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posted on May, 6 2004 @ 09:52 AM

Craigslist is a free internet site where people can post messages, look for apartments, etc. It's pretty neat. Anyway, some guy posted this on there. Dont know if it's a joke or not, but it's amusing nonetheless.

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 10:01 AM
IF it were real,expect this guy to disappear soon.No way he is going to stay anonymous.If there's any validity to his story,you can bet that the CIA,NRO,NSA,etc. are all over it.

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 10:04 AM
We should flood him with offers!

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 10:05 AM
Damn, he put alot of effort into writing this story for it to be fake. At least i hope he wouldnt put that much effort into a story that possibly would not be read.
70% of me thinks hes telling the truth but there is still that 30% of me that cant belive someone found a ufo just laying around.

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 03:10 PM
Guy needs to rent a MOFO of a truck to pick that bitch up and bring it home.

Then he needs to gimme a call.

It's most certainly space debris from a satellite or the space station...

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 03:21 PM
Wow... That's one f*cked up story. I was really skeptic before reading it, but as some as said, the guy really sound honnest. And worried about his find.

I don't think someone would spend so many time making up this story, but again... We never know.

I'd just love it if it were a real find, hope we'll know more in the coming future...

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 03:35 PM
that's one long paragraph. Needs formatting. Good story though.

Just a way to fund the repairs after he reversed into a tree.

[Edited on 6-5-2004 by Britman]

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 03:42 PM

It's most certainly space debris from a satellite or the space station...

he stated in his story that it was impossible to get that much weight in one little space. I highly doubt that anything like this would be manmade. Assuming that it is real.

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 03:43 PM
Good story. I just kept thinking "Joe Dirt" though and this guy found a huge septic tank.
Either that or some kind of bomb.

Who knows though. Definately interesting.

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 03:55 PM
I've just though, something of that weight would cause one hell of a crator, even if impact was slow.

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 04:31 PM
AWSOME story lol....I think it IS true...cuz all the hairs on my body were standing at FULL attention...I am forwarding the link to Scientist buddys I have and see what they can make of it.......

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 04:42 PM

What bothers me is how those aliens got themselves in a hole like that to begin with! Do you think maybe they are like our pilots? Have a few drinks, then go fly their space ship?

[Edited on 5/6/2004 by SamaraMorgueAnn]

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 04:45 PM
Maybe the thing isn't as heavy as he thought, maybe it is attached to something farther underground or maybe larger underneath, perhaps they can only see the tip of the iceberg.

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 04:49 PM
I'm sure some of you are going to pass out when you hear this but...I...DON'T BELIEVE THIS STORY.

*hears collective gasp*

If this was true...under the law, he should be arrested. Why? Because the object could contain a dangerous biological agent or an unknown virus. It could be devastating to the surrounding community...or worse, the world.

It was imaginative if anything.

By the way...there is no such thing as a public computer and an anonymous Hotmail account lol.

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 05:29 PM
It is a very good story, it is a little old.

Reply to:
Date: Wed Oct 31 22:24:53 2001

We could Flood him with E-mails to see whats going on, or whats happend.
I noticed this at the bottom also.

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 08:00 PM
I just wrote him and asked if they ever got it out or found out what it was... Let`s see if we get a response.

Anyway.. if that happened to anyone in here, how would you get it out?

Personally, i would probably get a bulldozer and create a trench going downhill. Well assuming that it is on a slope. The, like a bobsled, use water so make it slippery, then using a truck should be much easier.... Assuming I did not have it tooooo steep and the thing ended up being a bullet.... ha ha

posted on May, 6 2004 @ 08:11 PM
it sounds soo much like the movies that it can only be fake..

weres the pics?

posted on May, 7 2004 @ 02:08 AM
The host returned all of the mail, so the guy is either on the back of a milk carton, off to venus, was dinner for the alien, or he did find a beautiful new septic tank....


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