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THE CHEMTRAIL RAIN - Biological warfare tested against a small US town

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 01:43 PM
Pretty nice story about how the air force might have blown up an jelly-fish miles away that got up in the air and rained down on a small town 6 times over a time period of 3 weeks.. You believe it ? or are the simple explanantion just Chemtrails sprayed from military planes ???

'' 'Chemtrails' or 'Chem Trails' is a massive global spraying operation using a large fleet of many hundreds of aircraft which seem to operate over most countries of the world. This outside-of-big-media worldwide aerial discharging operation became severe around the year 2000, and by now must be severely damaging all life on Earth. There are, according to a large number of reports over the past several years, babies, children and adults going to hospital with breathing problems and chronic and acute severe sickness all over the world because of this massive, aerial discharging of bioweapons, chemicals and metals. ''

Biological warfare against a small U.S. town in 1994, this was tested against a small town.
more info to come. spread this!
Also Add your videos here.
all over the world we are beeing aware of the chemtrails. there are many theory on what chemtrail are, nobody knows for sure. But we do know that it is not GOOD.
Chemtrails are killing our Bee's
In 3 years i have asked friends and strangers on CHEMTRAILS which are every time when the sun is clear. Do you know that most people are to brainwashed to understand what is going on. They don´t want to ask or want to know.

The only way we can have any hope of getting to the bottom of this, and to stop our skies from being polluted, is to raise awareness of this subject. We need to get the word out to as many people as possible. Please remember to rate, comment and share this video.

The not-so-secret ingredient: Stadis 450 (dinonylnaphthalene sulfonic acid, barium salt)
- -

The most commonly used commercial turbine jet fuels today are named JET-A, JET-A1, and JET-B. All of these are kerosene type fuels except JET-B which is a kerosene-naphtha blend for colder climates [1, 2]. JET-A is used internationally and JET-A1 is available only in the US. The US military primarily uses its own kerosene jet fuel, JP-8, which is similar to JET-A1 [11, 2].

- -

Although the “trade secret” ingredients are well protected by the manufacturer, a recent study contracted by the EPA [10] and other sources strongly imply that these ingredients are salts of barium and/or calcium. The EPA classifies this dinonylnaphthalene sulfonic acid, barium salt as a “HPV” (High Production Volume) chemical, meaning it is “produced or imported into the United States in quantities of 1 million pounds or more per year [12].” This same study reports that “Based on the available toxicity results, dinonylnaphthalene sulfonic acid, barium salt appears to be the most biologically active member of the [dinonylnaphthalene] category [10].”

- -

If one phenomenon gives away the presence of metals in the aerosol, it would be the large number of high altitude rainbows produced by contrail aerosol. Virtually unheard of prior to 1990, bright rainbows, sometimes referred to as “circumhorizon arcs” or more commonly, “chembows,” can be observed regularly wherever jet aircraft fly.


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