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Obama come to my community college.

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 12:48 PM
yes, today at 3pm he will be speaking at our college. I was invited but I turned it down. Since I am ticked off at my college and also at the green movement.

Right now I just got the bill for this fall semester and notice a 2,600 bucks increase in tuition and classes fee.

this jumped alot. It used to be around 600 bucks per semester just for classes and tuition. Now it's 2,000 of a increase. The reason is this is because this fall many auto workers are coming to this community college to either go into a medical profession or to get in a program of the future of car industry. Like hydrogen cars etc the new wave of technology. Which is why obama is visiting to make a speech to encourage people to get into that program so that we can get one step closer on going green. Our governor of our state got a company to donate a house makeover to make her home green. However from what I heard was that it's not really a donation. It's a bribe. The company owner is a friend of her family. She is helping him out to promote his business. From what I heard they want to in the future push some bill on trying to get everyone to convert their home to green. ( green meaning earth friendly.... the global warming crap and saving energy stuff.). That is their long term goal. If it succeeds that guy will be a for sure one stop to have them convert your house.

My college is very cheap... obama will get to speak in the parking lot. I already seen the setup yesterday since the area where I usually park was blocked off for the setup area where obama will speak.

My question is why is this college taking advantage of the situation. They rose tuition and costs purposely whey they found out a huge number of people are coming to them. They are one of the first colleges to offer advance auto classes. Meaning teaching about the hybrid technology.

I already been in this college close to 2 years and I know their quality is very poor. I failed a federal tax class since it was an online class. For the final exam we were suppose to get software to do a tax return.

Well the professor waiting until 3 days left and then he instructed us to download taxact from their website... download the demo version. He claimed that we should be able to save the tax return once. Well so in 2 days I worked on it and got finished with the tax return at the end of the 2nd day. The 3rd day. I went to save it to a file. The program allowed you to save in 2 ways. one where it will save where your at and one it will save the return to a file. The thing was that you can save at the spot you left off for free but you can't save it to a file without buying the full version. So on the 3rd last day. I found out I had to buy the full version in order to save the return to a file. So I e-mail the professor and he told me I must have turbo tax and told me to download tax act. I told him no I am a computer geek. I know the difference between turbo tax and tax act. I got upset and he just flat out told me o well. so I got a 0 on the final exam.

I had a C before the final and it dropped down to an F and I was really ticked off. I lost my federal aid for the whole following year because of it since this was in the summer and federal aid gets awarded every fall semester. So I retook federal tax but this time on campus and this teacher is a cpa and old. He didn't care about teaching. He kept bragging about his accounting firm he owns. He told us many stores where he does the taxes for the detroit tigers etc. the thing is that he told us he dosen't collect homework yet when weeks went buy he does some surprise homework collection. Most of the class wouldn't do all the homework assigned only the ones they had trouble with. Some everyone assumed we got 0's on the homework. Yet he never returned the home work back or give us the grades on the homework. He only returned research papers and tests. He won't tell you your grade he would yell at you saying your old enough to figure it out on your own. The problem was that we couldn't know what we got on our homework. So we could only make a estimate on what our class grade is. Well since I was not certain of the grade and I feared to get another F. I decided at the last minute to drop the class. In that class their was an Indian that has 24 years experience on doing taxes in india. he came to america to start a tax pro firm. So he is taking accounting classes. He was the one student that did good and his class grade was estimated about a C+ . When he showed us his estimate we all were nervous. We were thinking that this professor may give a curve at the end. I was too nervous to find out. Since I got a feel of the professors attitude I had a hunch he won't do a curve.

The conspiracy here is do you think the government has a hand in the colleges programs? I know for a fact that they need to be accredit ate which the state would have requirements in order to be a educational institution.

In my college I feel used. I right now have a paramedics class. Yet I am majoring in accounting.

I now will get certified as an assistant for 3 years. Yet by law I have to stop to give any aid to anyone that needs it. For example if I am on the road and I pass an accident I by law have to stop. If I don't I could go to jail. At the end of this class we have to buy and build a first aid kit. he even wants those machine that you shock a persons heart to get it to a normal beat. Not the professional grade but the cheap plastic one. that you can buy at a medical supplier for about 500 bucks.

