field where a mutilated cow had been found an hour earlier.
  • Wood County, Texas, February, Mrs. A. D. Cruse heard a loud helicopter circling her home. A mutilate cow was found the next day.
  • Smith, Gregg, Bosque, Croyell, Hamilton, Camp, Kaufman, and Hopkins County, Texas, February, a wave of black helicopter sightings continued.
  • Monday, Feb. 24th, Camp County, Texas, police spoke with the occupants of a black chopper who claimed to be test flight students from Barksdale AFB in Louisiana.
  • Monday night, Feb. 24th, Kaufman and Henderson Counties, Texas, four sightings of black helicopters.
  • Monday night, Feb. 24th, Kaufman County, Texas, police deputies Carl Hall and Alton Ashworth responded to separate sightings of black helicopters, but both helicopters flew away when police got to them.
  • Feb. 25th, Bexar County, Texas, Stanley Jasic spotted a silver helicopter at a distance of 1/4 mile a couple of hours before a mutilation of cattle was reported.
  • Night of Feb. 25th, Bexar County, Texas, three sightings of mystery choppers were reported.
  • Feb. 27th, Smith County, Texas, a farmer watched a chopper hover over his property.
  • March 1st, Smith County, Texas, Horace McQueen, a local television reporter, rode with a state trooper for several hours as they pursued a black chopper.
  • May, Texas, reports of helicopters spotlighting cattle ceased.
  • April-July, Marshall County, Kansas many unmarked choppers sighted.
  • May, Colorado, a flap of chopper sightings were reported, including at least one on the 29th linked to a cattle mutilation.
  • July 17th, El Paso County, Colorado, two girls on horse back were chased by a mystery chopper.
  • July 17th, El Paso County, Colorado, publisher and editor John Hines took a photo of a black, unmarked chopper. Cattle mutilations were reported in the area for the rest of the year.
  • July 23rd, Elbert County, Colorado, police Undersherriff Bill Waugh observed a silent helicopter through binoculars.
  • Night of July 23rd, Teller County, Colorado, a search by police was unsuccessful in looking for a re-appearing chopper, supposedly the cause of 40 recent cattle mutilations.
  • July 27th, Elbert County, Colorado, two girls were chased by a black helicopter. The same helicopter was photographed and identified as an Army Bell Ranger.
  • August, Colorado, 25 sightings, including a chase of a rancher near Franktown and a chopper following a boy on tractor to his farmhouse where it hovered overhead for several minutes.
  • August 21st, Logan County, Colorado and Kimball County, Nebraska, police chased a helicopter in Colorado to the border of Nebraska, where it was picked up by Nebraska police. The chopper stopped momentarily to hover over a Colorado Strategic Air Command missile site. The chase was also taken up by civilian groups and ranchers. The leading sheriff, Tex Graves, rented a private plane in which he and two sheriffs flew in trying to find the chopper. A truck driven by two Air Force personnel received orders to join the chase by Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wyoming, after the chopper flew unauthorized over missile sites in Wyoming. Information was relayed between police and the officers. The next day, after the craft had gotten away and chase was long over, the Air Force claimed they had never had any contact with the men claiming to be Air Force, nor had picked up any unauthorized aircraft on radar, which they had none of as well. The supposed Air Force men claimed that there was another craft flying close behind the private chase plane, but the pilots and sheriffs saw nothing. The local paper reported that the chase had ended at 4:30 in the morning near a Nebraskan missile silo after they had lost sight of the chopper.
    August, Montana, began a 130-sighting flap in Montana, where many unauthorized choppers hovered over military installations. This was alos reported in Maine and Michigan.
  • September, 40 sightings in Colorado, usually over areas of mutilations, including a sighting of a helicopter flying away with an object described as a "litter basket" hanging underneath it. The next day a mutilated bull was found at the sighting's area. Another major event was when a police officer was forced off the road by a chopper, leading police after it. the chopper eluded them and made the sound "like the whistling of air coming from a tire."
