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2012 Doomsday?

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 12:10 PM
I know there are already enough doomsday posts out there but this one is different.

I have had so many thoughts about this day December 21 2012. Many think its the day that everything ends. But really just think about it. How many times have people thought the world was gonna end? Y2K? some even thought it was gonna end in 2003. I have some very weird beliefs about this date.

Other people like myself believe its not an end to all time and the world but rather its the beginning of a new age and era. The age of discovery. I think that we will discover many many things during the next few years and these things will help us to better oursleves as a species. Maybe we will finally get rid of religion and unite the world as one peaceful place. I know that seems hard to see but it might not be as hard as you think.

Ok believers of the bible. When you read the Revelations do you think it means end of time? Well Revelation means 2 things end and great discovery. I think its great discovery that we will be experiencing on 2012 and so forth. But I should think about it both ways. What if it is the end? Well if it is then why would you want to spend your end days worrying about something like that when you could be living it up.

There is going to be an AMAZING event on December 21 2012, its the planetary alignment. This only happens every few 100's of thousands of years. People believe that is what will destroy us. I think its going to be amazing. Others think "Planet X" is going to come smashing at us and throw us into the sun. That planet is NOT real. Here read this article and it will help you to better understand things. It got me off my huge belief that it was actually going to happen.

The only reason people think its true is because of that and Nostradamus. I admit he was a great astronomer and he had many predictions but still the one about 2012 just says we can choose to destroy ourselves or we can choose to better ourselves. The same is said about the Mayan calendar. Maybe its ending to show us its a new age and we have choices that can either lead us down a road of creation or a road of destruction. The choice isn't only mine or yours. The choice is left up to all of humanity, can we pull through?


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