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Dragged down by the stone?

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 03:02 PM
How does one get here?

Just what is it within the human mind that allows for even the slightest acceptance of things like UFOs and Life after Death? Why is it that we can approach these issues with an open mind while others hide behind an unhealthy degree of skepticism to deny such without ever actually looking?

As I sit here, aging slowly in my own pudding, I do wonder these questions too.

An old friend, whom I held and still hold in high regard, once suggested that the sloped-browed, heavy-jawed and barrel-chested of the species are here to keep the thinkers honest. For lack of the devout debunkers we might have all long since hitched a ride on some ship bound for an alien pastureland much like those in Wisconsin.

Gad. It was a novel idea that a species might create its own safety devices like that. Oberg might not be right but he may be healthy.

But as the days and weeks and months and years wear by in a constant fury of sameness, we might one day be forced to ask if not for our lesser-thinking neighbors, what might be in its stead?

What if – like in one story of Flash Gordon, our ignorance was indeed our salvation?

What if – God was less benevolent and more farmer raising us to fill a large freezer?
Would we REALLY want to know?

But of course, humanity has never been keen on being held or even well kept. We demand the darkness of the deepest caves, the clouds of the sky and the crushing depths of the dark waters.

The truth, whatever it may be, is our heritage and so too, our eventual legacy. In any shape or form it may someday take, the outcome is what we have worked for.

It is ours to the end.

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