  • October 7th, Weston County, Wyoming, responding to a report of a black chopper, drove to the site reported and saw a yellow-orange wedge-shaped object. Several other witnesses reported the same thing in the same place. Soon after, the same person reporting the black chopper also called in to report strange bright flashes of light. Many witnesses saw these large, bright flashes.
  • October 5th, Alamosa County, Colorado, a black chopper equipped with a searchlight was chased by police.
  • October 5th-9th, Alamosa County, Colorado, short wave of sightings of unmarked black choppers with powerful searchlights.
  • October, Sweetwater County, Colorado, a local rancher was followed by a dark green chopper, whose markings were covered by a black or dark green tarp and was piloted by long haired men with cowboy hats on. The rancher was stopped when the chopper flew into the middle of the road in front of him. He was lucky enough to be carrying a shotgun and scared the craft away. A local state trooper also saw the craft and verified his story.
  • October 13th-17th, Alamosa County, Colorado, a army green helicopter flew over the Great Sand Dunes National Monument during day and return by the same route by night. It was said to sound more like an airplane than chopper.
  • October 30-November 30, Union and Quay Counties, New Mexico, a small 30-sighting flap occurred. The FAA claimed they were going to investigate, but later denied and records of an investigation.
    Summer, Douglas County, Colorado, an unmarked army green chopper landed for a short while 300 feet from a house near Franktown. The chopper was constructed completely of metal, with no glass bubble or windshield. It may have been a misidentification of a shaded windshield.
  • Fall, Washington County, Colorado, several sightings by ranchers. One by a rancher's daughter, who was home alone and saw a black helicopter land nearby their home. Later, a dead cow, apparently dropped from above into water and then on the yard, was found.
  • November 2nd-3rd, Cascade, Chouteau, Pondera, and Teton Counties of Montana, several sightings, including some over missile installations.
  • November 7th-8th, Fergus and Wheatland Counties, Montana, unidentified aircraft were sighted over missile installations. Due to light placement, noise and hovering capabilities, the Strategic Air Command suspected the craft to be helicopter.
  • November 1st-7th, Johnson County, Wyoming, a single sighting of a black chopper. The same week, four calves were mutilated.
  • December, Franklin County, Kansas, three troop-carrying sized helicopters landed near the town of Lane.
  • December 8th, Cascade and Teton Counties, Wyoming, a number of small dark colored helicopters spotted between fifty and one hundred feet were spotted by several witnesses and chased by police. Following sightings, announcements by the media claimed the helicopters may be Canadian heading towards the border.
  • December 16th, Lamar County, Texas, two investigators on their way to the site of a cattle mutilation saw two camouflaged choppers in flight.
  • Mid-December, Cascade County, Montana, three choppers flew over a missile installation. A local sheriff was told over radio that they were National Guard, but the Guard later denied this.
  • December, Frankling County, Kansas, police and highway patrol pursued unmarked black choppers first observed on the ground.
  • December, Colorado, a mystery chopper flashed a light towards a nearby mountain. A flash apparently in response was seen moments after.
  • December, Colfax, Harding, Quay, and Union Counties, New Mexico, 30 sightings and four mutilations of cattle were reported. James Gordon, Federal Aviation Admiral local area coordinator announced that the FAA had done an investigation, but the FAA later denied this.
  • November-December, Maine, Michigan, North Dakota and Montana, United States, and Ontario, Canada, black choppers flew and hovered over sensitive military installations.
    To be continued.


