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Obama, a diary of strong-arming politics

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 01:42 AM
Aside from what has happened already, that being the national debt topping just 1 trillion dollars. We are presented with repeated slaps to the face that is tent amount to being knocked out with a strong right hook and then being repeatedly kicked in the face while unconscious.

This, the 9th Justice of the Supreme court, Sotomayor is a left wing puppet who is embracing an appointment and confirmation that makes history not because she is latino or that she is a women but because she is an outright bigot and has a flare for international law that gets her creative juices flowing instead of applying the founding law of our forefathers otherwise known as.... The constitution of the United States of America.

How in Gods good name could he have approved this women to sit on the supreme court? I watched four hours today of the confirmation hearing and was appalled at the things she has said publicly while maintaining the position as an apellet judge. This is the type of person that we want to replace justice Souter? My god what is this country coming too? I think this has more to do with race and the public view of a local latina makes good than an actual bid for a legitiment seat as a United States Supreme Court Justice.

As an american citizen I am shocked and appalled at this nomination. Forget my affiliation with the left or right wing, with the comments, speeches and judgments on record for this candidate, I am surprised any God fearing, freedom loving American could support this appointment.

This appointment hearing on the same day as... YOU GUESSED IT! Another minority administration puppet will go before the Senate to confirm the position of Surgeon General. Apperently, a down home easy to believe in good ol gal from the deep south who just happens to be a minority and share Mr. Obamas views and ideals and also can't help but to smile every time he speaks. If her throat were deep enough I would imagine she would gag down whatever bill was drafted for health care regardless of what it meant to the average American.

I watched Obama today as he introduced Regina Benjamin. He used the opportunity to once again in no uncertain terms tell americans we are on notice that this will be done! What I heard is akin to something I have heard before, only I think it was on Star Trek the Next Generation and I think the term was used by the Borg in the fashion of........ "Resistance is futile" "You will be assimilated".

Keep on pretending that the American people are your first concern. Obviously your appointments of minorities on every front of American politics that happen to not only share you same ideas but also seem to hang on every word that you say are there to sway the ever growing population of immagrants, illegal aliens and those who hope for a better future but will not get one under this administration.

My God, I wish Ron Paul was on the committee, I would give my left testicle to see what he would have said to Sotomayor. And by the way, get over the pronunciation, it reeks of self importance.

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 02:05 AM
We talk frequently about our views. I agree that Obama is taking full advantage of his political party to impart his stamp on the administration but I would argue that there has been no other administration that has not done the same thing.

The Busch administration from Rice to Powell could have all been the same person. They had the same political ideals and same agenda and look where that got us.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 02:20 AM
I cannot argue that this administration is not different from the last, but that is also the problem. We were promised change. We were promised change we can believe in but the simple fact is that Americans are believing less and less each and every day.

We are faced with the largest deficit in American history with no end in sight. We are pushing issues that are ill thought out, such as national health care that can not be created out of desperation with a hope to succeed yet is being forced down our throat. It is folly to believe we can solve this problem that has plagued such a great nation for decades with short form political resolve of only a few months.

Such a plan or resolution is doomed to failer and the scary thing is to realize that the same people who would put this plan into effect would likely already know that from the onset. I could provide links, spew quotes or debate all day but I would assume the readers of this would already be well informed if they wish to debate an issue or fact so I will skip the freshman pleasantries.

We are being set up for something, something none of us are prepared for and most of all I fear, the American people and goverment are not prepared to deal with and in the end, perhaps we are left with only once choice and I just really wonder what that choice will be.

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 02:36 AM
reply to post by Helious

We could argue semantics all day. I know your views better than anyone here and though we agree frequently I disagree strongly with your assertion that everyone is "In on it".

We watched the same confirmation hearing today, I don't think we could have seen a different response from the left when regarding the right. Most people who believe in wide sweeping conspiracy theory's deduct that all are in on the scheme when the majority of the population has never even watched a day of CNN or CSPAN.

Republicans and Democrats can't resolve which way people should travel on the sidewalk and you would have me believe that they would all be in alliance on a NWO or even a firm stance on an issue such as discloser? I would not presume to call you out on this debate on ATS as this would probably for us be more suited to a face to face debate but as we are self respecting people I would have my thoughts known.

I know others who feel that politics has become contrived and incapable of making decisions for the people and I would agree to some extent but the extent you are suggesting is beyond what I am willing to concede. I am still of the notion that we live in a free and constitutional society.

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