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Fw 190 V19 Falkeflügel

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posted on May, 6 2004 @ 06:02 PM
Any aviation historians know about Focke Wulf's prototype "falcon wing" Fw 190? Check my reference list at the end of this post for some drawings and models.

I haven't found any photos of the real thing yet. The Fw 190 V19 seems to have been based on the Fw 190A-6, but with a different wing and horizontal stabilizer. Using the same wing root location, the wing had a short inner section with forward sweep, changing to a rearward swept outer section. The horizontal stabilizer also was swept, but the aircraft appears to be otherwise a bone stock A-6. Reference #3 below shows a Focke Wulf company drawing with the basic idea--to graft a swept wing onto an existing aircraft without upsetting the balance too badly.

There was also apparently a "special" version with an inline engine, probably a Daimler Benz DB603. Justo Miranda made a drawing of it with German civil registration D-GHKP. Any further information on this type seems to be available only by purchasing Miranda's zine... and I'm not sure how much of his stuff is fact and how much is fantasy.

Regardless, the A-6 based V19 seems fairly plausible.

As for J. Mirandas special version, well, I am skeptical but open for more information. Looking at his drawing (reference #5 below), I made a list of stuff:
- civil registration D-GHKP
- DB603 engine, intake on left side, oil cooler under chin just like on a Bf 109
- flat-back (non-bubble) canopy, same as an Fw 190A-6
- standard length empennage with no extension plug
- standard short-chord vertical stabilizer
- standard hinged cowling panel in front of windscreen, but gun bulges are smallish (MG17, rather than MG131?)
- 4 cannon in wings. inner pair (probably MG151/20) synchronized firing thru prop, outer pair has flash hiders, look like MG/FF
- radiator mounted on sides of fuselage behind cockpit, sort of like the intercoolers on a P-38
-- but how is the glycol plumbed to the radiators? area under the cockpit seat is not enlarged. fuel tanks must be tweaked slightly
- horizontal stabilizer is swept, but appears otherwise same as standard Fw 190 type. Trim appears to be standard type: a jackscrew that varies the incidence of horizontal stabilizer.
- wing outer sections (spars, ribs, etc) appear to be identical to regular Fw 190 wing, except for geometric sweepback.
- wingtip retains distinctive Fw 190 appearance
- aileron trim tabs appear to be simple bendable metal tabs
- pilot foot step under left wing trailing edge is present.. but it appears very awkwardly located under the new radiator.
- no unusual antennas: just the standard long wire antenna and a 12-18 inch long antenna under the fuselage. no DF loop, no fancy latewar avionics apparent.

+++ conclusion on J. Miranda's "special" drawing: if it existed was probably also built from a Fw 190A6. The antenna layout, cowling guns, and canopy all indicate the prototype was made from parts dating from mid 1943 or earlier, possibly an A6 like the other radial engined Pfeilfluegel prototype.

1. 1:72 model by Ishiduka Isao

2. VAMI 1:72 scale V19,

3. Focke Wulf company drawing dated 14 November 1941, showing an adapted compound-swept wing with the same wing root location and almost the same aerodynamic centeras existing straight wing. This seems to be the concept for the Fw 190 V19 prototype.

4.Antares Models, offering both the A-6 derived version and the "special" version with inline engine.

5. Only thing I could find on the DB603 powered version, D-GHKP:
Unknown #2 (scroll down), newsletter/zine published by P. Mercado and Justo Miranda.

6. Drawing of "Special" Fw 190 V19 with inline engine, drawn by Justo Miranda. I do not know if this is legitimate or fantasy. It appears to be a further development of the first V19.

posted on May, 7 2004 @ 02:02 PM
very interesting iv heard of secret projects like this but not like this 1 specifically sounds like a very nice plane to me great find

posted on May, 7 2004 @ 02:43 PM
Thinking about how the V19 might fly.....

If they wing was nothing more than a standard Fw 190 wing with 25% geometric sweep, the airfloil would still be rather lacking for high speed flight.

Looking at Justo Miranda's drawing, it looks like the regular ribs and spars were simply skewed back geometrically. It's a simple enough way to sweep the wing, with minimal retooling required.

A standard Focke Wulf 190 wing uses a NACA 23015 airfoil section, 15.3% thick at the root and 9% thick at the tip, with 2 degrees of washout at the tip.

Despite 25 degrees of sweep, such a wing might still be spooky at high speed. The NACA 23015 simply ain't a good transonic airfoil. The Fw 190 did well enough despite its airfoil, thanks to sturdy construction and easy handling characteristics.

A NACA 23015 wing swept back like that might be a real handful. Stall would begin at the tips, making for very spooky landing approaches. The plane might have serious spin problems.

Furthermore as for sweeping the horizontal stabilizer, there really isn't much point. Making the stabilizer thinner while keeping it straight would help just as much.

So, while the Fw 190 V19 was a nice idea, I don't see it being very useful other than as a flight test aircraft. It would take too many aerodynamic band-aids to get such a plane to fly as well as a stock straight-winged Fw 190, and such efforts could be better applied to a fresh aircraft.

However, I DO really dig the DB603 and side-mounted radiators. That's how the 190 D and Ta 152 should have looked in the first place

posted on Jul, 13 2004 @ 03:09 AM
Hmmm.. I was just looking for V19 in the google and found this forum.
I have finished drawing of an imaginary Fw 190 equipped with DB 605, see my drawing in attached pdf file.
Fw 190 with DB 605
Tonight I will replace the standard D tail with a Ta 152 type.

Now I am trying to find more info about the V19 prototype.
What I know is that Fw 190 V19 was not A-6, but A-0 version. You can see it on the tail - FuG 16 Z radio mast is missing, the old FuG 7 radio is installed. V19 had W.Nr.0041 that means it was A-0. GH+KP is correct. It served with Jumo 213 A as a Fw 190 D prototype. It had its wing moved forward by 120 mm and was renamed to Fw 190 Wb-1 but this configuration was not good so it got back normal wing from A-3. It also had tail section from Fw 190 C.
This aircraft was to be used as testbed for various engines (BMW 801 J, BMW P.8028, DB 603 A, DB 609, DB 614, DB 623 A and BMW 801 R) but this had not happened because it was destroyed when crashing on February 16, 1944.

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