To interject into this idea is the fact that there are organizations that openly report the fact they do not mark their vehicles or helicopters. NSA, CIA and occasionally FBI helicopters are unmarked because they are considered civilian vehicles; they remain unmarked as a courtesy to military forces, who of course mark their vehicles with the stars and bars. As these copters are non-military, there is no regulations stating they must be marked, and as many non-military entities in the US Government routinely lend their vehicles out to one another it would be logical to leave them unmarked. Finally, many of these unmarked helicopters may in fact be marked with US government symbols; with computer-controlled IFF tags becoming prominate identification symbols have changed from Vietnam era bright colours to extremely similar tones with the main hull that, at a distance, would be easily lost to an observer.

In addition, would it be wise to leave conspicuously unmarked helicopters as a vital part of a worldwide conspiracy? They are clearly very noticeable if this page is any indication. The most likely conspiracy theory would be that these unmarked helicopters are in fact a misinformation campaign.


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posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 09:37 PM
May i add that some have been sighted close to crop circles in UK if i remember right.

posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 09:31 PM
I haven't read about black helicopters before but I have heard of them.
My impression before reading this was that black helicopters are quickly sent by the US army to areas where UFO sightings have taken place, either to dispatch of any evidence or for other unknown reasons.

Kind of ties in with what Fedge is talking about.

Previously I had only heard about them in this song:

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 12:13 AM


posted on Aug, 22 2010 @ 11:27 AM
This link may coincide with the U.N. take over part of the OP.


posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 11:08 PM
I did a search for Arizona helicopters and your thread popped up. I have seen a huge increase in black helicopters flying back and forth, over Mesa Arizona. Every morning from 8am to afternoon there is at least one "blackhawk" flying North to South. Over the weekend there were two. It appears to me that they are searching for something or mapping something out. For all I know it could be google updating the GMap data. I dug out the binoculars so I might get a better look later on.

posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 06:19 PM
Now I say a lot on the Internet and out and about, Something I've posted or said on the web or otherwise have got my in a bit of trouble with whoever controls the Black helicopters.

It was late last year, winter, I'm a security Officer for a small company, I was at an Office Building site in Farnham I called control room to say I was leaving the site as my shift there finished at 2230hrs. after around 5-6 minutes of fetting the alarm and locking the building, I walked to my car.

As soon as I touched my door handle out of the field beside the building a black Helicopter flew above me and my car, It shown a bright white light over me shinning me and the car, I was blinded for a few seconds, it didn't make a huge amount of sound. I could hear the blades over the air, and I could see the outline of the helicopter it was black, dead black with no markings or letters numbers nothing, it hovered over me for a while then it left.

I wont lie I was scared, these people are powerful, I know they could have taken me then ane there or even just put a bullet in me, but thankfuly they didn't this was a scare tactic, a good one.

But there are Questions that need to be asked and answered: (I'll give that a go)

How did they know where I was working at that site, and the Times? Answer they know everything, theres not a person they can't find Im sure.

How did they know when I was leaving and getting into my ca? For them to catch me exaclay when I was getting into my car means they wearing listening into my Work Phone.

How did they know I was going to be alone? Where there surveillance teams near the site?

What did I say to make them do this, what comment or post (which I've made many of) touched a nerve with them?

Few a few months I've seen 2 more Black Helicopters around me, always when im near my car. It's strange to say the least. Black Helicopters with No markings????

posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 01:35 PM
I have just joined today and I have a photo of a black helicopter that was circling around my neighborhood for about 15 minutes last year. I thought it was too low and suspicious looking, so I took some photos. Can I post a tinypic link to it here?

posted on Oct, 8 2013 @ 05:04 PM
Well here is the black helicopter that was snooping around my neck of the woods.

posted on Nov, 20 2013 @ 04:41 PM
You know, the 160th SOAR uses black helicopters. Just because they're most likely SF aircraft, doesn't mean there's a conspiracy. How are you supposed to see the markings with your eyes from the ground anyway? Unless it really low, or you have a high powered lens, that would be fairly hard to see.

You guys have any close up photo's that clearly show the lack of markings?

Here's some pics of 160th Nightstalkers aircraft. Notice how they are both very low to the ground, and very close up images, and still it's quite hard to see the markings.

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