I would think that the U.S has 100% control on or atleast influence on college programs. What I mean they can push colleges to offer these courses like first aid or going green programs. Whatever the government has a agenda of they will be able to push the college to go in that direction. From what I heard IT is flooded. Too many people are in that area. This results with job competition. Now their are lots of ads saying to get into a medical profession because their is a shortage. We will soon see this area get flooded well at least in my area since autoworkers are getting laid off and the states no worker left behind act will pay for classes that they approve meaning that their is a job growth in that field. I seen in my classes alot of 50 year olds. We had one guy that is 70 year old. He is going into the medical field because currently he is retired and just got his medical health insurance cut off and he really needs it. So he is back in college going for another degree. He told me that colleges really give you baloney. He said colleges tell you that the biggest investment you can have is a college education. He said well he went to college and years later look what happened. He told me that the biggest investment you have is having your own business.

This reason of this post is just to ask memebers of ATS what do you feel about colleges?

If you major in engineering or any major and found yourself taking classes that have no relation to your major. I know many say that the reason you take classes that don't have anything to do with your major is to expand your educational horizon. My feeling is that why do we need to expand on our knowledge? why can't we take classes that have some relativity to our profession or major.

I mean right now I am majoring in accounting so far I took 2 accounting classes 1 federal tax. I took a computer science class then a religion class and a history class and a math class and currently taking management,marketing and paramedics class.

I know accounting classes and federal tax and computer science class and management and marketing class are relevant to my major.. Those are things that will directly help me do accounting and have a better understanding of my environment which is business and computers. The thing I don't understand is why do I need history and paramedics knowledge to do accounting?

thanks for your time.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 01:20 PM
assassinate him.


posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by A Mere Human
assassinate him.


Although that is most likely a joke, these days...I would probably not advise saying those type of things over forums.
People get special visits from the feds when those types of things are said..

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 02:14 PM
yep, I am sure he is joking. but I personally don't think that's a joke. Where is the comedy?

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 02:15 PM
Macomb Com. in Michigan right?
Eh, well there was your first mistake, they aren't very good. Yeah, they took advantage and you probably weren't the only one.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 03:09 PM
Im from the same area. I went to Oakland Communtiy College and can remember when Bush came and visited our school. What a mess that was.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 12:39 AM
reply to post by Bones_

yep, I wasn't the only one. I heard lots of stories with the teacher I got an F with for federal tax class.

I didn't learn anything plus my ITCS meaning computer science class I took was beginners where they introduce us to eletrical engineeeirng termology and how to use a computer. I got an A yet I didn't learn anything. I am a computerwiz so I was the only one getting an A plus I finish the class 2 weeks before the class was offically over. I worked ahead even during my thanksgiving break. I was ticked off. The class was the same thing I already had in highschool I had both a computer repair class prepairing us for the A+ certification and a business class that taught us how to use micorsoft office. This computer science class in college forced us to buy new microsoft student edition suit with excel and ms word. The thing was that I already owned the full version. Yet I had a arguement with the professor and I had to buy the student edititon which cost around 120 bucks. This was notihg specail it just has the microsoft office software plus the assignments. So I felt ripped off in many ways.

I really can't wait to get my bach and start my own business. I will make sure that if I do make it big with my business I will make sure those colleges and my highschool horror stories that I have do get on tv or something. I want their image to get damaged.

I have many more stories where ou won't believe how I got treated.

Yep this college is taking advantage of the situation. Right now I have to pay 2,600 out of my pocket. The federal aid may come it all depends on how well I did in the spring/summer semester. If all went well I will get the aid if it didn't then I won't.

This fall I will be taking one of the hardest classes and more then 12 hours credt meaning full time. So this fall I will be really busy with college. Urgh!!! I hate college...

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 02:05 AM

Originally posted by A Mere Human
assassinate him.


This guy joined ATS on June 24th.

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by THX-1138

What is the significance in that?

Are you trying to say my comment means less because of the date I joined ATS?

Does the 3 month advantage you have on me provide validity to your post?

Hopefully both our posts are deleted because they are off topic and worthless to the forum.

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